Advice Wanted - Recently Single, Living in an Apartment for The First Time & Living Alone for The First Time

Hi everyone, just after any advice people might have. I'm 27 this year and I've recently separated from my partner of over 5 years and find myself moving into an apartment for the first time and living by myself for the first time!

Does anyone have advice around the dos and don'ts of apartment living? Don't want to annoy strata or other tenants. Anything I should maybe think about that isn't obvious?

And how about living alone? Anything worth thinking about to keep myself sane and secure?

Thanks in advance :)

EDIT: I should have noted I am renting! And own a cat! And I'm a male!

EDIT2: Thank you everyone! I have been reading all of these, but with moving I've not had a chance to reply to very many. Will look to do that soon. Some of you have been very kind and given me some different perspectives, which are always a huge help to me to better sort out my own thoughts!


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    co dependency is a disease. Independence is a virtue.

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    I did this almost 3 years ago. I love living alone

    I'm an extroverted introvert (I enjoy parties and being with people but need lots of alone time).

    Say "yes" to any invitations no matter ho far outside the comfort zone they are.

    Say hi to your neighbours.

    Try and learn something.

    Try and make some new friends as I guarantee some of your shared friends will dump you, no matter how often they say "we won't choose".

  • Learn to enjoy time on your own to act as a distraction. Don't be hell bent on finding a new partner straight away. Make sure you play the field and find the one that's right for you - honestly, once you've grown to enjoy time on your own, prospective partners will notice this and come to you.

  • Am I the only one a little disturbed that someone nearing 30 needs to seek out basic advice online for how to live alone or in an apartment?

    This is what I'm expecting the world to turn into when the next world war, being a cyber war cutting off the internet, will be like for anyone under 40 who learned about life sitting in a corner with an iPad -

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      It's not like the difference between this advice and no advice is me huddled on the ground crying. Nearing 30 I've learnt to seek different perspectives and make up my own mind. I don't know when I'll be so old that considering the opinions of others with experience stops being important. Sounds stupid to me to not listen to people with experience they're willing to share.

      • I agree that seeking different perspectives from people on different things can be invaluable, but not by going on the internet to seek reassurance on how to navigate your way through life with basic shit like how to live alone with a cat or how to live in an apartment like a Ralph Wiggum at your age, that's stuff is basic common sense and logic you should have picked up long before now. It's especially pointless with the amount of idiots around who will be adamant that the only correct way to be neighbourly is if you cover your floor in sawdust and wear socks on your hands and handstand around your house so you guarantee you don't upset your unhinged potential serial killer neighbour downstairs that everyone seems to have these days.

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          There's not been any idiots like that, and having never lived alone my whole life, I don't know where I'm meant to pick up that experience. People gave some good advice, a lot of it I'm already implementing before they gave it. So I don't know what your age or level of stoicism is, but I certainly don't have issue sampling strangers for advice and recommendation. At the end of the day I still make my own decisions.

  • Seems like alot of mummas boys don't know how to fend for themselves

    • See my reply above

  • yup

  • keep a list of maintenance that you would stick to [cleaning, washing, etc,…] it is much harder to reverse course after you are used to not having to do anything.

    Also, keep yourself grounded somehow. Human is a social species. you usually need the moderating effect of other people.

    Do these things and you won't end up like me, living in a slum unable to get out.

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    I'm sure there are many, but I know one situation which is much worse than living alone. LIVING WITH YOUR EX !!

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    Enjoy Tinder/Grindr my dude.

  • Make sure you pick up your kill rags before bringing a girl home from the club.

  • stay away from prawn or anything addictive(alcohol/gambling). If yr religious, pray. Look for opportunities, take a hobby up.. something you have always wanted to do but haven't had time. Find bargains and post on here :)

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    Far out. You're 27, male, and you're asking such a childish question. I knew how to live alone in an apartment since I was 16. Just learn how to cook something that you'll enjoy, keep your place clean and tidy, go out with friends. Live a normal life. It's not that hard.

  • Regarding keeping yourself sane. Try to get into a hobby. No matter how small or big it could be but do it regularly. For example exercising/running etc. Also try to keep your house clean. I used to be shabby and it gave me a lot of negative vibe when being around a lot of shit. Living in a clean space makes a lot of difference but be aware of getting into OCD as well in this regard. Happy living alone. Cheers

  • Jeez, what else do you want? a human companion?

  • Go out, a lot, even if for a walk, self reflection, picking up, whatever. Those four walls makes it all gloomy
    Use less technology, it makes you comfortable and lazy.
    Make a plan for the next upcoming months
    Pick up a hobby - woodwork, painting, musicla instrument etc

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      tinder could be a good hobby to pick up

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