Do You Always Need a Bone Graft for a Tooth Implant?

I lost one of my front single teeth to decay many years ago.
However i have started a customer service job so need my smile

It’s actually a side tooth next to the two front ones ( tooth next to the two front ones upper deck)

A few years ago i recall a dentist telling me i may need a bone graft if i was going to have a tooth implant because athere was no bone in the top gums

Am I understanding this right or a tooth implant can be put in without that ?

It maybe better just to get a prosthetic tooth if its all too much trouble getting a bone graft

Any opinions


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    I would say what the Dentist said is correct. What did google say?

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      Google said "ask on OzBargain"

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    I have 2 and both required bone grafts, having said that only a Dentist is going to be able to give you a proper answer, hopefully there's one browsing Ozb…

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    I had 1 and didn’t require a bone graft
    Depends if the bone is thick enough or not at the place of implants
    Only the dentist will be able to say for sure


    people can have implants with or without bone grafting, it really comes down to how much bone you have for an implant to be placed.
    if the dentist said you needed a graft 5 years ago, then most likely there will be even less bone now.

    there are other tooth replacement options (as you said, a denture is one), should really have a consultation to understand what options will be best for you.

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    You may or may not need one. You need an actual evaluation for an implant, not just a quick "whatcha think doc?"

    If you need one, it may or may not be able to be done at the same time as the implant. Depends how severe it is.

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    I had two without any bone grafts. Depends on whether you still have enough bone left (it does shrink when you lose a tooth).

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    The dentist will send you for a bone density MRI first which will give them the information they need to make a decision about the graft..or not. Apparently they aren't too bad if you do need one.

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    You may also need to increase the limit on your credit card, or get a bank overdraft to pay for the job.

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    Nah, just go overseas for it….you get a holiday free.

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    A true ozbargainer would avoid smiling.

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    Yeah I'm in the same boat, need a bone graft for top front tooth. Was told it'll be over 5k to get it all done, been wearing a denture for last 2 years.