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50% off Next 3 P&R Home Coffee Deliveries (from $12 for 500g) @ Pablo & Rusty's


Don't rush out in the cold. Your freshly roasted coffee delivered straight from the roastery right to your doorstep.

Enter your unique discount code shown below to grab yourself 50% off your next THREE deliveries!

Free shipping Australia wide.

Offer expires Sunday, 30th June 11:59pm AEST.
Valid on At Home Subscription only
T&Cs Apply.

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  • Does anyone else no longer have the promo code input field?
    I’ve had 3 promos in the past, but seems like I can no longer add one.

    • I still have the "CLICK ME if you have a discount code" link that opens up the text box to enter the code, it's just below the order summary. I have used >10 promos in the past and never had a problem.

      • +1 vote

        Yes, I see it now, I used to have it down the bottom and could add to existing order, but now I have to add it to cart - rather than 'add subscription ' function

    • Yeah, I haven't found it the last couple of times. I've had to cancel my subscription and then add a new one with the new promo code. It's not even totally clear hom nay orders you've had with the current code. It used to say something like "XXX code will apply to next order".
      I think it's P&Rs way of trying to people to disincentive continuous use of the 50% off codes, or at least get the odd full price order.

    • I no longer have it either, despite searching high and low.

      As @NigelTufnel says though, probably to attract new users rather than offer to existing subscribers

  • @kah I think you may have to subscribe

  • I have found that it always reverts to full price after the first delivery. Make sure to cancel soon as the first order is shipped.

    • Thats not been the case for me. I've only had 1 x subscription of the 1kg $20 for three deliveries but seemed to work. Website trying to get it to sign in and subscribe was a red hot mess though.

    • This has never happened to me. I always get charged the discounted price for the first 3 deliveries and then cancel.

    • I had that issue once, it was solved less than 2hr after submitted an online enquiry. My third delivery was then charged with discounted price.

    • Similar to me. My 3rd order reverted to full price. Called them to get partial refund. Just be careful. Remember to check the amounts they charged.

  • I wish they would make these codes applicable to at work subscriptions again, getting 1kg fresh roast coffee delivered every month for $19 was great.

  • Please excuse my ignorance, but how does P&R compare to aldi beans? the Brazil & Peru ones

    Edit: A letter

    • day and night

      the aldi beans are fine, really, they are quite good.

      Freshly roasted P&R Porter St……there is no comparison. Smashes the aldi outta the park.

      It's like comparing a ferrari to a bmw.
      Both are good.
      But I know what I would have if I wasnt paying the bill

      • Awesome! Thanks for that. I'm still learning now to pull shots with my infuser so at the moment Aldi beans have been great since half of my shots are utter shit. Once I get better though, will definitely try out P&R

        • brilliant approach, use the aldi beans to get your technique and shots right. much cheaper that way and there is nothing wrong with them at all

          HOWEVER…..I have found that with vittoria and aldi beans it can be tricky to get a good shot. I crack it nearly every time, but it is tricker. I've had a lot of practice over a decade+.

          Try the lavazza beans…..not that they are better or worse, but I find them more forgiving. I prefer the vittoria taste, but lavazza is easier.

          I find the vittoria and aldi need a much much finer grind….where not so much with lavazza. Which is similar to the P&R beans. Wait to lavazza goes on 50% off at woolies or coles and buy a kilo!

          (all the above is just my view and experience. Someone else might have a completely different or opposite view)

          What infuser are you using??

  • code stopped working

  • Code isn't working anymore

  • Seems like the code isn't working even though it saids until 30th of June? Am I doing something wrong?

  • Code just worked for me

  • These guys are amazing

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