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Samsung EVO Plus 64GB Micro SD Card $18 @ Officeworks


Samsung Evo Plus 64GB microSDXC Memory Card
Australian Stock

Type Product Type
microSDXC Memory Card

Grade 3, Class 10

EVO Plus

Usage Application
Mobile phone, Smartphone, Tablet, etc

UHS-I, compatible to HS interface


Sequential Read Speed
Up to 100MB/s

Sequential Write Speed
Up to 60MB/s

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  • +1

    i guess you can be sure its REAL Aussie stock and not a fake import.

    • How about if you got it from Harvey Norman? I bought it from there but having doubts, esp since Groupon sold me a fake apple cable. Used to think they stocked reputable.

  • good eh. looking for sth for switch, should i go 64 or 128?

    • I'd definitely go with 128GB. The switches library is getting bigger by the day. You can get one for $27 if you have eBay plus here. It's $37 if you don't have eBay plus, which is still a decent deal imo.

      • Any others that are cheap? People are saying the other one is a bad seller.

      • well, I don't play much and I assume I'll buy carts not eshop, so I can resell when done. Will I still use a lot? I have some free ones from eshop that do take a bit of space already tho.

  • +1
    • Last time I checked Garry Harvey website said stock available in-store, so I went out of my way to get there and they had none on the shelf (and told them to check twice). I had a feeling they were hiding them behind the counter, then I was offered the ‘lesser’ Samsung micro SD for the same price and in my ignorance I bought it.
      I think there’s a reason the stores close by all closed down.

      • +7

        Fingers crossed HN goes under
        He lobbied the government to introduce GST on imports under $1000

        • Sounds like a sinking ship.

  • OW also price beat the regular MSY or CPL price of $19 so $18.05

    • ??

    • +1

      The reason why Officeworks is selling this card now for $18 is to match H.N.

      • +1

        Yup, can confirm bought one from HN a few days ago.

  • Will these be suitable for recording 4k video from drone?

    • Check the drone's requirements for the class of SD card that the drone requires. Could be wrong but I doubt class 10 will suffice. My gopro 1080p requires class 1…

      • I just got one for my Spark Drone.
        I'll see in a little while if it works ok.

        • +1

          Says 4k Ultra HD on the pack?

      • The specs list class ten but (I think) the U with a 3 in it printed on the card means UHS-3 (UHS-1 is the same as Class 10). Harvey's website uses the same image (U3) but claims UHS-1 in the specs so I don't know.

      • I'm pretty sure it's vice versa.
        Higher class means higher speed supported.


    • +1

      if you're talking about a dji drone most of the time these do video at a max rate of 100mbps (12.5 MB/s write). I use samsung evo plus and sandisk ultra cards to record 4k / 2.7k / 1080p48 on my mavic all the time and they work well.

  • +4

    Price Match with office… Nevermind.

  • Hey I need a SanDisk special.. still waiting.

    • +3

      these seems to be more superior than the sandisk from lot of forums talk

      • totally agreed sandisk slower and overheat

      • +1

        Unfortunately the hardware/firmware doesn't like samsung. You can never argue with firmware.

        • +2

          Would you mind telling us what your hardware is so we can be aware?

          • @ozhunter68: Lenovo tab4 8 plus aka TB-870F currently using a 32gb with no issue.

            and I also have an iWork10 with that doesn't like any SD card over 8gb, in Windows it doesn't work without special drivers.
            If you boot into android which run the sd-card fine, you will have do uefi bios to restore the sdcard in windows.

            • @imcold: Haha, I also have a Lenovo tab 8 plus and have not even put any sd card in yet, so was not aware.

              I have had compatibility issues with some cards in some cameras/phones/computers but don't duplicate often enough so have not got to the bottom of it yet lol.

              Thanks for explaining.

              • +1

                @ozhunter68: Anyway some people have issues with San-disk cards instead. Or the issue may be caused by fake cards.

                I hope the latest firmware updates have resolved the issues.

  • I bought two from Umart a couple of weeks ago, saw this and had instant buyers remorse… but then checked my invoice and Umart had them for $18 too. Phew!

  • These never work in my car dashcam… I wonder why :(?

    • My dash cam can only take a maximum of 32Gb

      • Try format on your pc to fat32 before inserting.

    • Dashcams require a special SD card as they are formatted differently due to the way dash cams write to the so card.

      • -1

        That's not true. Most dash cams use micro SD cards. The two dash cams I have both use FAT32.

        • Standard micro sd cards may work. But they fail faster than ones specifically made for dash cams

  • Will these work on gopro 7s??

  • Got one for $3 by price matching and $15 digital receipt coupon. Score!

  • Thanks op. Got two

  • Went to buy a Sandisk Ultra SD for my SLR, but then noticed these have 6x faster write speed and bought another one of these instead. Sandisk Ultra 5mbps, Sandisk Extreme 40mbps, these are 60mbps! Never thought I’d ever use one of these SD adapters.

  • Cheaper here?


    After the 20% pylon thing.

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