expired [PS4/XB1/PC] Fallout 76 Free Trial Week - June 11th-18th (Xbox Gold/ PlayStation Plus Membership Required)


Fallout 76 is having a free to play week

The game is getting a new 52 player battle-royale mode with the sneak peak happening on June 11th
and later this year a free update which adds human NPCs

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  • +34 votes

    Free is the right price for this clusterf*ck of a game

  • +18 votes

    a free update which adds human NPCs
    They're all busy right now in Bethesda's conference pretending to be excited about mobile games

  • +2 votes

    Not bad might give this an install to see if its as bad as everyone makes out.


      I’ve never played it but so many of these sort of online games were rubbish when they first came out. Surely the updates since launch have made it a better game?


        I kept a very casual eye on it and it didn't seem like it got better, new updates bringing back new/old bugs, countless more glitches… They couldn't catch a break.

  • +5 votes

    I'll save my data.

  • +2 votes

    Geez, what a failure of a game.

  • +6 votes

    It's not bad at all. Try it out and make up your own mind

  • +1 vote

    Still free dollars too much

  • +1 vote

    Cool, Free beta test.


    Why not just make it free to play with micro transactions for vanity items.

  • -3 votes

    If you have an Xbox or PC don't forget to get new shoes to go with this.

  • +13 votes

    It's better than when it first came out, lots of little updates. But it still lacks the story and soul of previous versions.

    For those unaware but have played previous games, its the storyline between the charcters in the game that make this series so popular.
    The story sucks you in and you end up investing hours/days/weeks/months playing it. And then replaying it.

    But with 76, for some thoughtless reason, they thought they'd rip out ALL 'human' interactions in the game.
    Your only purpose in the game was to get mini quests from a robot, complete the quest and then rinse and repeat.
    Nothing that sucked you in.

    This update they are planning to release addresses that major flaw. Adds humans into an otherwise very lonely world.
    I don't see how story will be improved, because it'll still be this massive unscripted world you wonder around in…. but at least it'll give the impression that there's other people.

    They should have taken a page out of Skyrim. Have a free to roam world, but with compelling storyline to move you along.
    And the graphics platform didn't help either. Anyone who played Oblivion and then Skyrim would easily recall the wow factor in the scenery.
    Fallout 76 offered none of that. Looked dated even in beta. Old and blocky before it was even released.

    It's received an absolute flogging in reviews and opinions online, and rightly so. They definitely dropped the ball on this one.
    But instead of trying to fix a broken product, they should instead start again. Draw a line in the sand and say, yep… we stuffed up.
    Here's a better game from scratch.

    No patches are going to fix this one completely. It'll polish it up, but its still flawed to the core.

    • +2 votes

      I really don’t like playing online because I just can’t stand having to interact with idiots, or being killed every five seconds, or just basically being digitally harassed, I much prefer to enjoy a title at my own pace, in my own way, as I use gaming as means of unwinding, and reducing stress. So, do you know if this update will make it even at the very least like F4? Or, even with this update will I still be at the mercy of jerks?

      Totally understand that you might not know, but just thought I’d ask :) Also, thanks for the review, I definitely noped out when I heard it would be a MMO at launch, but this Wastelanders update has me slightly more hopeful.

      • +1 vote

        It's an online world bud… so you'll still be at the mercy of online jerks.

        Re the human updates, I reckon it's still going to be minor questlines. There's no update that'll completely change how the game mechanics work. I reckon instead of a robot it'll be a person. They'll put the human touch on some of the quests, but I imagine it would be very difficult/impossible to somehow insert a major storyline into the current game.

        There seems to be a battle royale mode (52 players) being introduced, and an Overseer "mini game"… but nothing that would sway my original opinion on the game. Happy to be proved wrong (and I hope I will be), but I'm not holding my breath.

        I completely agree with your thoughts btw. I much prefer to solo quest. Used to do it in Warcraft, did it in Skyrim, and loved it in Fallout. I know the push is online. Everything online and interactive. But that's not the type of game I like to play. Never have.

