Hong Kong Transit Visa on Arrival (For Travel Vietnam to Australia)

So my scanario I will be bringing over my in laws from Vietnam and we are looking at two days transit/visit in Hong Kong. We have accommodations booked however have yet to source tickets to Melbourne.

I am waiting for rewards flight to be release with Cathay but they seemed to be taking their time releasing them.

Will it be possible for me to get a transit visa on arrival for my inlaws at Hong Kong or do I need to apply ahead of time.



    Check the Australian government’s smart traveller website for information. Alternatively contact the HK consulate general.

    In my understanding Australian citizens do not need a visa for a short time in Hong Kong. I have no idea about people from Vietnam. Ask this question on Vietnam’s Ozbargain?!


    Re: Re: Hong Kong Transit Visa on Arrival

    Is this visa on arrival for Hong Kong or Australia? Not sure if either has it.


    For Hong Kong


    This, https://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/services/visas/visit-transit/vis... , makes me believe they will need to apply for one before arriving.


    Vietnamese passport holders don't have it easy when it comes to entering other countries.

    Put in applications for everything really early and never assume that it'll all be okay.


      Shite then I’m in trouble then. Might just have to stay in the airport.


        You haven't provided any dates etc so I don't know your available timeframes.

        My friend (VN passport holder) applied for a HK visa earlier in the year and it took almost a month to turnaround. It involved a bit of documentation. I don't know if that month is an indication of all applications.


    Edited: Oops, I can see that you may be looking for flights to Melbourne and not Sydney. Slightly better chances, but look for an alternative in any case.

    I would not be waiting for rewards tickets on CX for HKG > SYD.

    It is one of their most popular redemption routes and the chances of you finding 3 tickets is essentially zero.

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