Spotify Family Plan Sharing ($17.99/Month for 6 Accounts)


The buying / sharing forum thread for Spotify family is now discontinued. Users who wish to join groups, or recruit group members will now be required to use the Ozbargain Classifieds section

Usual Classifieds guidelines apply. Please read for more information.

Was looking around to see if there were any places for 'matchmaking' spotify users for family plans, as apparently no-one I know wants to either pay, or pay less, for spotify. Came across this:

Would doing something like this through ozbargain be cool?

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    I'm looking for a spot on a family account to:)

    • So are the three people above you. Perhaps one of you can coordinate.

  • Just a FYI, in looking into this some more I've found out that once you set your Spotify Family address (looks like either by owning the family sub or joining one), you can't change it afterward. You have to create a new account in order to have a different address -

    • So not able to join another family plan?

  • +2

    Hi guys,

    Looking to start a family plan. PM me your email, and I'll send proof of the family plan before you transfer any funds.
    Same setup as what's been posted, transfer me $36 for the year, and I'll add you to the plan.


    • PM'd

    • Plan full!

  • -1

    Looking to join a plan if anyone has any openings!

  • -1

    Same still waiting for a opening

  • +1

    Running a family plan group, please PM your email and I will provide my account proofs and paypal address.

    Same deal as others 36 for a year, I can import your account to mine without issue. Let me know.

    Will update once full….

    • Hi Sparky5507

      I want to join but it says you don't accept new conversations so i can't PM you.

      Can you PM instead

    • Keen to get on this sparky, but can't PM you. If you let me know how you'd like to go ahead, I'll jump on one of the spots!

    • Happy to secure in a spot in the family plan too. I can't pm you either. Pls pm me instead :)

    • Hi sparky I’m keen for 2 spots please pm me

    • I would like to join . Cant pm yet as im new

    • Sorry to the new people, but I am only taking in veterans who are active here, there is one place remaining :)

      • Do I count as a veteran? I would like this spot pls

    • Unless Goldenra1n responds soon, there is two remaining spots………

      • Just signed up with Sparky's plan.

        All good!

    • Sorry all, its full up now!

  • Anyone looking to join try here if youre not a 'VETERAN'

  • Looking to join a family plan

  • Happy to start a family plan if I get enough people joining

    • Interested in joining if you are starting one

      • +1

        I've created a spotify family account, please PM me if you want an invitation

        • will this be an AUS account? Pm'd

        • @wing32:

          Yes it will be AUS account

        • Pm'd for a slot if still available :)

        • Pm if slot if still available

        • Pm'd!

  • Merged from Anyone interested in starting up an overseas spotify family account??

    They're about $15 per year , per person to have a full access spotify account.
    Let's see if we have enough people interested & someone can set it up

    • Wow that's cheaper than it was before, what's the current rate? I'm keen. Let me know if you find 4 others?

    • Does the overseas spotify have the same collection as the AUS version? If so, interested!

      • I've got a .ph account, and it's definitely missing some stuff that the AU one has.

    • I'm interested

  • -1

    Interested in joing future spots for family plan, pm me.

  • Just started a new family account, anyone keen pm me. $36 for 12 months will renew / contact you next year.

    • All full peeps

  • -1

    Send me a message people if you need a spot for your family plan! Cheers

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    Hi looking to join if anyone has any openings :)

    • -1

      bump - pls msg me if anyone has spots

  • -1

    Any new groups forming?

  • -1

    Hi I would like to join too, please msg if there is any spot.

  • Hi guys happy to start a family plan if i have enough people joining (will be an AUS account)
    same deal as everyone else $36 per year will renew / contact you next year

  • -1

    I'd be very keen to join in if someone still has any spots left :)

    • I m starting a premium family when I’ve enough spots

      • count me in please :)

      • Add me if you got spot

        • +2

          Yes I’m waiting for two more spots left to start a family acc. ;)

  • Hi guys, new here. Well not really been using ozbargain to look for deals only for past two years. Did not know there were forums and benefits like this
    Cut to short. I wanna be in family sharing account. Anyone?
    I am gonna cancel my premium as soon I I finish with this post. Time to save some money 💰

    • Hey, you still looking? I’m going to start one.

