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KitchenAid KSM150 Stand Mixer with Pasta Set $399.20 + Delivery @ Peter's of Kensington eBay


An excellent price and a free pasta set to boot! Also available in other colours

Original 20% off 59 Selected Sellers Including Peters of Kensington at eBay Deal Post

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  • Good find.

  • Agreed, an excellent price. As good as it gets

  • How does the 300w motor compare to the Kenwood KL6100's 1400w? Are the motors different tech?

    • +1

      Kitchenaid has a direct drive motor so the difference isn't as big as it seems. Kenwoods in general tend to perform better though. If you're mainly making doughs I'd go with a Kenwood but the Kitchenaid performs fine for batters and lower quantities of doughs.

      I'd say the main advantage of the Kitchenaid is looks and the 'brand'.

      • Yes figured it had something to do with the direct drive. Making bread dough is what I'm after so thank you for the feedback.

      • Yea, I found my KitchenAid really struggling with low hydration dough < 50%, i.e. pasta/noodles. For Cakes, bread, mixing meat/vegetables, it's great.

    • Within the kitchenaid range itself is:
      Mini 250w
      Classic 275w
      Artisan 300w
      Bowl lift 315w

      15-25w differences is very noticeable within the kitchenaid range. We have the Artisan, Classic and the Bowl Lift.

      Kenwood have taken the 200w difference approach between models.
      Kenwood range is:
      Chef Classic 800w
      Chef 1000w
      Chef Sense 1200w
      Chef Sense XL 1400w

  • is this the best deal so far for 150?

    • +3

      This is as good as it's going to get afaik. The pasta set alone costs more that $200.

  • Now The Phantom lives in a cave with no electricity and doesn't get out much, but he is curious what people use this for IRL, as there have been quite a number of posts for it.

    Are we talking massive families that live on cake or something?

    • +1

      You can make pasta with it too

    • +5

      If you got a solar cell on top of the skull cave to run this, you could make fresh bread every morning in no time for you, Devil and Hero. It'd be Falking amazing! The delicious smell might give away your location though…

    • +1

      Bought my partner one of these about a month ago. Since then she’s made 2 cakes, fettuccine and a bunch of ciabatta. Good investment I reckon if you or your SO like baking.

    • +1

      As with all things, using the right tool for the job can make things SO much easier. And even if you're not a regular baker then sometimes you just need a mixer. For this price, you can get a good one.

      That pasta set is a bonus. A decent pasta maker will cost you a hundred bucks anyway, and you really need three hands to use them - the mixer can whip up the dough (although I normally use a food processor) and then act as the third hand to make the pasta.

      I'm seriously tempted.

  • How are warranties and return experience if you buy with them from eBay?

  • Finally bit the bullet

  • Codes not working for me :( "This code can't be applied to your order"

  • Awesome deal. Would have bought if I didn’t go for the KSM160 TGG deal last month.

  • Great deal, got one in Black!

  • $25 delivery to Perth :(

  • +2

    Finally pulled the trigger after a year of waiting. Looking forward to mastering Roti Canai.

  • Wonder if they’ll restock any of the other colours only lime green left

    • No, I've spoken to a store manager, apparently it's end of line

      • +2

        End of lime?

      • Oh that sucks well thanks for that

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