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Woolworths Fresh Donuts Cinnamon 12 Pack $2 @ Woolworths


Pretty good deal $2 for 12 cinnamon donuts, Normally $3 or 6 pack for $2

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    Friends, how do they compare to Coles donuts? I have a dislike for the coles ones.

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      Depends if you get them the day they make them, The cinnamon tastes better and often tastes a bit fresher then the coles ones.

      • Everything from woolies in store bakery are made that day, they reduce and chuck anything unsold every night.

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      I reckon woolly donuts are far better than coles one. I occasionally buy donuts at top ryde (nsw) woolly.

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      Ok nothing special.. usually find they kinda wet guessing the sugar melts, only buy them when they are reduced to clear

    • Much much better than Coles.

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    I remember in my youth going past Woolies in the arvo to see if they were clearing out any 12 packs at $2, obviously slightly old but still a good deal.

    If you can snag a fresh pack at this price it's a great deal.

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      Is it bad that I still do that now?

      Though they are really great in the mornings when they are fresh AND $2!

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    Office afternoon tea sorted

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    They are pretty average but if cut in the middle, zapped 10 seconds in the microwave e then covered with nutella are not bad

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      I think most things aren't bad if cut in the middle, zapped 10 seconds in the microwave and then covered with nutella.

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      Or heat them up on the sandwich press to allow the sugar to caramelise.

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    Go late night always reduced to $1 6pack.. $1.25 12 pack

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    I bought this previously and thought 12 was alot to go through before it expires

  • One of the rare times I’m glad that I don’t live near woolies. I’m trying to lose weight!

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    Quite doughy, I dislike

  • I only buy these on markdown. They are horrible from the pack (unless your lucky and get them fresh), stodgy with a melted sugar/cinnamon mix, but if you can be bothered to stick them in the oven and they come out really nice.

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    I'm a big fan of coles doughnuts and hate wollies ones. I heat them and add some caster sugar too b4 you eat! awesome….

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    Here you come diabetus

    • But it’s a good thing comes free!

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    My fiance weighs about 50-60kg and can knock about 10 of these over in one sitting

  • Does this mean they'll go for like a $1 at the end of the week or beginning of the next pricing cycle? That's what happened with the half price banana bread.

  • Woolies much better. And they don't make anything with peanuts.

  • These are actually great doughnuts, if you get them fresh.
    Also a tip, if they are starting to dry out, microwaving them for around 20 seconds makes them nice and soft again.

  • better than crispy cream(7 eleven) donuts I think

  • Find that Woolies does bakery items better than Coles in general. Haven't tried the new Laurent range at Coles though, and the salted caramel profiteroles at Coles is actually really good.

    Digressed a little from donuts deal but I'll probably say WW does the donuts better than Coles.

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