      • I m in

  • I’m looking to start a family plan, so looking for five people.

    Usual details - pay 1 year in advance, will contact you before renewal next year, etc.

    Let me know if you’re interested and once we’ve got the 6, will get it going.

    • +1

      I’m keen tomsco


      • No worries. Once we’ve got a few more will get the ball rolling.

    • I'm keen to join. I'll PM you.

    • All spots now filled.

  • Im interested if anyone backs out!

  • +1

    I know it’s not appropriate here but let this slide
    if anybody also wanna share Netflix, I am interested

  • Hoping to start a plan. Please PM if keen with cell phone number. Will discuss further on WhatsApp

    • Hey im interested

    • Your PM's are disabled.
      For anyone starting a family account - I'm still looking.

      • Sorry enabled now. I am thinking of getting YouTube premium family as it has more benefits

  • -1

    Anyone still have a spot for spotify family?, keen to join

  • -1

    Also keen to join a spotify family plan. Never PMed before have to figure out how to do that let alone know if there disabled. Keen to join though.

  • -1

    Looking to join a group if anyone has a spot, thanks in advance!

    • Hey pandalover,

      I'm interested as well!

  • -1

    If anyone is interested to creating a spotify premium family account let me know :)

  • +1

    I'm also looking to join another family account, let me know if you are starting one and I'll PayPal the money upfront. Preferably a yearly thing.

  • Looking to join a family plan as well. PM me please

  • +1

    Looking to join a family plan if anyone has a spot open.

  • -1

    Looking to join a family plan if there is a spot open

    • send me a PM.

  • Wanted to warn everyone of a scam I fell for on ozbargain. Joined a Spotify family account by advancing the $$ through PayPal. All worked well for a week then Spotify couldn't verify the address and bumped me off the account.

    On responding to the ozbargainer to check what had happened, their account was hacked and someone was selling these bogus spots.

    Beware of how you go about getting on a family plan and don't make the same mistake I made

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    Looking to join a family plan if there's a spot open, thanks.

  • I have started a new family plan. 3 spots left. Veterans who are active here only. PM me for details

    • No spots left. ALL GONE!

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    I’m looking to join a family plan for the year too

  • Please be aware that there have been incidents of OzBargain accounts being accessed by unauthorised users, see here for more information.

    If you are asked to send money to Geoffrey Katu or Paypal [email protected] (that account is likely now suspended), do not proceed and contact moderators immediately with the username of the user you have dealt with and a copy paste of the PM conversation.

    To keep your OzBargain account safe, please use a unique password, especially if your password has been compromised previously.

  • +1

    Looking for a spot in a family plan, can pay upfront for a year.

  • +2


    Lots of people including myself wishing to join an account but few offering. I'm happy to start one myself but could someone who has done it please explain the process?

    • +1

      You get everyone joining to send you their email address and payment, everyone joining should update their address to the same address (in my previous team up we used the Sydney townhall address). you set up the family subscription and send out invites to the email addresses. That’s pretty much it. Billing is monthly to the person managing the family subscription.

      If myself, yourself, eunos and andyzing above are keen, let’s start one?

      • Keen as well. Ideally a year at a time for simplicity.

      • +1

        Yep I'm keen, my PMs are open.

  • +2

    I too am looking to join a family group. Please pm me if you’re setting one up. Also happy to start one if we can get 5 people together. I was part of a team up with some lovely people here on ozb but missed out on the renewal as I hadn’t logged on to ozb for a while

    • looks like we are pretty close with the numbers now.

      • 3 definites so far. let’s wait and see if any more people express interest in the next few days. If we can get the maximum (6) that’d be great

        • Agree, Low Punt seems interested as well.

    • +1

      Yep I’ve pmed you with my details

  • So far we have 4 people confirmed:

    That leaves two available slots. If you’re keen to join our family group, please pm me ideally by end of this week so we can get this finalised.

    • Keen, PMed

      • Thanks spendNsave, saw your pm. Will get back to you once slots filled.

        Just one more slot to be filled now.

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