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Coaxial to Optical (Bi-Directional) Toslink Digital Audio Converter $10.99 + Post (Free with $49/Prime) @ Tendak Amazon AU


Tendak on AmazonAU has Optical to Coax, Tendak Optical SPDIF Toslink to Coaxial and Coaxial to Optical SPDIF Toslink Bi-Directional Swtich Digital Audio Converter Splitter Adapter on sale for $10.99.



OPTICAL TO COAXIAL BI-DIRECTIONAL AUDIO CONVERTER - Switch to select either OPTICAL TOSLINK or COAX input and convert the signal (as is) to both its COAXIAL and OPTICAL TOSLINK output ports

AUDIO FORMAT - Audio Input & Output Support audio format: LPCM2.0/ DTS/ DOLBY-AC3. And the highest support 192 KHZ sampling rate. Noise-free transmission, high definition audio output for your amplifier and speaker

EASY TO SETUP - Plug and Play, no need any software and drive. It's able to power this Optical to Coax Converter from Phone Adapter and a USB jack on the TV or nearby USB port device

LONG DISTANCE - Use optical fiber cable loss less the 0.2Db/m, Output distance is up to 30 Meters(98 Feet), Use the standard coaxial cable output can be up to 10 meters (32 Feet)

WIDE APPLICABILITY - Compatible with Blu-ray Player, Satellite receiver, BR player, Xbox 360, HDTV, DVD, Amplifier, Sound Bar, Speaker and all device with digital audio out port

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  • Which part of this gadget is a digital to analogue converter? It has no analogue output.

    • The description at the moment doesn't say 'analogue' anywhere. Not sure if it did before.

      This is just an optical Toslink to coax RCA SPDIF converter (ie, a media converter).

      I have one, and it works fine.

      • Can you power the unit from an USB interface on the TV? Or does it require a dedicated AC wall adaptor?

        1 X USB Charging Cable (Power Adapter do not include)

        • Yup, I just powered it from my Samsung TV's breakout box thing. It'll use bugger all power, so any old USB supply should work fine.

      • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/462662/revisions/956251/vi...

        Coaxial to Optical (Bi-Directional) Toslink Digital Analog Audio Converter $10.99 + Post (Free with $49/Prime) @ Tendak AmazonAU

        I edited the title. I seek clarification from OP in case I am wrong, but so far no response.

        • Hi, I didn't receive any messages from you. This product doesn't have analogue output. ("Analog" had been added into the title by other people and I didn't notice that before, but now I deleted it. )

    • There is no analogue, you can check the product's main pic

  • I second that. The description is quite ambiguous.


      Coaxial to Optical (Bi-Directional) is pretty clear.
      I used one of these to Connect my parents Aldi TV (Coaxial) to a Yamaha Sound Bar (Optical).

      HDMI Arc worked for HDMI connected devices (that's what I would have used), but the olds wanted the Soundbar when using the DVD and VHS player, so used this instead and all sound goes to the soundbar.

      • I am well aware of the standards. My comment was in relation to a part of the description that has now been removed (re: Analog conversion).

      • Im having issues with my yamaha soundbar 108 to work with platium target tv which i got 3 yrs ago cheap on clearance. I got the soundbar to boost the sound and im having trouble getting arc to work obviously this is best connection possible but my tv has limited settings and i have been through a lot of chats trying to get it to work. Even yamaha who has now given up and says contact manufacturer of tv. They are no longer around but did read rumors that its same firmware as kogan and remote. I tried pressing menu and 1147 and factory settings come up. But to be honest dont want to mess around with something i don't know to much about.
        Yamaha had me reset soundbar and i have it showing in devices on my cec and even working sometimes but majority of time if switch of tv or change to apple tv or Android box or even watch TV no sound.
        Cut long story short i was told use an optical cable but no optical on my tv so my options i was told buy someone else was from headphone to soundbar with 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo cable or an hdmi arc extractor if i remember right or coaxial to optical convertor. I was going to grab this will it solve my problems?
        I have tried blu ray player and Bluetooth from my phone so nothing wrong with soundbar and as for hdmi arc it works with the tv remote just sound is the issue here.


          I am serious, get a HDMI cable that specifically mentions ARC support. Should only be a few $ from Kogan.
          This is known to fix a lot of those intermittent issues with ARC
          This gadget only works if your TV has coax out not 3.5mm

          • @DisabledUser247345: Can you point me in the right direction of the hdmi cable that mentions arc? Have you used one yourself with a non work arc or issues with it and this then worked? Only a few dollars is very cheap, had you got back to me sooner I might have saved $11.99 as got one of the above as was in lightning deals to $11.99 and grabbed it,yes it's a $1 more than deal above, but to be honest I'm sick of trying and playing with this trying to get to work. I'm not sure where you get the 3.5mm from unless I mentioned in and mixed up my words but my tv does have coax and I was going to use this item and then into soundbar with optical.
            But I be interested in getting a hdmi arc cable like you said to see if cures it without any boxes.

