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Seeking advice on a travel trip to the Middle East region…..flying emirates to Abu dabi using frequent flyer points from there we want to go to Jordan then overland to Israel and fly home (Brisbane)with another airline.
This is going to be a 2-3week journey would like the forums input on must does and while we are in the area is there another country we should add to the trip.ty


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    Go to Petra

    • Yep don't miss.

  • Thats like saying. We are going to explore victoria. We want to fly into avalon go overland to melbourne then fly home.

  • Starting point is "why are you going there?". Once you know that you'll be able to plan an itinerary that suits you.

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    Buy travel insurance.

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    abu dhabi - do one of the 4wd sand dune trips. they are fun.

    going with kids?

    • I did one in Dubai. Those guys are crazy, I loved it. The poms also on that trip didn't like it very much when we hopped out in the middle of the dunes in 48 degree heat, they were getting weak within a minute. Softies, LOL.

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    Have been to many places and it’s israel that intrigues me,this is not a religious exercise,this is an early planning exercise hopefully someone on the forum has done something similar and I can further my research on there recommendations.ty

  • Hmmm, there is a strong possibility of Iran being attacked by the US quite soon. Their natural retaliation would be against Israel. The area is a powderkeg right now. Netanyahu has said explicitly Israel won't let Iran complete their believed 6 month nuclear capability program just a couple of weeks ago. US generals have already put the case for action to congress. And the last piece of the puzzle is there is oil involved/threatened.

  • Be careful if entering Israel after visiting Arab countries, in particular Jordan:

    "If you’re looking for the easiest border crossing into Israel, you probably want to head to the crossing in the south (Aqaba-Eilat). The border at the Allenby crossing (between Jordan and Israel) is notoriously stringent. But again, if you’re visiting Israel for genuine tourist reasons, you’ll be OK at any crossing."

  • People usually visit Egypt while in the area. I myself did Egypt and Jordan in the one trip. I should have visited Syria as well at the time but I guess I never will be able to now.

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    Seems dangerous…

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