        I'm sure those that absolutely love massive multiplayer worlds think more positively on Fallout76, but there's a massive market out there that doesn't.
        Give me a world that I can fully immerse myself in, without the annoying "jerks" out there who spend every waking minute playing the game and buying every available upgrade to completely dominate others. That's no fun to me at all.

        • +1 vote

          It sounds like it’s still going to be a no for me then.

          I’m hopeful for the new Star Wars RPG, not sure if it will be in the same vein as something like Fallout or Skyrim, but at least they seem to be focusing solely on single player.

          Thanks heaps for the in depth reply :)

  • +4 votes

    How to make a bad game worse - add a battle royale mode.

    • -1 vote

      How does that make it worse? Is it because you don't like popular things?

      • +1 vote

        I imagine the pay to win micro-transactions probably play a part in destroying some of the fun a battle royal mode would bring.


          Which battle Royale games are pay to win?


            @Ninternet: Pay to win micro-transactions, ie: if repair kits affect BR.

            • +1 vote

              @mattomatic: You cannot take anything to the game mode. You go in without all your stuff, so no repair kits or anything else.

              I doubt they will have durability for items or it will have little influence on the stuff you pick up in this Battle Royal. You have to find weapons and armor as you play the BR event and you can get complete armor sets from mobs you kill. Upgrades in gear will probably happen a lot more than the need to repair anything.

              The repair kit thing is overblown anyway. You get free better ones in game every time you kill the Scorchbeast Queen. I have so many free ones, that I drop and destroy them now to save on weight.

              Free repair kit, repairs gear to %150. The Atoms purchase repair kit only repairs to %100 and I doubt anyone bothers to buy it. IMO it was a poor marketing decision to even have them in the Atom shop, they are a waste of time to have in the shop and it cost them with bad public relations.

  • +7 votes

    You can get a pre-owned PS4 copy for $9 from EB Games. It was a complete mess of a game on release but apparently they've fixed many of the issues and they have big plans for it.

    That said, I haven't played it myself and probably won't play it.

  • +2 votes

    Oh god the dumpster fire is back in full swing.

    So many glitches and bugs are yet unfixed but I guess new features are so much more important ….

    It really needs to be free forever to repay all that misplaced faith in Bethesda and Noob Howard

  • +2 votes

    Fallout 4 was bad enough for the bugs. I ended up giving up on the game because my character was purple and there was no ultrawide screen support. Mainly cause he was purple. Did multiple reinstalls and repair attempts, nothing fixed it. That was a waste of money, it sounds like this one is worse.

  • +1 vote

    This game just needs to die.

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    I managed to get 2 copies of the game at launch for $32 total. It was boring. I have no doubt that there will be a specific niche of people who will get some enjoyment out of it, but it's not me or anyone I know.

    The lack of any NPC interaction made the game feel lifeless, and the crap internation with other players didn't help. Eg, no push to talk at launch so everyone just muted microphones and talked to their mates on Discord instead. So everyone you come across is a mute.

    Who knows maybe they will "no man's sky" it, as I had similar feelings of disappointment and boredom with that game but I hear it's pretty solid now. Not that I'll to back and play it.

    This game has done major reputation damage to Bethesda. I doubt the community will be so forgiving of the bugs in their next project.

    Anyway, if you're curious, check it out while it's free. If you're bored, it doesn't get any better.

  • -1 vote

    Eb games is selling for $9, I paid $18 a month ago, I still haven't played it lol, I hope it's ok.

  • +1 vote

    No thanks, not worth wasting my SSD storage on this piece of shit game.

  • +1 vote

    That's what this game needed - a battle royale mode.

    Fixes everything!

  • +2 votes

    If anyones actually reading this, disregard the rest of the people I the thread

    Game is good, it's free, download it and give it a try. I can guarantee a good chunk of you will be bewildered as to why this game got so much hate. Majority of the people online have just gone with the whole narrative that its bad just to get some upvotes in order to get that dopamine flowing.

    Harmless to try it out, or you could just comment here how its a waste of space despite being free and hope that everyone in the entire thread will stand up erupting in thunderous applause.

