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Subway Subcard - Retention Offers + 3.6% of Your Purchase in Loyalty Dollars + Free Small Cup Drink & Cookie on Birthday


Subcard® is the national loyalty program that rewards members based on how often they visit, and how much they spend at participating Subway® restaurants. Each time a registered guest makes an eligible purchase at a participating Subway® restaurant, they will earn reward dollars which will be loaded onto their Subcard® account. Once they have reached a minimum earn of $3 reward dollars (following their registration to the Subcard® program), guests can redeem their rewards via the app, web or in-restaurant.

The earn rate is 3.6% of your total spend (on food and beverage products).

Header Header Right
Welcome Offer 1 Sent to guests when they register to Subcard® Offer: Triple reward dollars, valid for 2 weeks
Welcome Offer 2 Sent to guests 6 weeks after they register to Subcard® IF they have not swiped their card Offer: Free cookie with any sub/salad/wrap or panini purchased
Bring Back 1 Sent to guests if they haven’t purchased for 6 weeks Offer: Triple reward dollars, valid for 1 week
Bring Back 2 Sent to guests if they haven’t purchased for 3 months Offer: Free cookie & small cup drink with any sub/salad/wrap or panini purchased
Bring Back 3 Sent to guests if they haven’t purchased for 6 months Offer: x2 free cookies (no purchase necessary)
Bring Back 4 Sent to guests if they haven’t purchased for 9 months Offer: Free Subway 6-inch® Sub when you purchase any Subway 6-Inch® Sub
Bring Back 5 Sent to guests if they haven’t purchased for 12 months Offer: Free Subway 6-Inch® Sub (no purchase necessary)
Birthday Offer Sent to Subcard® members on their birthday Offer: Free cookie and small cup drink with any sub/salad/wrap or panini purchased
Fast Track your next Freebie Sent to all Subcard® members with a reward dollars balance between $2-$2.99 Offer: Triple reward dollars, valid for 1 week

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  • +5 votes

    5UBW4Y Claims thumbnails infringe copyright !!!

    No deal…

    This is for bargains, not SPAM about your loyalty cards…

  • Not much point when head office have no clue which branches are participating.

  • 3.6% is pathetic. What a joke.

  • 3.6%. Subway am I a joke to you?

    Also I'm not asking a store if they accept your card before I order. You should be responsible for ensuring all your stores do, not me

  • This isn't going to replace the free birthday sub from the eat fresh club, is it?

    • I got an email from the eat fresh club to activate my free meal offer, but it was a dead link within the email. now just get redirected to the subcard page, and no offers inside. Disappointing

  • It used to be 10th sub free. I remember when they cancelled the punch cards and told me a barcode scanning system was coming… years ago!

  • Wow subway really going downhill fast these days. Used to be a free sub on your birthday. Also remember the stamps? That was a proper loyalty program. Nowadays it is expensive and bland and this is the reason I don't go there anymore.

    • When did they stop the free birthday 6in + drink? I got one last year and i was gonna get another next month D:

      • +1 vote

        This (Subcard) only launched today. Eat Fresh Club is still up but it advertises this when you login. Pretty crap in comparison.

        • +2 votes

          Eat Fresh Club is still up, but does not let you login using your credentials. Also, I had my birthday last week and I didnt get the Birthday Free Sub + Drink (what a bad time for their program to wind up). Any idea now how may I get my Birthday's due?

          • @djoz: I got an email earlier today saying Eat Fresh Club is done by the 7th of July. Maybe send Subway a message on Facebook for your sub?

      • Well you can pay like everyone else choosing beggar! How pathetic!

        • Not as pathetic as you trawling old posts and commenting on something I said a year ago like a salty biscuit. Own a Subway do ya?

    • How pathetic, I guess the choosing beggar will have to go elsewhere to beg for free food!

  • For a moment I thought they are offering home loan. LOL.

  • What a joke.

  • I've got a list a foot-long why this is a bad idea. Poor earn rate, subject to acceptance from franchises and if it's replacing the current free birthday sub offer, this isn't going to go down well with the Ozbargain crew. Bury the idea 6 feet under please.

  • +1 vote

    Substandard Card

  • I swear back in ye olden days (2000s?) it used to be buy 5, get the sixth sub free?

    This is pathetically stingy, no bargain.

  • +4 votes

    Hey guys, I'm like 99% sure EVERY Subway store in Western Australia recieved the Subcards and Subcards scanning machine (I'm not sure about the other states). My store recieved them about a month ago.

    The boss went to the Franchisee meeting a few weeks ago and HQ basically told the franchisees that they expect all franchisees to participate in this, they're trying to make Subway more collective in regards to special offers / deals which is great.

    Unfortunately not all franchisees like participating in deals as they are making next to nothing in profit and then they would have to Pocket the cost of these promotions (I'm unsure as to whether the Franchisees are paying the 3.6% back to the customers or if HQ will be providing that, but I know that the franchisees have to pay a monthly fee to be part of the promotion, and they also have to pay to receive the membership cards for customers which, knowing Subway, will cost an arm and a leg.)

    But yeah 3.6% is pretty poor, when I first heard about the new Subcards idea I was hoping it would be 10% or something so I could get 10% back every time I bought drinks or cookies at work 😂

    • +1 vote

      Just spoke with the boss, apparently the store owners have to give the 3.6% back to the customers… I wonder what Subway HQ is providing?

      • +2 votes

        Nah, the franchisee puts in 1.4% of the 3.6% (40% of the credit earned value) when somebody makes a purchase.

        When somebody uses their credits they get 40% of the credit value reimbursed.

        They also have to pay a monthly licensing fee.

  • My local store has been running it's own loyalty program for years (ever since the loyalty stamps were killed off) which was essentially 10% off. They now tell me the Subcard replaces their own loyalty program, meaning they are effectively rewarding my loyalty with a price increase! :/

  • +5 votes

    If you buy a sub every fortnight, it will take over a year just to get a free sub. The rewards at minimum should be 5%, or better 10% to make it a worthwhile effort for people to participate.

  • 3.6% back in credit is better than nothing and if they have special offers frequently like the old days then I will likely take advantage.

    Just got an email from them because i’m an eat fresh club member. If a EFC member makes a Subcard account by July 7, they will receive a free meal consisting of a Subway 6-Inch sub or wrap with a small cup drink or 390mL Coke variety. The old EFC is shutting down on July 7 as well, so yeah the birthday offer is getting worse.

  • received the free meal qr code but doesn't work in store for me..says invalid..

    • Oh God! Yet another failed marketing initiative by the already struggling Subway?

  • The "Subway Fresh Club" ends on 1st July 2019.

    Subway is also no longer honouring free Birthday "Sub & 600ml Bottle" from 1st July 2019.

    • Subway Eat Fresh Club ends (ended) 07-Jul-2019 at 5:00 PM AEST. I got my Birthday Free Sub and 600ml bottle today at around 4:55 PM AEST.

  • Unless you eat subway quite a bit you may be better off NOT scanning the rewards card so you get the free "haven't purchased for 12 months" 6 inch.

  • Has anyone tried to redeem their free sub and been told it doesn’t scan? I tried to submit feedback to subway but their form won’t even work.

  • This is ridiculous. Well done, you've lost a customer.

  • Eat fresh club was better :(

  • Never received any of these offers

    • +1 vote

      Neither. This is what was sent to franchisees.
      Maybe it's because I never used my card for anything but the sign-up sub, or they're full of it.

  • Can confirm that I have finally received my retention offer of a free 6 inch.

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