expired Essential Health Bulk Protein Bar 10PK $9.99 & Dominion Marshmallows 520g $3.49 @ ALDI


Saw this in my aldi catalogue. $1 per protein bar is cheap IMO. 98 calories per bar with 10.4g of protein.

More details on macros here


For a full review of these bars. Suss out the aldi mum FB page:


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    Both considered "health food" by different segments of society. :)


    At the very least you would need to see the ingredients first as most protein bars are full of junk.


    most reviews are old
    has anyone tried these recently
    looking at the calorie breakdown, I'm thinking, two of these could be a low cal meal replacement?


    Which state is it in?
    Can’t seem to find it in tomorrow’s catalog in vic