Optus Cable Modem - Optus say it isn't available post-development of my site

Hi All,

I have to relocate my current optus internet service (currently on NBN50) to a new address that is not NBN ready.

The new address is a newly constructed dual occupancy site which I own such that when I earlier checked its suitability for internet (pre-construction), it said that cable modem was an option.

Now, post-construction, optus indicate that cable modem is not an option for the units because there is no 'infrastructure' or 'ports' available. I performed a self-service check on their website using the new unit address which confirmed that there were no wired internet options there, however, when I check the neighbour's address (single home) or indeed the old address that applied to my house (ie. without Unit 1 or Unit 2 - single home), the system still returns that cable modem is an option.

Optus chat initially said that my house specifically didn't have any ports (whatever that means) and I pressed them for an explanation on what that meant. They simply said that they couldn't service the site. They confirmed that had I not developed the site, the house could get cable internet but now post development, cable internet is not an option.

I asked them why this was the case, the response was simply generic and that there are no 'ports' left.

Does anyone know the reason or able to shed some light on the cable option limitation?

The site has underground conduits ready for internet service

NBN is 10 months away - Telstra will charge $400-ish to have a phone line installed to accommodate ADSL2.

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    Got Telstra cable connected at the start of the year. After a few issues I ended up going through sign up at their store in Melb CBD. The guy there said Cable isn’t a guarantee because Telstra sold their cable network to NBNco for HFC, if this is the case and you want cable, Telstra can buy back the line however it’s not always possible.

    The fact that they won’t connect you since you developed though makes me think they’re refusing to install a new line in from the street because it will be obsolete in the next 12 months which is fair enough.


    Ok, you own both Unit 1 and 2? Then why not try signing up under the "old" address, without Unit 1 or Unit 2 as part of the address? When they come to install, just point them to the Unit you want it installed at.

    Edit: Even if you don't own both, if you own the "main" Unit, that should be fine. I.e. we used to live at an address where you could either send address to 123-A Main St or Unit 2 123 Main St; the main house could either be addressed 123 Main St or Unit 1 123 Main St. So if you can't sign up using Unit 1 123 Main St, then sign up using 123 Main St.


      Was very much considering this and just playing dumb on install day.


        The site should have been registered as a multi dwelling site, so that won't work. At least with Telstra, when service qualification is done when you request the service, the main address (ie; author the units), it won't return as a viable area like address


    how much internet gb is required?


      Our home is internet heavy - I use it for my work, netflix/youtube/fetchtv, online gaming (and frequently install/uninstall games to suite preference with games up to 60gb in size).

      One option is to use wireless broadband, but I think we'd easily blow through the 500gb allowance.

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    Most likely cable infrastructure in the street, but not to the individual units. You see it all the time with redevelopments, cable was available at the old site (as a single dwelling), and it can be extremely expensive to get cable hauled but likely with NBNCo, most ISP's wouldn't bother


    Anyone know if ISPs install phone lines as part of their service (apart from Telstra)?

    I see that TPG website indicates that ADSL2+ is available at the Unit 1 site. Considering signing up online and booking in an install and see what happens.

    Cheers for responses thus far.


    Optus can ban any address they think is too expensive too service, i had a house that had optus cable internet for years, then sold that house to a new owner, the new owner then said the house was banned from cable, and optus refused to provide an explanation as to why. I knew someone who worked there, and it turned out that the node was right outside the house, so if you downloaded at peak speeds, it would restrict the speeds for the entire area connected to the node. So they blacklisted that address.


    Spoke to iinet and they can get ADSL2+ to the site and absorb all but $99 of the phone line install. So this is a good compromise as that package comes with unlimited data. However, I have gotten very used to stable NBN speeds with current plan.

    I'm slowly migrating all my services away from Optus - not because of this situation alone, but a lot of annoyances to date with internet, mobile, email and this is just another notch.

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