Spotify Family Account - Is It Easy to Fake?

Hi All

My friends and I are thinking of getting a spotify family account between 5 of us, is it easy to fake the address?

Do they ask for GPS verification in Australia?

If so does Fake GPS work?


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  • considering we have this

    I think you will be fine

    and no, you just need all other person to have the same address to the account holder when they ask you to fill in your address

  • I've been using Spotify family for over 2 years with some friends and have had no problems. Just have everyone put the same address down.

    • yeah same with me.. i've got people in my "family" from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

  • Spotify don't care where you are physically located. It's like Netflix. No need to use fake GPS apps. Just install Spotify and listen.

  • Thanks allllll xoxo

  • i don't know who or where my family is

  • +1

    No it's quite easy. Basically you just need to register with the same address. I have been doing this with my sister who lives in another state for several years.

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