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Philips Hue Colour B22 $53.90, White Ambiance B22 $29.90, Colour GU10 $51.90 + Delivery (Free w/ Prime) @ Amazon AU


Philips Hue lights and accessories on sale. Some of the new outdoor ones as well.

I've got a few of these lights setup, happy to answer any questions I can. I've had no issues at all with the Hue stuff whereas had some issues with the couple of LIFX bulbs I bought.

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B22 / Bayonet / True Blue Aussie

White and Colour Ambiance Bayonet Cap (B22) $53.90

White Ambiance Bayonet Cap (B22) $29.90

White Bayonet Cap (B22) $16.90

E27 / Edison Screw / Weird People

White and Colour Ambiance Bayonet Cap (E27) $63.90

White Ambiance Bayonet Cap (E27) $27.90

White Bayonet Cap (E27) $16.90

GU10 (Downlights)

White and Color Ambiance Spot Light (GU10) $51.90

White Ambiance Spot Light (GU10) $36.90

New Outdoor Lights

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience, Outdoor Pedestal Calla Base Unit $149.90

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience Lily Outdoor spot light LED integrated $126.90

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    What issues did you have with the Lifx?

    I've got a house full of them and they have all been working perfectly for 6 months or so.


      Lifx uses slightly more power in standby then hue as its wifi

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      I've got a couple of Lifx that don't work at all now. A couple still do, but always found them unreliable. Got Hue system now and they never fail.


      Turning on randomly, like middle of the night lamps next to my bed would turn themselves on. Tried and tried with their support to get fixed. For the cost of the couple of bulbs I really cbf returning or spending time getting sent back.


    Price match with Bunnings.


    Do you need to buy smart bridge for it to work or remote control? Or the light bulb itself can just work with mobile app?


      You need a zigbee bridge like the hue one. I think some of the Amazon Alexa devices have it built in.

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    +1 for description of B22 and E27


    Lightstrips too I think.


    Is there no B22 starter kit available?
    I can see they exist on a site called simply-led, but nothing on Amazon or Ebay that I can find…


      They're really hard to find as they are less common these days.


        Yeah…I couldn't find one when we got into these. Just got the edison screw starter, since we had a couple of weird people lamps that we could use them in anyway….then bought bayonets individually when on sale for the rest of the house.

        Really like them though. My wife was not that keen on spending the money on these, but now is totally converted. We have them around most of the house.

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    Bunnings (reluctantly) price beat by 10%. I bought 4 GU10’s and a white ES bulb. They tried “price guarantee doesn’t apply to online prices” then “only applies if they have a real store as well as online” then “policy doesn’t apply to Amazon”. Eventually they gave in and beat price by 10%


      Always gets me when people working at a store care so much.

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      I had a similar issue at Bunnings last night whilst trying to purchase a bunch of Hue stuff.

      An older guy at the front of the store who said he had worked there for 9 years said it's part of their training that they are not allowed to price match/price beat stores unless the item can be delivered right now. When I mentioned other Bunnings stores have happily done so (honoured their policy) before, he said technically they shouldn't do it but the onus and discretion is on the staff member at the particular store as they "have to put their name against it". They then tried to claim that Amazon isn't Australian so they can't do it. It was only after my partner brought up their own policy, which clearly states "Bunnings' price guarantee applies to any lower price on an item that is currently stocked and available from an online store, …" and a second, more knowledgeable staff member, agreed that they could price beat it. Maybe Bunnings should update their training and/or stop promoting a policy if they are not in favour of honouring it?


        This is nearly exactly the same experience I had yesterday.

        They pulled the whole "our policy does not relate to online prices", and reluctantly offered to 'honour'the policy when I quoted that their guarantee states they match online prices and physical stores. They also said it was at the store managers discretion.

        I agree they do need to update their training and make sure all of them know the actual policy.


    FYI, Bunnings have already updated their price (discount price) to match Amazon AU today so you won't be able to get the extra 10% off from price match. Still a good deal as you won't need to worry about shipping.


    Been stocking up while they are $51.90 at Bunnings. Need another 6 for down stairs but getting expensive!

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