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Lavazza Coffee Beans or Grounds 1kg $15 @ Woolworths


Coffee snobs overt your eyes. Everyone’s favourite stale bean is back!

$15kg. Time to stock up!

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  • Since they’re already stale you can store them indefinitely with impunity

    • They come packed in nitrogen not oxygen,

      • I don't think any roasters would flush-pack with Oxygen ;-) I think you mean air. :-)

        Aside: These beans sit in open off-gassing bins for three days before they are flush-packed —> then they can then sit in the warehouse on pallets for MONTHS post-roast —> then up to a month at the supermarket's distribution centre —> then days/weeks/months on the supermarket shelf before some punter buys it.

        That's why they try to limit further oxidation of the beans. It's not about perfection….it's about not making them any worse than they need to be.

  • Heh good price… if you like the taste of musty soil :p

    Harris normal price is $18, worth the extra few bucks compared to these.

    Though if you absolutely must get beans from a supermarket and aren't near an aldi, I'd recommend Grinders - can be had for around $20 when on special.

    • If you're a Costco member, they're always around $20.

    • Grinders is the best prepackaged coffee beans from supermarkets. Never tried Aldi ones but grinders is the way to go. I buy mine fresh from quest coffee

  • Work perfectly fine for cold brew

    • What’s your technique. I’ve heard a fancy drip works just as well as a filter

      • I used to use a Melitta pour over with a paper filter.

        Coarsest grind on the infinity carpresso burr grinder, let sit in a glass jug for about 16 hrs (up to 24) in the fridge.

        I would use about 120g of coffee and approx 1.7l water. Put 1/3 of the water in the jug, then 1/2 of the coffee grounds, then another 1/3 of the water followed by the remaining half of the coffee, let sit for 5 mins and then add remaining water. I don't really stir it (maybe a little at the end) but ensure all of the coffee is wet.

        I got this method from a website that no longer exists. I think the key is not to agitate the grounds because they will over extract. There are electric cold brew makers that actually agitate the grounds for a quicker brew (like 90 mins).

        Timing, water to coffee ratio, grind size, water quality, coffee type are all variables. Just have to figure out what works and stick with it.

  • Don’t forget to check the dates on them when they were roasted

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      The dates are not published, only a best before date. You will rarely (if ever) find a roasted date on supermarket beans

      • I just assume it's the 1 year mark on that date. Most bags of beans I've bought with a roast date all just have 1 year in advance.

    • does very old roast whole beans … taste worse than pods / instant ?

      • They taste way better than Pods or instant, going of making Cappuccinos, the biggest caution is once they are open drink in a week or so as the flavor will start to drop after a week.
        I always look for the longest Used by date but at one stage we had a sealed pack in the cupboard for around 6 weeks and it tasted the same as always.

        If you get a chance they also have Grinders Espresso (comes on sale regularly) which I have had people that only drink roasted locally beans compliment me on the coffee and asked for the name :)

  • Aldi single origin is better (IMO) and cheaper at $13…

  • I'm no coffee snob but I've tried these and they are pretty rough. Can anyone suggest where I can get decent-quality, reasonably-priced beans?

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    I hope my snobbishness is not overt OP but I had to avert my eyes from your first sentence.

  • It would be helpful to fire a online store or nationally available store front for whatever you think are the best beans .

    eg 'Mr Smith Best In the World Beans' in Berry not much help : (

  • https://au.iherb.com/pr/KonaRed-Corp-Kona-Blend-Coffee-Mediu...

    Google thinks this one or one in the range of Kona :)

  • I love these, only brand of bean/grounds I can actually tell the difference with

  • Of all the affordable whole bean coffee options in big stores, what's everyone's fav? I'm talking Coles brand, aldi brand (both normal and single origin), Costco home brand (or other)…… Personally, we find the Coles bag pretty good (and we have tried all the normal ozbargain ones like baybeans, manna etc)

    • "If you get a chance they also have Grinders Espresso (comes on sale regularly) which I have had people that only drink roasted locally beans compliment me on the coffee and asked for the name :)"
      Followed by ORO.

      • I recently tried Grinders and they were awful (who knows how old they were). I’m currently on the ALDI Peru which were roasted two weeks before I bought them and they stand up against mycuppa, Bada Bean etc, for half the price.

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    I love a good coffee, but like cheap coffee at home. I've calculated I spend 24c on a double shot with these beans, can buy with a discounted egift card, and my husband works at Woolies so staff discount on top. I get the whole beans and grind fresh, and tbh I can make a decent coffee with them with my Breville BES780 (and better than 50% of the coffee I've tried out and about in Toowoomba and Brisbane). Time for me to buy another 4 bags to stock up before it's on special again (currently one bag left from the last $15/kg special).

    Also, my Italian mother in law swears by this brand to the point of bringing us a few bags of Lavazza Oro from Italy when she visited!

  • Got the BES920 through the last offering - where does OZB buy their beans? In melbourne and have seen a few forums on this but only a few replies (beanbay, P&G and Proud Mary keep coming up)

    These beans look like the ones I'll play/refine the grind and then go premo once i dial it in

    • If you're anywhere near the inner North, the Super Brazil blend from Genovese Coffee (Coburg) is pretty good.

    • I usually try ones through eBay and Amazon when there's a cashback or discount offered. Highlights being proud Mary

  • I must be in the minority here. These days I'm happy to buy beans a level or two up when they're on special, but in terms of the "supermarket" brands I personally find Lavazza the best of the bunch, like vs. Grinders, Harris, Vittoria, etc.

  • I've converted to Aldi single origin beans.

  • $15 for a kilo of coffee grounds? I should start selling mine.

  • Why buy this when you can get aldi beans for $13 and its far, far better

  • These are terrible beans I got one a long time ago very bad taste

    The coles brand organic or Wool brand organic Arabica is very cheap and high quality

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/421411

    Ordered Bay Beans yesterday and received today. Already had a few cups and have to say it’s great. Really, really good coffee.

  • Well I am quite the coffee snob and love this stuff so, hah!

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