Origin Energy - Install Smart Meter, New Rates Doubled

Hi OZ family,

Current Plan - Origin Maximiser 26% discount. Peak rate - 28.52 c/kWh. Supply Charge - 83.39 c/Day
I had Smart meter installed last week and received a email today from Origin giving new rates as per below.

Charge description Units Charges (GST exclusive) Charges (GST inclusive)
Peak Summer Usage cents per kWh 53.0100 58.3110
Peak Winter Usage cents per kWh 53.0100 58.3110
Off-Peak Usage cents per kWh 14.4200 15.8620
Shoulder Usage cents per kWh 23.7900 26.1690
Controlled Load Off-Peak 1 cents per kWh 12.2900 13.5190
Supply Charge cents per day 96.8500 106.5350

Is this normal? Spoke to Origin and they said this is the charge from the distributor Ausgrid. Told Origin I will be looking elsewhere.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    Welcome to Australia.

    Corporate profits are more important.

    Looking at who's in government now and the past few elections, is it any suprise

    • Is Diji1 on leave?

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    When they have installed your meter they have added you as Time of Use instead of flat rate. If you wish to go back to what you were on, you need to ask for a meter change (back to flat rate). If you switch to another provider right now, you will only be able to switch to their ToU plans as that is what your meter is currently set to.

    • cheers thanks. I will call them and ask for meter change

  • Are you on a single rate plan or the peak/off-peak plan? People often wrongly assume peak/offpeak plans will be cheaper for them, but it's often more expensive, as highlighted by your peak summer rate of 53c/kWh!!! Wowsers.

    Definitely shop around.

    I'm in VIC which will be slightly different, but for reference I'm on a single discounted rate of 16c per kwh.

    • Same here. Let me guess tango energy/pacific hydro?

      • Tangoooooo

    • Yeah. Just change your provider. Take this opportunity to get the $50 Energy bonus.
      I just switched to GloBird and got an extra $50. So $100 plus better rates just by doing a few clicks :)


    • Is there a way to find out the price rate of peak/off peak plan vs single rate plan?

  • When do peak and off peak rates start?

    EDIT: Canstar Blue says this for NSW

    Origin charges peak usage rates in NSW between 2pm and 8pm, Monday to Friday,
    with shoulder rates applying between 7am and 2pm, and 8pm and 10pm weekdays.
    Off-peak hours are 10pm to 7am. Only shoulder and off-peak rates are charged at weekends.

    I have a whole house consumption meter.
    Looking at a recent day where we cooked dinner in the oven, we used around 4kWh in the peak hours = $2.33
    6kWh Shoulder (toaster, coffee machine, and Washing Machine) = $1.57
    2kWh off peak = $0.32 which is pretty much just the fridge and "vampire" usage from items on standby overnight)
    total plus daily surcharge = $5.28
    (we have Gas stovetop, heating and Hot water and Solar Panels on the roof, so we aim to consume power through the day when it's "free")

    Daily consumption of just over 12kWh, = $4.30 on your old flat rate

    I reckon they're royally screwing you on the Daily Surcharge and the Peak Rate.
    Shuffling usage to the night (ie Dishwasher and Washing Machine on timer start) will help to reduce your bill a little.

    Solar Panels on the west will also greatly reduce your Peak usage

  • I'm surprised so many still don't know there is different based rates based on flat rate, TOU, dedicated load…

    Just call Origin and request the change. Changing retailer will do zip.

  • wattever.com.au

    setup a login, put in your energy usage details and a savings threshold and they'll email you when a better rate comes up.

  • Check on the government website in which ever state you are in & use their electricity comparison website to chose another retailer

    read this website first - https://www.gadgetguy.com.au/the-truth-about-energy-price-co…

  • New electricity Code to enforce compliance by energy retailers


  • Update: Spoke with Origin and they advised that I cannot go back to flat rate anymore.
    as per them, my distributor Ausgrid has started moving any customer that changes smart meter to TOU.

    Is this right?

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      Time to shop around then

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