          • @DisabledUser247345: I'm also curious if I did not use the hdmi arc cable you mentioned and left my current hdmi none arc in will it affect using the box above having both plugged in, also this box do you loose quality in sound or effects from what you get out of the Yamaha 108 with hdmi arc vs this box.
            Ideally I want no lose of quality etc but it just be good to get it working for now and down the line when up grading my tv be no worries. As of now it just not working the tv and soundbar due to the arc no sound

      • Coaxial to Optical (Bi-Directional) is pretty clear.
        I used one of these to Connect my parents Aldi TV (Coaxial) to a Yamaha Sound Bar (Optical).

        It seems you got one of these already and sort of why I grabbed one as well I don't have the Aldi tv but have the soundbar did you ever have issues with a Aldi tv working with soundbar to start with?


          As per my comment soundbar wouldn't work via ARC when a VCR\DVD was connected to the TV. These use the old composite RCA system (Yellow, White and Red) cables. Otherwise it worked fine with ARC, after changing HDMI cables. They were using a rather expensive HDMI cable, but Audio was hit\miss.

          • @DisabledUser247345: I'm not sure what you mean so your hdmi cable was hit or miss,my soundbar with tv is same hit or miss but more miss. I don't get sound with tv,Apple tv and android box but do with blu ray player,blu ray can be found easy which goes into the soundbar but it's from soundbar to tv.
            It just never finds the soundbar and when it does it goes again when changing over devices.
            I have even had it showing as found but yet no sound and have had help online from various people what to try but still no luck and was suggested I use this coax to optical box.i have had soundbar work with sound but as said it just stops again.
            You had mentioned an arc hdmi? I thought all where able to use with arc, problem is will it make any difference. Unless I'm reading your post wrong above you said they was using an expensive hdmi and audio was hit or miss but yesterday said to get a hdmi cable for arc but one you used was expensively was it not the an arc the expensive one?
            Or did you get an arc hdmi in the end as how does one know it's an arc one I thought these hdmi cables where pretty much the same just fancy packing and slap on a high price tag, I have various hdmi cables from the dick smith days but I have no idea what they are some still in packing.
            I'm just curious if I did not use another hdmi and use this coax to optical when it comes if I'm best leave hdmi in or remove.
            My biggest issue is tv is on wall it's an odd shape at back more so where you want to get at connections and yes bang in the middle and each and every time I want to try something or remove/replace I have to take it off wall,it's not heavy it's just bloody award to unscrew bottom on bracket to wall and tighten when finished. I always hope when I finished putting it up all is good.
            Thinking my hdmi cable might have been at fault originally with the arc I changed it second time around and blu ray player is not playing on tv or through soundbar which was previously,it was mentioned could have a loose hdmi back of tv which is possible installing it again but looking side on from side looks ok so I now have that issue as well. I'm sure I work out what's happened with blu ray player but it's the sound not working from tv android box and Apple TV to soundbar that being doing my head in for few weeks now.


              @bwatt72: Not all HDMI cables support ARC (despite price) v1.4 or higher are supposed to, but from experience, it is best to get a cable that specifically says ARC support, eg: $5 from COTD, and doesn't need to be expensive. Given you have a few cables, surely one will support ARC.
              If you have an older cable, just be sure to know it is 1.4 or higher and it SHOULD BE Okay.
              Which is better?
              - HDMI ARC is considered better, as it should also provide CEC support (single remote) and single cable.
              - COAX is still digital, but in this case you will also require the converter, but sound quality will be just as good.
              Keep in-mind with ARC, you plug your other devices into the TV, and have only 1 HDMI into the Soundbar using the Soundbars ARC port and the TV's ARC port. Both should be labelled ARC. Issue for most people is the TV's won't have enough HDMI for all your appliances, so sure plug some into the soundbar, but it can be a pain changing all the inputs. If those devices support CEC (HDMI control), then powering them on should also power on the TV and Soundbar and change to the correct inputs.

