TP-Link Deco M5 Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router System - 2-Pack $169 Delivered @ Centrecom


I've been looking for a decent mesh wifi system for a while now. Been tossing up between the Tenda MW3 and Google WiFi but based on the reviews their performance and functionality are questionable.

The Deco M5 sits in the middle of the tenda MW3/google WiFi routers and Netgear Orbi high performance mesh routers.

Looks like it's the cheapest its ever been.

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    I have been looking for this as well.

    Mind it this is VERSION 1.

    Version 2 cheapest 2pack with ebay code is $176.

    Major difference between V1 & V2 is power connector.
    V1 is usb C powered
    V2 is round power connector.


      Seems like v1 is better..universal power that is easily replaced..
      But..just saw this
      "v2 has slightly improved firmware which offers a larger coverage area (510 square meters for v2 vs. 418 square meters for v1"


    This compared to Google Wifi?


    Bought the three pack of this the other day for my house. Super easy to use.

    As another purchase option MSY have it for $249 as a triple pack. Price match to office works brings it down to $236.55

    As an option for those wishing for 3 over the 2.


    Wish they made a DSL modem / mesh wifi router


      The Deco M5 "IS" a mesh wifi router. I just plugged it into the NBN port after setting up the wifi and removed the RSP router and save it as backup.

      Otherwise, setup the RSP modem in bridge mode and use Deco as the main router.


    Thanks OP, just got one from Clayton. Looked to be the last pair on the shelf, may be worth calling before going in if anyone is looking at them.