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Typically, are ALR screens that are included rollable or it's a panel that needs to be fixed onto a wall?
19/12/2023 - 13:34
Also, at least in my household... we rarely watch TV during the day... most of the time TV is used is 5pm onwards...
19/12/2023 - 13:25
I previously bought 4 Cygnett one from BigW for $5 a piece when it was on sale, works with homekit. It has been used for my pool pump for…
14/12/2023 - 12:34
Finally received official cancellation on the blender. "We're really sorry; we weren't able to source the stock for your order. We've…
06/12/2023 - 09:00
Got the 4k version to pair with my portable monitor.
05/12/2023 - 22:53
Generally I alternate between two vendors so that whenever I need to restock the beans I'll just order from one that is having a discount…
05/12/2023 - 17:38
Yeah, stargazer has been my go to after trying, Enterprise, Pegasus and couple more.
05/12/2023 - 17:25
Given that Maccas and 7-Eleven have been selling their freeze/slurpees at $1 forever... I call this adjusting to market rather than a deal.…
28/11/2023 - 11:04
Sure they are the same type as there are so many different types of soniccare toothbrush heads.
24/11/2023 - 10:01
The reason given was "To make sure the stable Bluetooth connection, the original chip manufacturer close the ANC feature in the wired…
23/11/2023 - 11:30
I think they did classify it as a detect when they first heard that issue from customors but but that is no longer the case as the cause…
23/11/2023 - 10:29
Generally speaking, this pair is great on BT but completely useless on AUX (as it is not powered on AUX so even if you can ignore the ANC,…
23/11/2023 - 09:51
Be careful if you plan on using it on the plane as it doesn't seem to support ANC in AUX mode. i.e. If you want ANC while connecting to the…
23/11/2023 - 09:06
Once iphone is made to convert to USB-C, then this built in cable would become useless
21/11/2023 - 16:10
Although a 65w charger, the USB-C only outputs 45w, with the other 20w coming from the USB-A.
21/11/2023 - 01:41
Mine expiring in a week but haven't received yet. Let me turn off auto-renew to see if i'll receive the offer. Otherwise, i'll just convert…
16/11/2023 - 16:09
Thanks, the OP's comment: "Posting this because it can be used on the 365 Day "Pay As You Go" Plan & will give you $40 credit." had me…
15/11/2023 - 11:33
So do you mean I can use this to recharge another PAYG plan that I currently have? i.e. paying $18 for a $40 credit recharge without the…
15/11/2023 - 10:55
Somehow no matter what I do, when I get to the payment screen, it'll always ask for card details rather than using my saved card on profile.
05/11/2023 - 00:02
Note that this version comes with a stand but not a hard cover so you'll probably need something to help protect the screen while…
23/10/2023 - 10:48
Yeah, if the Australia League Pass Regular/Standard is 99AUD, then I may just go with Australia... $20 saving over a 10month period is just…
12/10/2023 - 09:26
Thanks for the details. Last year I went the Argentina route and it worked fine. However, when I check out the Argentina price this time…
12/10/2023 - 00:51
Somehow even when I have my VPN (Express VPN) on. When I go to the NBA page, League Pass is still showing AUD prices not Turkish Lira.…
10/10/2023 - 21:52
Got this a few years ago. Works great with no issue. The only thing you may need to do is to change the timeout setting to be a bit longer.
08/10/2023 - 01:28
If you can wait... I believe they have a $60 for 60GB/365 days plan with talk/text.
08/10/2023 - 01:26
I recall back then other than the Reebok Pump, there's also the puma disc... and I got the latter.
27/09/2023 - 00:39
I guess that's because the assumption is that you won't be changing brightness frequently so that they want to set the short press for the…
22/09/2023 - 22:20