Spotify Family Plan Sharing ($17.99/Month for 6 Accounts)


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Was looking around to see if there were any places for 'matchmaking' spotify users for family plans, as apparently no-one I know wants to either pay, or pay less, for spotify. Came across this:

Would doing something like this through ozbargain be cool?

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  • I just went with YouTube Red and use Google Music now.

    Got a VPN because YTR doesn't work if you go somewhere that doesnt have it.
    Found that when I was in Canada, but now I just VPN to America when I travel and all good.

    • Can you not download videos/music with YTR to use while offline?

  • I'd definitely be keen.

    I think if we can get some people to to commit to a year for $36 then it shouldn't be an issue.

    An alternative is to go with a overseas subscription, for instance I used to subscribe with Spotify Malaysia which has a family plan that would work out to $15AU a year per user but doesn't offer the same selection of music as the Australian version.

    • Cool.. if a few more people get on board I can sort it out.

      • Hiya heineken016, give us a shoutout if you still need the numbers

        • Same here, please let me know if you guys need another one

    • For Spotify Malaysia, did you use a VPN? If so, which one?

  • I was wondering how they enforce the "family members must reside at the same address" rule. Anyone know?

    I'm currently using the free premium period otherwise i probably could've gotten 3 ppl together. Next time ;)

    Brilliant idea though posting it here

    • As far as i can tell its a non issue, the reddit thread has people with accounts in different countries going together!
      Ah well, when you run out of free, come back here 👍

      • +2

        cover an extra $3 for me and let's work out a deal. (LMAO sweet cheesus im cheap. :') )

        seriously, i'll speak to my friend and see if she's okay with doing it with strangers. i'll be in touch!

  • is this 18 aud/month? or 18usd/month? it doesnt say on their website :(

  • Have 2 slots open if anyone is interested.

    • Sent you a pm ScrubCorps

    • Pm'd

  • hey mate, i was keen :)

  • Am also interested if anyone is setting one up

  • +1

    Just an update for anyone interested in this:

    • I've joined a US guy's group from that Reddit thread

    • it works just fine, I was sent a 'joining' code then had to enter the guys postal address and that was that, I have a vpn but didn't need it

    • if someone wants to set up a group, I'd suggest charging a small amount above fee/6, to cover people leaving, your time etc. Say 3.50per month

    Anyway it works well so if you can find or create a group it's a good move

  • Im looking at setting up a family account on spotify… If anyone is interested get in touch… cheers

    • I'll take one slot if still available! :)

  • Merged from Spotify Family Plan- Anyone interested? Looking for 5 more

    I took part in the St George 6 month free offer and during that time all my friends signed up in their own groups and now I'm musicless.
    Anyone in?

    • +1

      I'm down. Was about to ask someone tonight if they had room, if not I'm definitely keen to split the bill!

      • Hey there, PMing you shortly.

        • Hey man, turns out a family member has a spot for me (they didn't even know it automatically upgraded to 6 accounts)! Hopefully one of those guys below are still looking :) Thanks!

    • +1

      I'd be interested

      • Hey there, PMing you shortly.

    • +1

      I also would be interested.

      Had a yearly subscription which just expired and have been struggling to find anything legit at a reasonable price.

      • Hey there, PMing you shortly.

    • +1

      I would be Interested

      • Hey there, PMing you shortly.

    • I'll take the last spot?

      • Hey Tomsco, Unfortunately all the spots have been filled already :<
        Hopefully one of the posters below can help you out!

    • +1

      I can create one, if five more are interested to get on board ^_^

    • I'm interested if anyone has a place for me.

      • Can you please turn on your private message, thank you.

        • Done, sorry about that. Only lurked here before.

    • do we need proof or some shit that we live 'at the same address' *shifty eyes ??
      or is that just a safety disclaimer that they dont really care about

      • well, just in case we all need the same address, and your account does not allow you to change, you can always create a new one for the purpose, transfer your playlist. And you are ready to go. We dont have to put our address, maybe the same postcode?

        • for what it's worth, I had to put in a full address of the US guy whose plan I jumped on, so the person who sets up the group may want to use a non-home address before sharing it. There's no verification you actually live anywhere, it just asks you to type it in.

    • hi any more spots

      • Sorry, no, please see one of the other posters as they might be able to help you out

      • Let me know if you're still interested.

        • Hey mate, keen if there is still a spot available in the "family" :)

    • A big thanks to mparf.

    • Definitely interested if anyone else is setting up an account.

