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I'll be here all week, thanks for the support lol
01/08/2020 - 10:37
You could say that this price is... Unheard of.
01/08/2020 - 10:28
Really would not recommend it. Even after upgrading everything (ssd, more ram and dedicated graphics card that won't exceed the PSU max...
26/07/2020 - 12:26
No problem! Enjoy your day. Definitely get a 5ghz one if possible.
24/07/2020 - 17:02
Hey there, that's correct. Model number TL-WN881N.
24/07/2020 - 16:54
I bought this from officeworks and found the connection to be very bad as it would only have 1 bar of wifi connection whereas my phone and...
24/07/2020 - 16:20
Sounds good! Come in on Monday, it will be INSANELY busy, but if you have the time to wait you'll be in for a nice surprise... 😉
24/07/2020 - 10:33
Once again, trust me I know! I used to use the EFC deals all the time and they were great. Tbh most customers at our store are happy...
20/07/2020 - 13:34
I agree! Trust me
20/07/2020 - 13:27
When Covid is gone, feel free to drive over 😉
20/07/2020 - 11:38
Hey! Do you ever keep your receipt? Just wondering if it says "Veggie delite with Avo" or just "Veggie delite". If it says with Avo, then...
20/07/2020 - 11:38
We're in Perth. Subway Bayswater on Collier Rd.
20/07/2020 - 11:36
I've gotten sandwiches from 7/11 about three times and they were hard from being refrigerated and there was almost no fillings. I thought...
20/07/2020 - 11:16
I agree mostly. The problem is that Subway has too many choices for customers, and when the franchisee is stingy then the product is sub...
20/07/2020 - 11:14
No problem! In Perth, for the stores that are participating, yes it does. And it is $8 for a footlong. Not sure about other states.
20/07/2020 - 11:09
Just a heads up every one. For the BLT, the formula is to put 2 strips of streaky bacon on the six inch and 4 strips on the footlong. Now I...
20/07/2020 - 11:05
And he wanted to give everyone and their children aides. What a guy.
20/07/2020 - 10:58
My thoughts as well, our store has been doing it for over a year. And our footlongs are $8 as opposed to $8.50. Although I have had a lot...
20/07/2020 - 10:56
From what I've heard from friends that work at mcdonald's, mcdonald's makes much more profit from items than Subway.
20/07/2020 - 10:54
You can choose whatever salads you like, it's not locked to lettuce and tomato.
20/07/2020 - 10:47
The are bloody good looking boots. But already have like 8 pairs of shoes haha. Enjoy!
19/07/2020 - 21:21
Thanks for the help, but gonna pass on this one. Another one of those "I don't need it but will get it cause I don't wanna miss out"...
19/07/2020 - 21:14
Checkout with Afterpay isn't working for me for some reason.
19/07/2020 - 21:08
Just at work, will respond tonight
16/07/2020 - 13:33
That would make sense if so. But how stupid 😂
14/07/2020 - 23:03
I'd assume it wouldn't matter as it's the CPU load being 100% not GPU load? But could it be linked? Wait dw, misread the comment.
14/07/2020 - 22:59
I'd say under 80°c is safe, under 70°c is better
14/07/2020 - 22:58
Reading the requirements, for the Recommended specifications a Core i5-7300U is needed, and comparing that to your CPU yours is MUCH more...
14/07/2020 - 22:46