Uber Air Is Coming in 2020 in Melbourne. Any Thoughts?

Just giving some heads up about what's going on. Check out this link

Will you consider using Uber Air once it's available?

Do you think this project is realistic?

How much are you willing to pay for a trip from Airport to city?


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    Being hoisted in the air at lethal heights by a company with no aviation track record referring me to a pilot that is unlikely to have been a passenger aircraft pilot, in an aircraft that isn't subjected to the same scrutiny as commercial aircraft…

    Yeah, nah.

    If I somehow woke up from an alcohol addled adventure aboard an Uber air, I'd pay to get off.

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      This is the company that disabled the emergency braking system on their not very good robot car because it was inconvenient and then killed someone crossing the road with it so you're in good hands.

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    is it April 1st?

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    Kids cant fly drones in parks 50 m above ground for safty issues but now drones carrying 4 people can fly no problem 600m up

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    Marketing promotional waffle bullshit.

    Build the (profanity) airport rail already.


      Last time I was in Melbourne I couldn't believe there wasn't a rail link. What kind of modern city doesn't have one?

      (Just checked - can add Adelaide to the list. Perth's is being built now)


        Skybus, Skybus, Skybus.


        Was just in China, hopped on the maglev to Shanghai airport…goes 450Kph!

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        Yes, Adelaide and It's 10 minute trip to the city is horrid. We have the most accessible airport in Australia. No other airport in Australia is easier to get to than ours. The only one I can't comment on is the Hobart airport.

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    Initial runs of the service will require a professional pilot, so I say go ahead, use the service. You'll be burning venture capitalist money like there's no tomorrow. It's only after the service goes pilot free that I would be concerned.

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    It'll be as successful as the Lime scooters, just bigger and in the air. Just like Amazon drone deliveries this is hogwash and legislation is needed that hasn't even been canvassed.

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    This effort could, literally, crash and burn. I’m still waiting for my flying car and this ain’t going to be it.


    Uber Air coming to Melbourne in 2020.

    uh, what club are they transferring from?


    engines fail, things break, even in brand new cars etc,
    the difference is that this, like any other airborne transport may crash, and this would be in a densely populated city..

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    Any Thoughts?

    Firstly: LOL

    Secondly: No thanks.


    Won’t happen in our life time. It’s marketing bullshit to suck in more wealthy, gullible investors.

    Take a $50 ride in a hire car to exactly where I want to go or a $500 ride in a chopper to somewhere near where I am going, only to have to get another mode of transport anyway?


      I have no idea of your age but you honestly don't think you will see this in your lifetime? I think/hope I almost certainly will.

      They are already offering helicopter service via UberCopter in several places around the world. I have used the Monaco one from the airport. What makes you think they cannot bring it here considering the government is allowing them?

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        One pedestrian crash changed the complexion of the driverless car revolution. Fair chance a crash in testing might change things.

        Let's check in to see how the Boston Dynamics robots are coming along:



          Unless I missed it, they have not said their trail will include anything driverless (obviously this is their end game).

          There will likely be a crash during testing which will change things, but as with self driving cars it won't stop companies pushing forward with it. We are now at a stage where today you can order a Tesla Model 3 with "Full Self Driving" (not really full but certainly a big step).

          My point being I think it will happen "in our lifetime"

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            @tacocalm: I think it will happen, but no chance in the timeframe quoted. For a publicly listed company, they really are misleading the market. It takes established technology cars much longer to get to market than Uber claim it will take for multi rotor electric vehicles? I think it's reasonable for others to predict it won't happen. I don't think a manned return Mars landing will occur in my lifetime.

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    Will they take myki?


    I saw the video article this morning online and the representative for the Victorian Government who spoke of this great plan was the "Treasurer".

    I thought it was a bit odd, but I guess the government needs to come up with a way to tax the development before allowing the plan to progress any fUrther! lol


    There is a TV traffic report helicopter that is grounded quite regularly due to weather(rain or high wind). Melbourne weather isn't exactly ideal for rotary aircraft. I think testing of this is still way off even in the US desert, but when it is technically viable, it will be regularly cancelled due to weather, even though planes will still be operating at the airport.


    These new transport items are almost like penetration testing of Australian defences. First unremarkable items like scooters and bicycles. Then larger items like cars, drones and now this are planned. Eventually the people who can control and disrupt the traffic networks will control it.


    Seems that we've reached some kind of majority conclusion from above discussion.

    Next question: what do you think is the best alternative for such transportations linking city and airport?

    Additional information:
    Melbourne City Metro tunnel expansion is still ongoing and it is due to finish in 2025. Do you think railway is another huge challenge?

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    Let's hope that Uber pilots are paid better than Uber drivers.

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