[XB1, PS4] Wolfenstein 2: The New Collosus $14 [XB1, PS4] Anthem, Legion of Dawn $19 @ JB Hi-Fi


Awesome game with heaps of content and an amazing story at a great price, cannot reccomend enough, unsure if this is a sale or regular price but for $14 it's a steal. Heard that anthem is total sh*t but seems worth a try for $19

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    Does this come with the steelbook? Image shows it but no mention of it in the description..

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    Matched by Amazon.

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    Since when is shit worth $19? (Anthem)

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    Wolfenstein is included in the xbox pass as well as the previous 2. So not as good value their. Also microsoft has a great deal on the ultimate pass which converts all your current xbox gold time over so if you top that up you can get access to the pass for 2-3years for a really good price. It also gives you access to the games on PC although their PC App is kind of buggy.

    Edit: Doesn't have old blood my bad.


      My bad guys didn't think I'd get down voted for pointing out their was a better option for xbox owners.

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    Wish I’d held off on Colossus, got it at launch and just didn’t enjoy it compared to New Order/Old Blood. Definitely a great buy for $14 though.


    Yes is steel case version only
    Non steel case is $24