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JBL JR Pop Kids Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker $9 C&C @ Officeworks (In Store Only)



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For anyone who couldn't locate one via pick up from this HN deal, here is your chance. I ordered it online and within 10 mins it's ready for pick up! Ps. HN's store cancelled my order due to out of stocks and hence this deal posted

This JBL Jr Pop Portable Bluetooth Speaker has a durable design that's fully waterproof so you won't have to worry about damage whether you're listening in your bedroom, taking it to a pool party or anywhere else that you'd like to enjoy music. The speaker is ultra compact and designed to be easy for small hands to hold, plus there's a strap built-in for easy carrying on the go.
The JBL Jr Pop speaker supports wireless connections via Bluetooth 4.2 or wired connections via 3.5 mm.
You can easily take this speaker on the go thanks to its durable and compact design.
The speaker has a 3 W output.
This speaker has a waterproof construction to withstand splashes.
The long lasting battery can go for up to 5 hours of play time before you need to recharge.
This speaker has a fun red design.
It has a built-in light mode which makes playing your music even more fun.

Mod Note: Direct Link to Officeworks eBay Store. Edit: Now all out of stock.

Edit 18/6 8pm: Sold out online, check stock at your local store.
Update: 19 June 2019 Price is still scanning $9 as per comments

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  • +2

    Nice. Finally might get one if there's stock left.

  • +2

    3w output. I bet they still make money on the 9 dollars.

    • Is 3w loud? how many decibels is that?

      • +2

        3W is decent, about the same as the Logitech X100 I have and that gets quite loud for it's tiny size. With these small speakers, it's more about the efficiency of the speaker design than the actual watts.

  • How is it compared to Logitech X50?
    Still searching for answers

    • +2

      Slightly smaller, I think louder + waterproof.

  • bought one from HN, stupid store emailed me later saying they didn't have any in stock

    • I'm patiently awaiting the same from Officeworks.

  • +1

    How loud is da speaker?

    • da da DA

    • 3W of fully sick loudness. A hamster wheel could power this thing.

    • This Bluetooth speaker has a highest setting of eleven, unlike standard BT speakers whose volume settings are typically numbered from 0 to 10. It's one louder, isn't it? Now you may wonder why the 10 setting is not simply set to be louder. Good question though I simply hesitate before responding to you, these go to eleven.

      • Thanks bro

  • +1

    Another option, if no Officeworks near you has stock, is to price-match at JB HiFi or Myer.

  • +1

    My Katie Perry loving kid will thank you for this, my wife not so much

  • Cheers OP!

    • Just got notification of a 'Delayed' order as the store no longer has stock :(

  • Cheers OP. All gone now I guess.

  • Thanks I ordered at Parafied in S.A.

    • Got sms ready for pick up.

  • +2

    Back in stock at HN too

    • Thanks bought one from HN. Hope they won’t cancel order

      • Got email from HN ready for collection

  • Thank you OP! Managed to get a Teal colour in Garden City Officeworks : )

  • +1

    Thanks ordered to for VIC - see if they fulfil the order now!

  • one teal and one pink left on the shelf at Hunter Street Sydney store

  • +1

    The bigwigs at BigW will be scratching their heads wondering why their $9 JBL speaker aren't selling like hotcakes tomorrow

  • JB will price match and HN seem to have stock back

    • How do you go about this ? do you take a screenshot or what?

      • Yes, i took in a screenshot, they were only too happy to match. No where did it say clearance item either, so they didnt try to use that, they didnt even look it up on the web either

  • Got 4 from hn Marion instore

  • Got 1 from werribee,victoria, pink one still in stock.

  • +1

    Ohhh - be alright in the shower as speaker?

    • +1

      Yep I picked up one as a shower speaker for my son.

  • Via eBay message:

    Thank you for your order, I apologize for the delay in advising that the JBL Jr Kids Speakers in Red and Teal are on back order. Stock is expected during July 2019
    When the Kids Speakers arrive into the warehouse the order will be picked for delivery to you.


  • There's no more Purple at Bourke St OW (VIC)

    • One Red left on shelf @ Elizabeth St OW

  • Ordered one

  • Ordered one and it's ready to pick up 7 minutes later. Will need to pop in soon!

  • Will JB Hi-Fi Price match Office Works?

    • +1

      They did for me, picked up 2

  • OOS

  • Thanks, finally got one

  • I picked up mine from HN. Loud enough for a small room or kids to listen to their music. My daughter loves her one. Pretty colourful.

  • +2

    I'm conflicted in getting this. Its so cheap but is it worth the price if I'm going to be forced listening to Frozen and Baby Shark on repeat?

    • +1

      Name checks out.
      Do do doo do do da doo

    • +1

      plot twist. He lives alone and has no children.

  • I went into OW in Osbourne Park today and they abruptly and rudely refused to price match stating that they were a clearance line in other stores. Ended up getting some from HN.

    • They same price at OW now

      • +2

        So annoyed at the attitude the staff gave me. Ended up emailing head office. Glad the price has dropped now.

  • Purple on eBay is still in stock.

  • +1
  • +1

    Temporarily out of stock, please remove from your cart.

    • +1

      They still had them in store despite out of stock online

  • +4

    The stickers that come with it are the real bargain - https://imgur.com/JG4k1Uo

  • +2

    Sorry if this comment doesn’t help anyone,but I went into my local Mackay Harvey Norman store today after seeing OPs post(Thankyou btw!!)and bought two for my kids.My 19yo said JBL make good speaker so he wanted one too,so got him and my 11yo girl one.Theyre actually really good,really loud and clear,and my son said the stickers are hectic lol.
    TLDR-my local Mackay Haevrey Norman store has about 40 if anyone can order from there?Apologies if this doesn’t help anyone!

  • +1

    Can confirm it's a legit deal, just received my pickup confirmation!
    Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Yes, we all want our kids staying in the shower longer.

  • Just ordered a red one East Victoria Park WA

  • Can you “swim-ten” with it ?

  • Price gone up to $47? Clicked on it $9 then 47 when reloaded

  • +2

    Still scanning at $9 in Officeworks even though ticket price is back up

  • +2

    Went into store and can confirm officeworks are showing $47 but scanning at $9 due to HN special. Have receipts from OW and HN. Bought 2 today from each store. JB Campbelltown would not price match.

  • Can you pair two or more of these together?

  • Scanned at $47 in store just then

  • JB have them in stock for $9 as of 8am 20/6/19. Purple only. I have just bought one this morning at Prahran Victoria.

  • $24 online price …

  • will OW pricematch joyceMayne online advertise still at $9 ?
    Or OW will just say go pick it up in regiJoyve as the closes is 70kms away :-)

    • Yes, they should be able to.

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