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[PC, XB1, PS4] Anthem (Includes Legion of Dawn Edition) - $19 (C&C or Delivery) @ EB Games


Add another $19 Anthem deal to the list

So umm enjoy?!

Xbox 1 - Legion of Dawn Edition
PS4 - Legion of Dawn Edition

Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition includes:

  • Anthem Game
  • Legion of Dawn DLC
  • Four Legendary Armour Packs
  • A Legendary Weapon
  • Founder Player Banner
  • Ranger Javelin Gear Attachment
  • Anthem Digital Soundtrack

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  • +4

    Wake me up when it's $5

  • is it worth $19? consider to pick it up…

    • i guess if u like destiny / division it is. To me it really isn't worth any more than $5 as the guy above said and even then i doubt i'd play it.

  • +8

    Game came free with my graphics card and i still want my money back

    • +20

      Something wrong with the graphics card?

      • Good one! Haha

      • Yes, the free game it came with was Anthem.

    • +6

      Not really a fair neg just because you don’t like the game. The price is still the cheapest. I agree that the game sucks, though.

      • Issue with a product is fair use of a neg. I'm just not a fan of people voting selectively, rather than every Anthem post

        • How is it an issue with the product? They didn't even pay for it so the game's value is already low to them.

        • +2

          I respectfully disagree. It’s more opinion based in my view than any particular kind of defect. And I’ve played about 20 hours. I don’t like the game much. I can agree it sucks. But I thought negs were more for not being the cheapest or an actual defect. Just my opinion, though.

  • +2

    Don't fall for it. Maybe at $5 to $10
    EA is probably abandoning the game despite what they say. All the talent has moved on to Dragon Age 4

    • +5

      What talent? Bioware is not what it used to be.

      • I love BioWare Magic

      • ouch

        The company might be managed extremely poorly and Anthem in particular definitely took a wrong turn design wise, but full respect to the legion of exceptional artists, animators and coders who pour a significant amount of their lives, often to their detriment, into trying to bring us quality product.

      • +1

        I think the bigger problem is EA. I can't think of any studio linked to them that hasn't suffered severe drops in quality from start to end

    • +1

      If the 'talent' has moved to Dragon Age 4 then we can expect it to be just as good as Anthem.

      • +1

        At this rate Dragon Age 4 will be a always online single player hack n slash

  • +9

    Yay for that moment when no one negs the other posts

    Thanks guys.

    • That's how we show our appreciation.

    • Maybe the negs are from disgruntled ozbargainers who purchased it from one of those previous deals

    • -5

      Negs would be provoked due to EB Games being listed ;) taken them this long to reduce their price haha

    • +1

      Hey, the post is appreciated.

  • The only game that sounds generic when saying the name.

  • I'm on PC. IS this a good game?

    • No not particularly.

  • Picked one up at Cahsies for $10 today which I hope I won't regret the purchase… Haha

    • +8

      Narrator: He would, in fact, regret the purchase.

  • It's a good game gameplaywise but it's just lacking content massively and some gameplay mechanics are wonky but the flying, abilities and guns are all good.

  • I’m actually considering going back to COD, can’t get worse then releases like this

  • Can't believe I paid $99 for this

    • We all have our weak moments.

      I bought mass effect andromeda deluxe edition on pc the other day for $20 instead of $7.20 for the standard edition.

      The only difference is the included dlc which only add cosmetics and some grindable gear definitely not worth 3x the base game maybe .5x at best.

      So don't feel bad we all make mistakes.

      But damn $99.

      I have a $59 warcraft 3 reforged spoils of war pre order paid for end of this year but I am counting on Blizzard to not stuff that up.

  • I've heard nothing but bad things about this game

    • Fwiw I would try it at free to play its like a simple pve shooter.

      Graphics and abilities are amazing not that bad tbh not the best but still f2p worthy.

    • Edit sorry origin "access premier" only for now.

      Wait for it to appear on Origin access basic trial, I received an email offer the other day despite already having a trial before. I think anthem is on access…

  • Maybe I need to watch some Youtube reviews……but how can it be THAT bad? It honestly looks fun!

    • +1

      Imagine you've been told & shown you can play a game where you can feel like Iron Man. Then you play said game & you feel like Iron Man's half brother who's the product of incest.

      • wow

  • I preordered one and played about 70 hrs since release. Honestly saying, the game is not a completely developed one even for now. The story line still miss ACT01~ACT03. The first 10 hrs are so great after that it fall into a fly-search-fight loop. So boring, that's why most of my game friends abandoned it then never come back. In short, it's Anthem in 2019 = Fallout 76 in 2018. Wish that helps.

  • There is an XB1 4k Enhanced version on Amazon US. Its price is a lot higher though.

    • Lol charging more for something most other games offer standard? That's having a laugh

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