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American Apparel - Further 40% off Discounted Items


Extra 40% off all marked down items with the code "OMG40"

Already some massively discounted items + an extra 40% is nice. Free shipping for orders over $150 as well (pre-discount), so works well.

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American Apparel
American Apparel

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    For some reason American Apparel are still adding shipping which is not cheap. Even if you have over $150 in cart pre-discount. Can't figure out why.


      that's really strange. My order was $165 (pre-shipping), so it was free. Added the code, reduced the order cost and shipping was still free.

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        After your vote of confidence I went back to the site. I'm using safari and I turned of "content blocking" in website settings to see whether AA was somehow secondarily searching my location. And whether it was that or they've fixed some bug the "standard" shipping now lists as FREE! So sorry if my issue caused any negative attention to your good deal!
        Edit: Was free standard shipping. Then once I entered discount code it reverted to $45. Ugh! I don't know!!

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    Note for free shipping choose STANDARD at checkout.

    Edit: Nopers, I can get free shipping using standard without the code. But if I use the code I can't get free shipping.

    The discount is basically the cost of added shipping :( Anyone else got it to work?


      If using safari on a Mac try turning off content blocking in website settings. That worked for me.
      Edit: was free but as soon as I put in discount code it goes back to $45 shipping! UGH!!!!


        Trying to put through a $165 order using Chrome.

        Can't get free shipping with the code on Chrome/Edge or my mobile (android).

        Sent them an email but otherwise giving up.

        Edit: Just saw your edit, looks like you're having the same problem as me. It works till you enter the voucher code.

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    Most of their stuff looks cheap, lacking style IMO…


      style's a personal opinion I guess, but garments are quality, all hand made in America. Still wear shirts from 10 years ago when they were in Australia

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