TPG ADSL2+ Is Very Very Slow, No NBN in My Area Yet, Is There Any Good Alternative?

I live in Sydney but currently my area is not covered by NBN just yet. I'm currently on the TPG ADSL2+ plan right here:

TPG ADSL2+ Unlimited Data Plan — $59.99/month

For the last 6 months or so, the connection speed got worse. I could get almost 8Mbps in 2018 but now I can only get 1/2 Mbps down and 0.5 - 0.8 Mbps up :(

Is there any good alternative for someone in my situation? I'm all ears and I don't mind paying a bit more if it means I can get a significantly faster speed.

Thanks in advance!!

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    My experience with TPG has been absolutely disappointing and we went back to Telstra (and that says a lot). Check to see if Telstra cable is available in your area, or take up one of those wireless broadband plans as several others have pointed out.



      Hi there mate, yeah someone mentioned Telstra cable and suggested it to me already but unfortunately their cable broadband service is not available for my area haha.


    Checkout Vivid (Optus 4G) and Uniti Wireless (dish based Wi fi - 50Mpbs)



      Hi mate, apparently Uniti Wireless is not available in Sydney (Please correct me if I'm wrong). Apparently they only cover Adelaide and Melbourne for their wireless broadband service.


    Try W3 networks. Just awesome!!


    Please op update your result after the Telstra technician came and do their things.



      Hi mate, honestly something really urgent came up and all of a sudden due to my urgent circumstances I'm going to lose a LOT of money.

      Therefore, right now, getting this internet connection upgraded is at the bottom of my list :( as I can't afford to think about it or to pay extra anymore as money is very tight.

      Someday, I'll get back to this thread but I'm talking maybe about half a year down the line.

      Kind regards


    I had this issue with TPG and NBN being unavailable yet. Switched to Telstra cable and getting unlimited data for $90/month. Speed is 105mb/s down.


    I just signed up NBN with TPG and to be honest i dont notice any differences. B

    Here is my speed:


    Mbps download


    Mbps upload

    Whats everyone elses speed with TPG on NBN i wonder?


    My ADSL service got really shit when they commenced NBN work for my area. I'm thankful to be on NBN now, but yeah it was unusable basically. I went from 4MBit to probably less than 1. It used to struggle loading Netflix.

    I'm in SW Sydney.


    which is better:
    Netcomm NL1901ACV or Huawei B525?
    Exetel or Spintel?


    previous deal on ozbargain
    2year 200G plan with optus 4g

    $70 monthly + free new ipad, sell the ipad.
    but the ipad is very hard to sell, it's way overpriced, no one want it.


    I'm having a similar problem. Originally got a satisfactory 10mbps down/0.8mbps up on Exetel ADSL2+, but in the past month has been 3mbps down/0mbps up - even in off peak.

    The non-existent upload speeds make my smart home stuff useless, can't even ask Google Assistant questions without a 2 minute wait for a response.

    Is there a service standard for ADSL2+? I don't want to call a technician and then get billed because 3 down/0 up is considered acceptable.


      Exetel won't bill you


        They told me it's a $220 callout fee if they can't find a fault. I live in an apartment so I can't be 100% sure the problem isn't in my building.

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          Strange - I went through similar process with TPG - At no point did the TPG rep mention callout fees.

          I guess you can test with a different modem to verify the issue is not with your equipments; Factory reset your modem before testing.

          Also ask Exetel to run a line test on their end before sending technician out.

          Try posting on Whirlpool Forums - IIRC Exetel has reps over there.


            @whirlpool_guy: Thanks for the tips, I'll try on Whirlpool. Exetel support by email is super slow.

            I don't have a second modem to test with, but they did a line test and confirmed it was responding oddly. Then kept mentioning there would be a callout fee if they couldn't find a problem with the line, so I declined to take it further.

            No NBN in my area for 12-18 months, so need to find some sort of solution!


    I am in an old apartment in Sydney. ADSL2+ was pathetically slow on TPG. Used to get around 2-3 mbps with frequent drop outs. Multiple calls with TPG, they finally had Telstra come and do something with the line after they monitored and saw the drop outs were causing some issues over a 1-2 month period. To their credit, they were quite good in monitoring and following up the fault. After Telstra came and did something to the line, it went up to 6-8 mbps and was more stable.

    Unfortunately there is no alternative to slow ADSL2+ unless it's a fault.

    Luckily NBN finally rolled into my place around a month ago. Switched over to NBN50 with HFC cable and get 30-40 mbps down. SO MUCH BETTER and it's actually cheaper…


    can you get FTTB? it's a lot better than their ADSL2


    I got the Optus 200GB/month plan over 24 months, very pleased with it. Downloads at 45mbps most of the time, which is fast enough for streaming.
    But this looks interesting, if you happen to live in the right suburb. Not rolling 5G out anywhere in Melbourne yet…

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    adsl2+ speed depends on the distance from ur house to local exchange, u won't get much of a difference with different plan or ISP.
    BUT in ur case, the speed already droped to a ridiculous point, it should be a hardware failure instead of the limitation of TPG's service.
    So what u need to do is contact TPG and ask them to fix it, and u be able to get back to 8Mbps.
    if u want to get something faster then 8Mbps and u don't have something like nbn or fttb, u can choose the wireless option, such as 4g/satellite/nbn fixed wireless(if available).
    but that cost u not just a bit more…

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