              • @DisabledUser247345: My set up is platinum target tv from 3 plus yrs ago was in bedrooms and originally very old plasma in living area,plans to replace plasma but still works. But this yr probably replace it and stick target tv in bedroom again.
                Probably get a 4k in living area,have a 3D tv in cinema and as harder to get now its for keeps only 3 yrs old.
                My target tv has an Apple TV connected to it hdmi, minix android box from probably 3 yrs ago again to tv with hdmi.
                These are hdmi 2 and 3.
                The target tv has hdmi arc which I have hdmi from it to soundbar arc on Yamaha 108 arc, and I have a blu ray player going to soundbar other hdmi. As you have same soundbar you be aware of it's set up.
                So pretty much everything is connected up with hdmi.
                Obviously as mentioned I have had soundbar working but most times not,I have had it find the soundbar in the cec and not and when I have had it found or working changing to other device it's lost.
                As I use the Apple TV the android box and dtv most I need to have sound when using these items, obviously we ignore the blu ray plates for now was ok but since taking off wall not now.
                Is it possible to tell which hdmi is arc supported at looking at cable? I can check ones not opened but most are.
                As I'm using Apple TV and android box do these needs to be arc or high speed also, they could be or might not be but they just go into normal hdmi sockets. So it sounds like I would only need the one hdmi arc cable which is from tv arc to soundbar?
                And I take as my other devices are all connected to tv and siundbar They all work through soundbar?
                When I get this coax to optical and set it up or I find I'm able to get hdmi arc cable first can both me left on tv? Say my coax to optical is set up installed will I have issues having hdmi arc still installed either it being what's on now or if new hdmi cable? Did you say if I install a coax to optical I need to select this in settings as tv has poor settings,I did find it might have same firmware and remote as Kogan TVs I enter in remote menu and 1147 and up comes factory settings but I'm not even sure if gives settings much different to normal settings.
                If set up coaxial to optical do I need to select or find this or tv will just work. Thanks

  • Looking at my two hdmi cables still in packs they say standard hdmi cable supports 3D and full hd resolution idealone cable solution it's dick smith brand says high speed.have 2 3m ones. I had one opened which i swapped over from another hdmi I previously had in arc thinking it was cable at fault I'm sure by looking a dick smith one but maybe 1mtr one but has gold ends. But I can say this gold end up did nithing for soundbar previously and since I put in one of the above standard hdmi it still made no difference and now as said get no picture from blu ray or sound,either me putting that hdmi is a crap cable or it's loose ar back. It's annoying having all these hdmi cables but they maybe no good, I know back in the day I just got cheap hdmi cables as most people said they are all same, some being much more expensive with fancy packing but where all same but maybe not.im tempted to try the hdmi arc first or if no harm both hdmi arc and the coax to optical together to save me hassle after as means if coax to optical or hdmi arc able fail I need to take tv off wall again which as said is really a pain in butt.


      3D was introduced in v1.4, so your cable should support ARC and CEC.
      CEC includes the ability for the TV to recognise the soundbar was significantly improved in v2 released 2013. Sometimes labelled UGD.
      I find price doesn't equal quality, and often the so-called gold ones are not very good.

      • So what does that mean that the hdmi cables you mentioned on catch will probably not make a difference to my arc issues. I have the silver ends dick smith hdmi cables as mentioned and gold and god knows what else alread used in my set up,but i do know the ones from dick smith are ones tried on my tv hdmi arc.
        So looks like i be wasting money on more hdmi and i best stick with the coax to optical convertor thats on way?

        As i got optical cable from yamaha with soundbar all i need now is a good coax cable.
        As mentioned before should i leave the current hdmi arc hdmi cable in with the coax set up or remove the arc part as not sure if causes issues.

      • So what is causing my arc problems just being a cheap tv? in this day and age you think it be a simple fix without having to buy extra stuff.
        I believe im not only one thats had this issue others with different tvs some got it fixed and others not. It sounds to me i only gain by using arc is to use tv remote to work soundbar and it being just one cable.
        Maybe i should just forget arc? I know in yamaha manual other option was optical which tv does not have and reason for convertor.
        Can you recommend a coax cable cheap but quality or are they all much the same.


          For Coax Audio, it's just one standard and it's digital so no need to spend a fortune.
          Look for a "S/PDIF Digital Audio Coaxial Cable" , "Digital RCA" , "Coaxial Audio" or "S/PDIF RCA" but not "RCA". should be < $10 from Amazon\Ebay.

          • @DisabledUser247345: And regarding the arc still connected with hdmi will this be ok as well as the coax to optical installed


              @bwatt72: From memory set the sound bar input to “TV” to use optical and it will be fine

              • @DisabledUser247345: Ok when I have all the kit together I take I select this with soundbar remote, I know if I want to use say my blu ray player or Apple or android box then I have to select hdmi on them and hdmi on soundbar maybe? Obviously to watch and get the sound.
                My menu settings source has

                Dtv so if I want to watch and hear through soundbar I select it obviously and tv on soundbar.

                ATV no use for that
                Ypbpr not sure what that is
                Hdmi 1 is obviously my arc and currently is connected to bar.- do I select tv or hdmi on bar for this to get sound must be tv as can't get it through arc.
                Hdmi 1 and 2 is obviously my android and Apple TV- do I select tv or hdmi on bar to get sound for these
                I hope this makes sense my reason to get bar was to get he sound from bar watching dtv,android box and Apple TV and setting up a coaxial to optical convertor I'm not sure how this all works.

                Other two options in my source is but not relevant here are oc and media. Thanks

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