Anyone Has TPLINK Wi-Fi HS100 Plug Hears Electronic Sound When The Plug Is off?

Bought this wifi plug from JB and I can hear electronic sound (current sound) if the plug has been switched off, I'm very sensitive to noise so this may be a little bit annoying. Is this normal for this plug or my plug has quality problem? Cheers.


  • I have aldi ones and the high pitch noise comes and goes once a while

  • My expensive Belkin surge protector powerboard does the same.

    I only had a brief skim of this page but it sounds like you have nothing to worry about…

    "In addition, in low or no-load situations the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) used to regulate voltage at the inverter stage will be at a low duty cycle and create a “spikey” output profile which is more prone to causing vibration in coils, and the transformer itself will tend to vibrate as well. Together, these can lead to audible noise especially in cheaper units which fail to suppress this noise."