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Seems like new and useful app for Java programmers or those who want to learn. It has got good reviews.

Java-Learn with Animation [ Java Programming App pro : Learn Java / Java Tutorial ] app provides you :

★ Java Compiler will Compile your Code at the fastest Speed
★ Compiler can also Compile C,C++ Code along with Java Programs
★ Java Animation Videos Which helps Students to ( Learn Java ) clear their concepts .
★ This Java Programming pro version is Also Compatible with Tablets
[Compatible Java Programming App for Tablets]
★ 16 Lessons [107 topics With Pictures and Example Programs]
Contains: Java Tutorial Offline

Core Java Tutorial
1) Introduction to java (11 sub topics)
2) Datatypes & Operators (7 sub topics)
3) Control statements & Loops (6 sub topics)
4) Arrays & wrapper classes (6 sub topics)
5) OOP's basics (10 sub topics)
6) OOP's features (8 sub topics)
7) OOP's Keywords & methods (8 sub topics)
8) More on OOP's (9 sub topics)
9) Exception Handling (7 sub topics)
10) Multi-Threading (6 sub topics)
11) Collections Framework (7 sub topics)
12) File Handling (6 sub topics)

Advance Java Tutorial
13) Applets (3 sub topics)
14) Abstract window toolkit [AWT] (4 sub topics)
15) Swings (5 sub topics)
16) Networking (4 sub topics)

Which makes Java Programming offline easier.

★ 400+ Programs with comments & documentation which helps you during your exams ,Sems or any other competitions.
which makes Learn Java Programming easier

★ Star + FAQ's(VIVA || Java Interview Questions and Answers) Which helps you during Interview or any College practical Lab Viva with the help of java tutorial for beginners

★ 1000+ Java Programming Quiz with [Easy ,Medium & Hard] Category to prepare you for Competitive Exams with the help of java tutorial and programming

★ This Java Programming Language app enables you to carry Java programming Tutorial offline in your android phone.

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[ Dcoder, Compiler IDE :Code & Programming on mobile & tablet as well]

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