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Looks like Amazon price matched.
10/12/2018 - 16:30
I didn't like their jerky. I like their other brand of peri peri biltong in the international food section, its on the expensive side...
08/12/2018 - 22:36
Try unplugging and re plugging the GPU and ram. It might not help but it only takes a few minutes. Sometimes they come loose and cause...
08/12/2018 - 08:59
Called up the store at Alexandria to see if I could grab it today. He told me they had a crazy amount of orders so it probably wont be...
07/12/2018 - 15:00
Thanks ended up getting Doom, Dishonored 2 and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. I wonder if Ill even play them. I always buy shit and never...
06/12/2018 - 20:56
Sold out? Says its not available for me anymore.
03/12/2018 - 17:24
Still working for me. Might be only certain colours aren't working?
23/11/2018 - 16:11
If you google it, it says $24 at dan murphy on the shopping part. Guess google hasn't updated their price checker yet.
16/11/2018 - 18:23
Mixer although it says Alcohol Volume42857.6253068287 for some reason.
16/11/2018 - 18:21
Got the previous version about 3-4 years ago. Still looks almost new with 4-5 days of use per week.
14/11/2018 - 15:24
Wanted to buy a few but it said only 1 left so I got one. Then I checked again after purchase and they still had 1 so I got a 2nd one....
12/11/2018 - 16:36
Anyone tried Roku gin? At $51.20 its a decent price....
10/11/2018 - 00:26
You can pick up in store. Not sure if they will honor it in their.
08/11/2018 - 21:39
Appears to be store based as it works if I select a WA store but not my local Sydney store. Can't seem to find any NSW stores that work....
08/11/2018 - 20:56
Is the difference dials instead of screen and buttons?
03/11/2018 - 12:13
Gonna get one. Any recommendations on an external enclosure? Edit: went with this cause it was cheap...
18/10/2018 - 13:59
They probably couldn't do all the orders in time. So they probably stopped at some point and started on a new manifest for the next day....
12/10/2018 - 14:42
Don't Gove up hope if you got express I think it's overnight to Melbourne. So unless AP stuffs up your good.
12/10/2018 - 05:51
deniz was awarded a badge.
12/10/2018 - 05:51
What was the last thing tracking said if you don't mind me asking?
11/10/2018 - 15:29
Mine doesn't show as dispatched though so might have missed today's send out :( Hopefully Australia post just hasn't scanned it in yet.
10/10/2018 - 21:35
Mine says packed and will be collected shortly.
10/10/2018 - 16:16
[@misu p](/comment/5767716/redir): Its limited by slower ram though. Great for general browsing or a really budget gaming pc with an added...
22/03/2018 - 17:26
Turns out the promo is near the top. You select the burger and then it goes to the burger edit page however it doesn't allow you to edit...
19/03/2018 - 19:52
Mine lets me add the free burger but it tries to charge me for it. Am I doing something wrong?
19/03/2018 - 19:33
I usually prefer the kfc ones as they feel like they have more chicken in it. The maccas ones feel like they don't even have chicken in...
19/03/2018 - 19:16
Got the cookies and cream. Really enjoyed it.
07/03/2018 - 12:12