Small Washing Machine for Baby Clothes

Hi everyone,

I'm just wanted to gather some thoughts/advice on this topic.

What are your thoughts on having a separate, smaller washing machine for baby clothes. They do go through clothes rather quickly and would most likely need to be washed more frequently.

Is this worth while? Or is it better to stock up on more clothes and wash less frequently?

When I do a search, I only come across the portable 3kg washing machines and not sure if they are any good for daily use. Where do people fine the smaller more permanent washing machines?

Thanks in advance :)


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    Let me guess, you haven't had the child yet?

    There will be more vomit and poo on you than on the child - plenty of clothes to fill your regular washing machine at least daily.


    I spent all weekend washing clothes and I am thankfully down to only 2 washing baskets full of dirty clothes.


    Never heard or thought of this myself. What is your current kg size?

    I would just upgrade to a larger washing machine.


      Currently I have an 8kg one. That's a good point, my friend might have a smaller washing machine to feed the need for a second.

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    This is the strangest 'genuine' thread I've seen for a while.


    There is no situation on earth that could justify the purchase of a second washing machine just for baby clothes.


      There's a whole multi million dollar industry just for babies needs:) whether they actually need it is debatable.

      A normal washing machine will do,op.


      Haha that was a genuine question.
      Heard from a friend that he bought a second washing machine purely for baby clothes, something that I never thought of but considered after hearing it.


    There is the LG TwinWash range - large front loaders with 2-2.5kg mini washers underneath. The mini washer is meant for lightly soiled items and cold wash only.

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    You don't alteady have at least 2 washing machines?!

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    Why not just hand wash the baby clothes and then put them through the spin cycle of the machine you already have

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    With the amount of human bodily fluids on the clothes. I would just burn them and buy new ones.

    ….although I have no kids as the thought terrifies me :P

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    We easily filled the machine with the number of clothes/rags/our own clothes they ruined/bedding/etc. needed, but on the off chance we don't need a full load, our machine weights the load before filling with water and rescues/increases it accordingly. It's 5 years old so I'm guessing it's a common feature now? Check if your machine does that, and if not, consider one that does if you will do half loads.


    You can do smaller loads in your existing washing machine if you need to.


    Many people don't even use half the clothes for their child before they get too big. So I don't think there's going to be a problem filling up a washing machine - people would keep using clean clothes until they run out, or, there's enough for a load. So if they don't even get to using some of the clothes this means they always get enough for a full load before they run out of clothes. Therefore no need for another washing machine.

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    Me before kids: why are washing machines so big? Even 7kg is unnecessarily big

    Me with kids: why don't they sell the commercial size machines at TGG/HN? My 9kg machine is running non stop


    Our smaller front loader wasn’t enough. At times it ran night and day and we didn’t wash many of our own clothes.

    Use your regular machine and buy additional baby clothes as necessary, it will be more economical than buying a small washing machine.

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