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30% off Chilli Oil Mix - 2 Flavours - Original or Peanut & Sesame ($7.70 + Shipping) @ Chilli Oil


Taste in each bite. Take 30% off our range of Original or Peanut & Sesame Chilli Oil Mix. Use coupon DELICIOUS30 ChilliOil
Offer valid for 1 week only. Enjoy this deal on our 250gm & 500gm single packs (no limit on quantity).

About Chilli Oil Mix:
Flavour in each bite. A great accompaniment for all kind of foods.

No Artificial Colours, No Artificial Preservatives, No Artificial Flavours.

Drizzle on the salad, Pasta, Lasagna, Pizza, spread it on the sandwich, use it in marinade or just use it as a pickle. A product which you can use anywhere and everywhere.

Chilli oil mix will not burn your taste buds but will add flavour to your food. You will get the flavours and a chilli kick in the end. One of our most Hot selling products.

Available in two different packaging. Glass Jar and Pouches.

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    Let me request a sample first…

    I buy Lee Kum Kee a lot, let's see if yours are comparable.

  • +1

    Thanks for stopping by @ylbeethoven. Your sample will be on its way soon.

  • Requested a sample first, if it's good I'll certainly be making an order. I go through the giant jars of loa gan ma like crazy, but I'm always willing to try something new

    • How do you request a sample?

      • +7

        Stand on one leg and spin around 3 times.

        (or use this link)

        • +2

          where am I?

      • Hi @AlienC, you can request a sample from chillioil.com.au

  • Requested a sample. Hopefully it's good.

  • Hey guys, we've been enjoying chilli oil mix for a long time and absolutely love it.
    Up until now we've only been able to buy it from the bakery at st andrew's market for $10 a jar.
    As much as we like to stock up, the postage is a bit steep though :(

    • +1

      Hi @spinferno, we appreciate your positive feedback and that you loved our Chilli Oil Mix. Please note that we provide free shipping for orders over $50. We hope that makes it easier for you to stock up :)

      • Rep, website wanting to charge me $7.95 postage for 7 refill bags of chilli oil mix totalling $56.95.

        • Hi silverthorn333,

          Apologies, this seems to be fixed now, please continue with your order and it should not charge you postage. Let me know if it is still an issue.

      • +1

        what great service!
        not only is it hands down the best chillo oil i have ever tasted, you guys are really nice too!
        I am about to order 4x chilli oil refill packs, can you please get the CC payment page to work? it's stuck in a frozen state for me.

        • +1

          Hi spinferno, seems to be working fine for us and have been receiving orders. Please PM us if the problem is still existing and we will sort it out for you.

          Thanks for your support and kind words. Customers like you make us get up and do what we do everyday.

          • +1

            @Chilli Oil: ok it was chrome browser blocking HTTP requests, i tried on edge and it worked fine.
            4x large refills for us! Our current stockpile was dwindling.
            Seriously if you guys need genuine testimonials, google reviews etc, please hit up my contact details from #AF-ORD-1982 and I will happily provide.
            BEST. condiment. ever.

            • @spinferno: Thanks @spinferno always appreciate good feedback. Your order is being shipped out today, you should receive the parcel shortly.

  • Good old chilli oil 🌶🌶.

    • Thanks nmcc08. Have you tried our chilli oil yet?

  • +1

    Do you have a list of ingredients anywhere?

    • Hi BargainHunter, Sorry for the troubles, we are updating our website to publish ingredients as well. In the meanwhile any specific allergens you are enquiring about, please let me know here or you can PM us.

    • +1 No mention of any ingredient on the website. Is it just dried chilli soaked in 10w-30?

      • Hi todmanpla, the website has been updated and Ingredients are now visible on product pages.

  • I've requested a sample but is yours Crispy like Lao Gan Ma?

    • Hi NightDay,

      We have not compared our Chilli Oil with the others, however please note our Chilli Oil is is all natural with no Artificial Colors, Artificial Preservatives or Artificial Flavours in it. There is also no added MSG in our Chilli Oil.

      We hope you enjoy your sample and can be the judge yourself :)

    • +1

      it's not super crispy. if you have it with soups or soft dishes like rice, it won't overcome the existing texture/softness.
      we are so hooked we've been buying multiple jars at a time!

  • Code not applicable to the 500gr packs Rep?

    • Hi silverthorn333,

      We have just given a doze of Chilli Oil to the IT guy and he seems to be alert enough now :). Please continue with your order on 500gm packs and it should be all ok. Any issues, please ping us.

      • Ahhh I jumped the gun and missed it. :'(