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Brilliant Lighting Energy Saving 15 Watt Round Downlight - Cool White $2.98 + Delivery @ Tradezone


Energy Saving 15 Watt Bulb.

Large round recessed downlight with an enclosed heatsink shielded ceramic lampholder.

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  • As a TZ member all I can say is…
    - Membership Required (abn)
    - This lighting sale buzz you had me hyped for a week thinking a good deal coming, then dump the crap stuff cheap, the decent lights still overpriced - it's why they're not 'moving'… bring the $20 lights down to $5 and watch them disappear!
    - Plus delivery

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      You're asking for a 75% discount?

      That's a bit unrealistic.

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        Not really, If you'r a TZ member you'd know what their 'clearances' are normally like, some good deals to be had for sparkies… and $5 for some of these products for what should be a $10 product to start with would be considered a 'clearance', sorry a 'frenzy sale'… the lights I had my eye on, they've not moved one single light (yeah great frenzy sale haha)!… :)

  • Store name in title maybe?

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    N.B. it's a fixture for a R80 CFL lamp (included)

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      Yep, that's why they're trying to flog some gear off on Ozb.. no tradie in their right mind would install this outdated junk! DIY'ers however… maybe about to sell a house… well… hmmmm!

      NB. you can buy an entire 'decent'/what I'd consider more 'standard' LED downlight for less than the price of a globe replacement for one of these lights, so on that note this is a good deal if you need a number of these globes…

      • Hi Pete

        Any downlight deals on the web you recommend?

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          Hey muststop:

          If you get an account (abn req) then tradezone have some decent prices on trade quality lights aound the $10-15$ mark per unit, this is presuming you mean a 90mm downlight, most that we use these days are switchable kevlin so that's a non-issue.

          For example, they have a davis @$9 and Melec's @12/14 and these are the type of lights I use 'on a job', used a few of the melec's they seem decent, at the end of the day it comes down to warranty.

          At work we mainly use wholesaler specific brands (robus, pierlite, sal, etc)- they are all decent and around the same price if not a few dollars more, so somtimes worth calling a few wholesalers see if they can do you a decent 'trade' price, at least then if you have an issue you'll generally have 3yr warranty.

          For ultra budget, say $6 per light you can get some half decent lights off ebay.. I've tried a few for my own place for fun and from about 30 lights I've had 3 fail, they are pretty similar to the better more expensive units (say davis, melec) as far as light colour and frame design so you can mix and match without noticing. The big letdown of this price is no warranty - I bought a number of units from a company called eco_home_lighting - I tried to get a replacement as they claim a 5 year warranty, I spent weeks, no literally months asking for a light that they never sent, they asked for pics (sent) then claimed they didn't have any of the same in stock, then (for the third or fourth time) they just stopped responding again… needless to say I didn't bother with the other two that failed. The lights are OK, but dont expect ANY warranty or support post (or even pre) purchase.

          Then you have bunnings, the deta 'packs' are a rip off and my local hashad some (10w I think) downlights in the middle of the isle type of thing @ $10.. not bad for a bunnings job and at least you'd be able to get you money back if it fails. Not sure what colour or if they were switchable. We mainly use 4000k or warm whte these days (3000k).

          • @ashpete02: That's great, useful information. Thanks for taking the time. My son is a sparkie and has recently set up on his own. I have lots of jobs for him!

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              @muststop: Ahwell he'll already know whats best for your job! Good luck getting your jobs done ;) I feel for him!

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    Probably about 430 lumens.
    CFL is half as efficient and not as long lasting as LED.
    Ie, gets warmer and is not as bright. Gets duller with age.


  • I would use the R80 CFL lamp until it gave way. Then replace with E27 R80 LEDs. Any holes in that theory?