expired DxO Software Sale (PhotoLab 2 from $99.99 USD, Nik Collection 2 $99.99 USD, FilmPack 5 from $59.99 USD, ViewPoint 3 $49.99 USD)


I was just browsing photo editing software sites to see if there were any deals and came across this. I've been after the ViewPoint 3 and this is the lowest I've seen so far in their promotional sales. I think this sale is to promote DxO's recent release of Nik Collection 2 - a bunch of plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom & you also get PhotoLab 2 essential thrown in the deal for $99.99 USD. After the promotion, the price will increase to $149.99 USD.

The promo code should apply automatically but I've had issues so I've included it in this post.

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    I used to love NIK software, then they were bought by google, made free and had no major update then reacquired and charged for again.


    I went to DXO PL when Adobe moved to its rental model for LR.

    Heal isn't as good, Local Adjustments are great and the built-in lens corrections from all their test data are very useful. Prime NR in the Elite version is really good.