In 107 days [QLD] Free off-Peak Travel for Seniors on Brisbane Buses and Ferries @ Brisbane City Council


A great initiative from the Brisbane City Council.

The free travel will apply from October 1 on Brisbane buses, CityCats and ferries between 8.30am and 3.30pm, and 6pm to 6am, Monday to Friday. Buses will be free for seniors on weekends.

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    I was shocked - shocked! at the cost of public transport in SEQ when I went up there for a holiday from Sydney. $40 return from the GC to Brisbane on a standard commuter train? The equivalent fare here would be $15.80.


      No daily fare cap either.

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      What's an equivalent destination over in Sydney? PS: it's a almost half that price if you use the Go card instead of paper tickets.


        Syd to Gosford or Wollongong are about the same distance away, and the fares are capped so even if you want to go to Newcastle you won't pay any more than $15.80. And when I say $40, that's the return fare (2 lots of $20). The daily cap in Sydney is $15.


          Shocked!?? Next time ask or search so you get the cheaper fares. There are signs promoting the cheaper fares!

          Paper Tickets are the most expensive & don't have off-peak discount. Rechargeable/refundable GoCard is cheapest & cheaper again off-peak.

          Surfers - CBD Brisbane (Adult each way)
          GoCard: $10.66 max, $8.53 (off-peak)
          Paper Ticket: $15.50

 has fares listed & route planning.

          When I visited Sydney recently, I did the basic research on public transport & fares. As I would travelling anywhere in the world. (Ordered an Opal card - sent to me.)

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      From Brisbane CBD to Surfers Paradise is $10.66 at peak. That's $21.32 return (peak travel).

      From my understanding the one way journey fare cap is $19.96.

      I can only hazard a guess that you either:
      - used a paper ticket
      - travelled from Coolangatta
      - travelled to Brisbane airport
      - travelled to the northern suburbs


        Question: Wouldn't it be cheaper to go to northern suburbs from gold coast. i.e. if they went Gold Coast (Zone 5) to Caloundra (Zone 5), would that just be one zone?
        Is it only if you transferred in Zone 1 (Tapped off and on)then it gets counted as it knows you were in Zone 1?


          Yeah, I'm not exactly sure how it works (if it knows that your train or bus has travelled through the other zones) - but it charges you as if you've passed through zone 1. I've taken the bus from Zone 3 to Zone 3 in the north and it counted as travelling through three zones.

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    $40 return from the GC to Brisbane

    I think you're doing something wrong. Adult fare from Brisbane Central to Coolangatta Airport (the far end of the Gold Coast) is $13.53 one-way, or $10.82 one-way off-peak.

    Check it for yourself:

    Perhaps you are including the refundable purchase of a Go Card? Or paying extra to have a paper ticket?


      This 'proposed' Council offer is yet to be officially announced and is going to be part of the budget being handed down. It DOES NOT include Train travel, so any reference to fares from Brisbane to the Gold Coast are not relevant as that routing is serviced only by train

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        Then maybe you should be replying to the person I was replying to, who first brought it up?

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          Maybe you should have replied to the person you were replying to in that conversation reply section instead of in a new reply section then they would have been replying to the person you were replying to in the same reply section then I wouldn't have felt the need to reply to your reply to their reply to your reply in the new reply section with a reply

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      Maybe they went to the airport?


        Maybe they went to the airport?

        Could be. It's something like $15 one-way from the airport to the nearest station.

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      I bet that was paper ticket. Then again it’s not fair to charge 30% more for that. No wondering less people are using the public transport.


    Only for QLD seniors or visitors from other states as well?
    Qld pensioners, aged and disabled, get the $2.50 bus, train & ferry 24hr travel when visiting NSW.

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    In 112 days

    More like (59 - age) x 365.24 + days till next birthday.

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    The generation who could buy houses cheaper than cars are today, who get a tax payer funded pension now get even more free shit. Council buying votes.

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      Says the generation that gets paid to have babies….Maybe we could buy houses because we were not so fussy and precious. I had cardboard boxes for side tables, everything else was secondhand including our mattress… we also walked everywhere and took buses…We never dreamed of going out for meals or even buy a coffee…Id like to see your snowflake generation live like that

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      I believe it's called inflation.

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      The generation… who get a tax payer funded pension now get even more free shit.

      This is not a Pensioner offer, but for Seniors - people 60 or over.

      Many 60 year olds are employed for quite a few more years. And many of those will become self-funded retirees, never able to collect a pension. (That's what happens to many people who work most of their life & save, rather than spend - often on transitory pleasures.)

      And since those people will probably be at work in off-peak times during the week - will likely only benefit if travelling on weekends, or after they retire.

      The UK has provided a more generous free scheme for about 10 years. NSW charges $2.50 - available for the whole day, not just off-peak times in this offer.
      Seniors already get free travel after paying for the first 2 fares of the day - on all Translink services, not just in Brisbane.

      There are offers available to seniors that are not available to pensioners.

      Pensioners are not only those of older age! But only seniors with a Seniors GoCard qualify for this offer - not all seniors.

      Off peak only offer… Using spare capacity - so of only marginal cost. Another seat occupied on a half empty bus etc really costs little.

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      You realise you're complaining about a subsidy equivalent to the cost of a couple of coffees per year per senior.

      This $3.1M/yr off-peak transport program available to well over 15% of the 2.3M+ Brisbane population works out to less than $9/yr/senior!

      My guess it the Christmas Tree lights budget is higher🎄

      It could save the council some money, as it already subsidises Council Cabs for Seniors, to shopping centres.

      "Making it possible for seniors to get out and about more, at no cost, has the potential to bring many positive benefits to our community."

      Sounds like a bargain to me.


    A Seniors GoCard is required for this offer!
    Only available for off-peak travel, 7 days a week.

    So if you are 60 or over & qualify - get a Seniors Card & a Seniors GoCard.
    (Anyone 60 or over with a Seniors Card can buy a Seniors GoCard, including those from other states.)
    As proof is required, not available at vending machines selling GoCards & smaller outlets.

    There is a combined QLD Seniors Card & Seniors GoCard available when applying for a Seniors Card (with proof) online or by phone.

    Seniors using a Seniors GoCard already get free travel after paying for the first 2 fares of the day - on all Translink services, not just in Brisbane. Worth getting it you qualify.


    Adelaide already has a similar system in place. Seniors get free travel all day on weekends and public holidays plus between 9.01am to 3.00pm Mon to Fri. They still complain though.


    They also do this on the Gold Coast where seniors get a sticker to put on their Go Card and they just show it to the driver and don't pay. I still see more housos jumping on the bus and demanding a free ride claiming they've got no money while holding a sausage roll and coke than seniors so Translink lose far more money via fare evasion than allowing seniors to travel free.

    Not sure why they don't just fully subsidise public transport across the board and recoup the costs through a $30 per year transport levy on rates like they do in Noosa when they operate the free buses up their at Christmas and Easter.


      Yeah, most drivers don't bother trying to argue with dodgy people who claim they have no money and look like they'll blow up in their face if challenged.