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[Switch] 50% off Hollow Knight $8.75 @ Nintendo eShop


I believe this is the cheapest it's ever been. Amazing game, worth it even at full price.

Metacritic (Switch): 90% (8.8 user score)
Metacritic (PC): 87% (8.8 user score)
Steam: Very positive (94% positive)

Destructoid 10/10
Eurogamer Recommended
IGN 9.4/10
Nintendo Life 9/10
Nintendo World Report 10/10
PC Gamer (US) 92/100
PC PowerPlay 8/10
VideoGamer.com 8/10

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  • Worth mentioning that it's in the Xbox PC gamepass thingy for a dollar also if you're trialling that.
    To be honest I'm using this more of a chance to demo and try games like this that I'm on the fence about though, might end up picking it up on Switch anyway :)

  • Good game, perfect for the switch

  • +12 votes

    Australian made, so please support.

    It was already super good value at full price. They should have charged double for it.

    • I bought one on Switch and one on PS4 both during 50% off. Just love it too much to resist.

      It is super good value at full price.

  • Killer price, thanks for posting!

  • Thanks, bought

  • Fantastic game, tight controls, although with my abilities can only get 102% completion…

    Can't wait for the sequel.

  • Thanks op, bought. But only got charged $4.75 for this, receipt showed "gold point discount" of $4.00, which brought it down from $8.75 Anybody know what that is about?

    • You had used your 400 gold points for that $4.00 discount.
      Most likely the gold points were accumulated from other purchases.

    • Every time you buy something you get coins. They can then be used later for discounts.

      You must have accumulated a few for $4 discount.

  • I fell for the hype, not my type of game unfortunately.
    it was fun, for around 15 hours, but then i just got frustrated because I couldn't kill one of the boss.

    it's a brutal game.

    • Surely if you had fun for 15hrs it was your type of game.

      • Played 15 hours.

      • Felt challenged.

      • Created a lasting memory.

      • Promoted the game to others (by posting here).

      Yeah, it was your type of game. During that 15 hours there were many other things you could have done instead - could have even done nothing at all. The way it ended wasn't satisfying to you, but you've still promoted it and your hype might encourage others to buy.

      At $0.50 per play hour, you've sold it to me.

  • Awesome game, feels like it goes on forever even at $30 its a bargain.

  • "One of your linked accounts has already bought this game!"

    bugger! guess I'll have to play the game without buying it again! haha

  • Really good game.. however it is deceptively and incredibly difficult / frustrating at times. I was expecting something a lot more easy and more story and art-style focused to plod through, instead I got my backside handed to me a thousand times.

  • Would recommend. As other said people might find this difficult but for old school gamers and '♿God gamers♿' this is the correct difficulty I like my games to be!

    If you like dark souls or monster hunter and like 2d style games, this would be right up your alley

  • Great Fun!
    Aussie Developers
    Beautiful art & sound
    Great Soundtrack too
    An absolute steal at this price!

  • Do I need a pro controller to be able to get through this game due to the difficulty, or are those two little controllers that come with the Switch good enough?

    Thinking of purchasing this on Steam (and playing with PS4 controller) if a Switch pro controller is mandatory.

    • I played 95% of the game undocked. It was fine for me personally, but I can understand if people find the JoyCons too small.

    • I also played most of the game undocked. There was only really one area I needed the pro controller, but that area doesn't need to be done and only needed to get one of the other ended, which I failed at getting in the end anyways :*(

    • I found it quite good to play with the JoyCons alone, especially when separated from the console body.

  • It's also on sale on PS4 for around $10 with PS+.

  • Solid game.

  • Wish it was on android or iOS for $1…

  • Path of Pain is … painful. But challenging! Very challenging. Painfully so.

    I will finish that section one day.

    • It's not that bad. Sure, it's tough but they deliberately give you unlimited tries. Have some patience, take some tea break and your mind will learn it.

      The boss rush modes post game is painful. I love absolute radiance, but getting there was just…. Uugggggghh

  • Thanks. I backed this on Kickstarter for Linux, but putting it on the Switch for me and my girl will mean it'll get some actual play time.

  • The best metroidvania for a very long time

  • thanks OP, bought it :)

  • Awesome game, well worth it even at full price. Excellent game and Aussie developers!

  • great post

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