      • Hey, had a few people pull out so I can definitely take you on, let me PM yu


      • Sorry, jsut saw that i am suppose to reply to this post

        • replied to your PM

    • I am keen - how do i actually pay you ?

    • Is this technically illegal (would Spotify ban accounts or worse if they weren't legitimate family members)?

      Is ozb opening itself to exposure by allowing this to be facilitated?

      • Can't help you there. There have been numerous threads in the past as well as many other websites looking for the same thing. If a mod wants to put a stop to these types of threads they're more than welcome to

    • Interested if anyone has a spare spot?

  • Looking to join a group or start one myself. Anyone? :)

  • Still looking to start a group if there are any others out there? Or happy to join a group if someone has a spot? cheers

    • Yes please.

      • Likewise

    • im interested in joining

      • sorry mate all positions filled… cheers

  • Merged from Spotify Premium - looking for 5 people to join family plan

    Looking for people interested in joining up to get Spotify Premium for $3/month. We'll be the family plan which allows for 6 people. Anyone interested?

    • Sounds good, I'd be in

    • yep interested

      • Turn on PM. I cant send you message.

        • try again

    • Would everyone get a different 'your music' list? Or would it be joined together?

      • Yes. We all get individual accounts. You can create your own playlist. PM sent.

    • I would be interested~ PM me

    • Count me in

    • send me, i'll pay for the 1st month then not pay ya.

      Wait, if this is a scam i'd pay ya $3 for nothing

    • I'm in if there's still a spot!!

    • I am interested too if there is still a spot ?

    • Pm me if you still have a spot. Do you have a plan to build trusts?

    • Btw the plan requires that all members live at the same address. How do we get around this limitation?

    • i'm more interested in Spotify premium US, is that it?

  • any more spots bargainer007? someone start a new one?

  • can someone pm me if they have any free spots? ty im willing to join one. :)

  • Anyone have any spots open? I would be totally down to join!

  • Also down for a spot if there is one :)

    • Sooo we have 4 people it looks like total from the names above me. We need at least 2 more :)

      This is how I think I'd set it up. Open to feedback.

      Ideally to keep it simple, we'd get each person to deposit 12 months worth of their share of the membership $36 (12x$3) from the start and then we'll set up the account once all payments are in. We could do 6 monthly, but I think for the amount of money we're talking about, its not worth the effort/hassle.

      Then at 11 months, I'll send across another message asking if people want to continue for another 12 months. If yes, we'll do the same thing again, if no, and we can't find other people, we'll just cancel when the 12 months is up.

      Message me if you're keen :)

      • hey bud my brother and I would join up, happy to pay up front

      • Just as an update:

        I've also actually just joined the google play free trial for 4 months so was looking to revisit it after this if people were still keen.

        There is also a 3 month trial of Spotify for only 99c at the moment. You can share your play lists publicly and then just make a new account and import them in to take advantage of this offer while retaining your data.


  • +2

    hey guys im going to set one up. please message me if you´re interested. we can start with a 6month payment upfront, then see if everyone still wants to continue after that.

    • i only have one spot left, is anyone interested?

      • Do you have any spots left?

  • Hello,

    I have a US Spotify Family account available to share. I think the American Spotify has a larger track catalogue compared to the Australian Spotify (though it may have fewer Australian songs; I don't really know). I have four slots available. The cost would be $60AUD/year each (or $5AUD/month). The cost is a bit more expensive than Spotify Australia due to the exchange rate; however, the rates I've provided above would be fixed for as long as you stay in the group, irrespective of exchange rate fluctuations.

    If anyone's interested, please PM.

    Note: You will need to be connected to a US VPN during sign-up; after you've signed up, you can use it normally in Australia and no VPN is necessary. If you have an existing Australian account, you will need to make a new account with a new e-mail address (Gmail users can avoid needing to create a new e-mail address by putting dots in their existing e-mail address).

  • Hi guys

    We're looking for 1 more to join Spotify family plan, any takers please comment below :)

    • Has anyone signed up yet childchance? I'm keen!

  • If anyone has a free spot pm me.

  • +1


    I would be keen to set up a Spotify Family account if I can find 5 others interested in Joining me (Tried to join few groups but they are all filled up already )
    To keep things simple, I would go on "12 Months" base, so don't have to chase people for monthly payments….
    That would make it $36 per year to be paid at the beginning of the subscription. We can then renew it before the end of 12 months if you wish so.

    If someone (IN AUSTRALIA ONLY) want to join then just send me a message.

    • PM'd you

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