expired [Android] App Backup & Share Pro (Was $5.49), Free - Mechcom 2 (Expired) @ Google Play


Free for one day so grab it while you can! No ads or IAP.

Mech Com 2 (Now Expired)

MechCom 2 is a real-time strategy game. Set up new bases, collect resources and design your own mechs to crush the enemy. The game keeps everything you like in the original while adding new mechanics and improvements.

App Backup & Share Pro

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    Second app expires in 6 days.

    • +4 votes

      Developer name is a worry: Buggy_Apps!

      • -3 votes

        Yes, lets judge everyone by names because it must be tru!


          OK, what's in a name we choose to call ourselves…
          What does your choice of username say about you😀 (no neg from me)

          OP Dealbot had a previous username, but Dealbot / Dilbert avatar suit him far better. I posted my congratulations on the great choice at the time👍

          [Mine grew out of a joke comment here years ago & it stuck. But people usually misinterpret it - as I expected😉
          (An Infidel simply does not have the belief system common to their culture or group. It can be freeing & allow a different view. But as an outsider, liable to be misunderstood.)]

          If the app developers chose to call their coding business "Buggy_Apps" - it tends to show a lack of confidence in their products😱

          • -1 vote

            @Infidel: Maybe their target customers are people who understand the concept of humour?


              @Tighterthanaducksf: Oh I understand the developers loving & laughing about the name they created. I've been at the start up of games & other businesses. We've had great laughs over naming suggestions. But the less marketable ones are only kept as in-house joke references.

              I had a chuckle & wasn't worried by the presumably ironic name! That's why I posted the comment - so others may also enjoy it. It's more an in-joke than a business name.

              But as a business name for developers of a backup app & file cleaners that rest on reliability & ease of use… it's probably not a good idea to call it a Buggy app! That's the target market they want to make money from.

              It probably was a working title at start up. Sometimes a name change is necessary, as a business develops or tries to attract a different target market. Can still be humorous. Just consider chibot Dealbot (with Dilbert avatar) - perfect naming & some humour😉

              Would Apple be as huge if called "made in my parents garage Computers", or Microsoft called "We Copied This Code"?

              But with app sales - few even notice the developers name. So the name of a small app business is unlikely to affect sales - I downloaded. User ratings (4.7) & price (free) are more important.

              Now Buggy_apps has had a little more attention😉 (I'm not associated)


                @Infidel: Apple is also a weird name in itself but Apple can do anything. They can add in a feature where if you stick the phone up your buthole and make it come out of their mouth, they will still probably make the sales and market it as a more healthier option that eating with your mouth.


                  @centrelink: When is that Apple product coming out - must have😉
                  Maybe wait for the watch version - the Apple Fist😀
                  Think you are channeling 2 episodes of South Park😱

                  Yes a versatile name. Agreement (with Apple Records owned by the Beatles) in use of name was Apple could not get into music business… sued by Apple Records over trademark violations in 1989.

                  Jobs was “on one of my fruitarian diets” and had just come back from an apple farm (comune) and thought the name sounded “fun, spirited and not intimidating.” https://www.brandingstrategyinsider.com/2011/11/how-did-appl...


    What does a Depot do and how does one yse it?


      It increases your max mech unit count by 5. Lets you build more mechs.


        Is there any way to go beyond 20? Build more depots, and nothing changes.

        I’m struggling to defend from various directions, while also trying to attack and make ground, with just 20 units.


    I really like MechCom 1 and 2.

    Sightly different gameplay between the two but good fun for a quick skirmish.


    Mechcom2 expired