Bathtub Resurfacing/Painting - DIY Versus Professional, What Should It Cost?

I'm looking a getting out bathtub resurfaced/painted.

I'vee seen instructionals and products to DIY, but have also seen a few reviews saying this doesn't last, yellows and peels quickly.

Have done a quick search of businesses doing this but haven't had anything back yet. Hipages says it will cost $400-600 which seems expensive.

I don't want to get a new bath, as this will involve ripping up tiles/retiling, etc (if we were to get a deeper bath, this one is quite shallow). Rennovating the whole bathroom is a too big of a job at the moment.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Have you DIYed or had it done professionally? How did it turn out? What should it cost?



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    The mob we used to repaint our bath tiles and shower and bath gave us a 10 year guarantee. So I’m pretty comfortable with that. As long as they prep it properly and know what they are doing, you should be fine.

    No doubt if you get some random tradie who goes to Bunnings and just buys some enamel paint to paint over the top, it’s gonna peel in a year. But if you use the professionals who prep and use the right stuff, I’d be pretty confident.

    We paid 2500 for the whole bathroom which was 2 days work and lots of prep and coats. But it looks like it’s brand new. This includes replacing all the tile grout and a new shower screen. I suspect the bath by itself was 300-400 or so.

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    I did a DIY on my bath and the tiles surrounding it. I spent a large amount of time on prep and followed the instructions regarding application and the amount of coats. I used a combination of foam rollers and a decent brush depending on the area, but mostly roller.

    It started to slightly peel after around 2yrs or so, in an area around the bath rim that water would pool in. The rest of the job was fine, it was just the area that constantly had water sitting in it. We have young children and bath everyday so water sitting in this spot overnight was a daily occurrence.

    I ended up sanding it back and re-doing it again recently. Looks perfect like it did before.

    The DIY path is fine, just make sure you put the effort in. I used the Rustoleum product (around $80) if it makes a difference. Also be sure to get a respirator. This stuff is will knock your socks off with fumes.


    Hello, did you end up doing anything? I've had a few quotes for bathroom renovation till I realised there was such an option of resurfacing….Thanks


      No - sorry we didn't. The quotes we got were quite high - I can't remember what exactly, but I remember thinking it wasn't worth it. In between we had a baby and now have this random contraption over the bath that we use for the baby, so we'll do a reno later on, probably the whole bathroom. Good luck!


        Thank you, congrats on the baby!




    I used Thermo-glaze 8 years ago to colour change the floor and wall tiles in my 1970s bathroom. They do bathtubs as well.

    Fabulous result - still looks new today.

    It avoids the whole mess & hassle & noise of ripping out and replacing tiles/tub. The area has to be prepared and two finishes applied over a couple of days.


      Thanks! Will check them out.