    • Isnt bland and desolate as people claim
    • Community is extremely helpful and friendly
    • Game is perfect for solo or group play
    • Play it for a bit and you'll realize that the whole 'micro-transaction' thing is not only overblown but in reality extremely generous towards the players. Atoms which is the 'paid currency' can be earned easily by playing the games and completing challenges at your own pace. I've manged to accumulated around 7000 atoms just by playing, not once have I made a purchase.
    • Bought it a week after release for $59, playtime is in the 100's
    • Every server is full 99% of the time
    • +5 votes

      Mate, you're asking people to completely ignore any other opinion that happens to not follow your logic on the game.

      My comments above have absolutely nothing to do with 'general online opinion' or trying to get plus votes and feel better about myself.
      It's a completely honest view of the game IN MY OPINION.

      It may not agree with your glowing review on it, but it's just as valid.

      To address your bullet points:

      • Yes it bland and desolate, when compared with previous Fallout games. They've certainly improved it since launch, but if you were a big fan of previous versions, there's no way you could describe 76 as anything but bland and desolate when comparing it to F3 or F4.

      • Agree. The community IS very helpful. They are trying damn hard to keep this afloat, when servers would otherwise have deserted by now.

      • Game is NOT perfect for solo play. It's been specifically designed so you quest/interact with others. When you don't want to do that, it's poor for solo play. I wish I could say even "acceptable" but its not. Not even close.

      • I agree that the micro transactions thing has been overblown. I reckon there's been a lot of fallout from Star Wars, adn this has carried over into ANY game that even dares to dabble in transactions. Lessons have definitely been learned, dont give power perks/pay to win an avenue to destroy a game.

      • I also bought it not long after release. And I was very disappointed in the launch 'finished product'. It was truly horrendous. I felt like I had been robbed/tricked into buying it, and that's after playing Beta! Hopefully Beth don't ever do that again, but they've definitely taken a massive hit to their rep on this one. They chased a release date and released a substandard game that should never have been released like it was.

      • I'm not sure on server numbers, but I doubt it's 99% full on every server.

      I'll certainly check out the upgrade and give it a red hot go, but there's only so much you can do on an upgrade. It's still predominately the game that was launched.

      • -2 votes

        Well im more or less encouraging people to make their own opinion but k.

        • bland and desolate: this game is in no way shape of form bland. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but this is a straight lie. This is hands down the most vibrant and alive fallout to date. What are you basing this stuff on? If you played any of the previous fallouts this game captures the element of uncovering hidden/unmarked stories perfectly.

        • game IS fine for solo play. Got to level 117 solo, what are you going on about shit being designed for playing with others. what examples are you referring to as Im genuinely confused here. The main story is designed for solo or multiple people, events are done solo or in groups and the same for just exploring/farming gear.

        • the server numbers are indeed full in au

        everyone can have opinions n shit bro but the stuff you're talking about is unheard of across the majority of players.

        Strongly recommend you give it another go, perhaps you just got railed by bad luck with bugs n shit as everyone's computers act differently to this shit. I say this mainly as from what you described it's like you're playing a different game.


      Game is good

      It's a shitty game developed to jump on the live service bandwagon where the aim is to milk the player as they create their own fun.

      Because the game sure as (profanity) isn't fun.

      Opinions huh.

      Unfortunately a quick look at any review aggregation site will show that most people thought it was shit.

  • +5 votes

    I really dont want to encourage Bethesda to keep pumping any resources into this POS. They need to move on.

    • +3 votes

      I am so over full price games having scummy extra monetisation that ruins the game for 95% of players while the remaining 5% fall victim to gambling mechanics.

      I've elected to stop giving money to the publishers that do it.


    Still too expensive.

  • +1 vote

    I guess this game is wasteland, so it need players to cheer it up.

  • +1 vote

    You can't redeem trial without PS Plus.


    Figured I'd give it a go. Free is a good price. Played for 1h. Then came back a bit later.
    The client makes you login EVERY SINGLE TIME. Wtf. Who thought that was a good idea?? Uninstalled.

  • +1 vote

    Download size for PC is 61.91GB for anyone interested.


    It's boring and there's a lot of cutting and pasting from previous titles. Fallout is generally not interesting anyway.


    I wish it were cheaper