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15/02/2019 - 19:05
Definitely agree with you there Chris.
13/02/2019 - 13:22
Fair question. I figured someone would ask that as I was doing the mspaint. Never timed, but if I did, I reckon 1-2s, which I think is...
12/02/2019 - 02:01
Lol. First time using mspaint since school days. Didn't know what the standard was these days To give credit where credit's due, Thanks...
11/02/2019 - 21:20
Image uploaded. Hopefully it makes sense
11/02/2019 - 20:43
Will try, but a video would probably explain it a lot clearer..
11/02/2019 - 19:51
Yeah, I understand your point. I haven't finished changing lanes, but started to do so before they started changing lanes.. If I had my...
11/02/2019 - 19:50
Yeah, they definitely were, but speeding is always a tricky one to prove I find. If a collision would have occurred, they would have been...
11/02/2019 - 19:23
Hi to all the wise and mighty members of OzBargain. Happy Lunar New Year if you celebrate. Anyhoo.. after reading...
11/02/2019 - 18:54
Wall mounted ones? They specialise in angling downwards.. Remote control...
27/01/2019 - 23:51
Good to know! Was a little hesitant when I saw it, but took a leap given the price and warranty (plus the fact that someone at home keeps...
25/01/2019 - 21:19
Ozito PowerXChange 18V Pole Pruner Kit or Pole Hedge Trimmer Kit $129 @ Bunnings
Deal seems to be back on. Just saw on Bunnings website. Limited stock of pruners at Cannington, WA, but seem to have a few of the hedge...
25/01/2019 - 18:47
$1 cheese burger on my app :D On the down side, never got the $3 McClassics
25/01/2019 - 14:13
Get a cat. 2 ways that can resolve the issue - cat will eat the food before it goes rancid or scare the birds away.
10/12/2018 - 13:05
Good to know about the generic blade, but other than price, how does it compare to the original quality wise? Does it still break and/or...
05/12/2018 - 20:49
Yeah, had the same issue. Put it together, opened the lid to put the first item in and the hinges snapped. Wasn't too impressed but it does...
28/11/2018 - 19:12
If they were good friends to begin with, they should have just replaced it, no questions asked, even before you approached them. Any half...
21/11/2018 - 12:36
Sold!!! For $10, willing to overlook the case.
17/11/2018 - 14:09
I've got this and have recently purchased this,, as I wanted a slow...
17/11/2018 - 14:02
Yeah, often on sale at Coles/Woolworths for cheaper. Availability on flavours other than ginger beer though, that's a different matter
15/11/2018 - 15:47
I might get burnt for suggesting this, but if you don't drive that often, and only need it once in a while, would you consider renting?...
15/11/2018 - 13:10
Dr Google says drink lizard soup. Alternatively, drink lard and wrap dirty socks around your neck
01/10/2018 - 16:21
Is it just me or anchovy appreciation week only lasted a day?
16/08/2018 - 18:05
[@Spackbace](/comment/6243421/redir): Yeah I suppose, but the number of km's done by the car I bought was less than the 'demo' one sold by...
11/08/2018 - 14:02
Yeah, REVS all clear. Bought a demo 2017 Subi Outback.
09/08/2018 - 19:21
Maybe look at Westside Auto if you're in Perth. They are located in Bentley. Just bought a car from there for a price no dealers could...
09/08/2018 - 14:41
Lol.. is it safe to say all commenters here are pre 1990? I remember pulling all nighters playing this on my 386 with 1mb of ram and 80mb...
08/08/2018 - 12:47
Seems like a great deal, but already too many credit cards to keep track of. Still a few weeks to consider.. How many credit cards do every...
06/08/2018 - 19:38
* TV - not necessary (watch on phone or tablet, which means you need to get interweb, otherwise book or radio :D) * Refrigerator definite...
19/07/2018 - 19:55
Lol.. If I can up-vote your advice more than once, I would. Toilet is easy - turn off cistern tap and rip out unit Tub - If tap ware is...
14/07/2018 - 11:50