Spotify Family Plan Sharing ($17.99/Month for 6 Accounts)


The buying / sharing forum thread for Spotify family is now discontinued. Users who wish to join groups, or recruit group members will now be required to use the Ozbargain Classifieds section

Usual Classifieds guidelines apply. Please read for more information.

Was looking around to see if there were any places for 'matchmaking' spotify users for family plans, as apparently no-one I know wants to either pay, or pay less, for spotify. Came across this:

Would doing something like this through ozbargain be cool?

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        • Pm sent.

          • +1

            @joshuapending: got it, thanks. will get back to you sometime this week as i hope the last slot will be filled over the next few days

    • Keen, sent PM!

  • -1

    Does anyone have any spots available in a family group ?

  • -1

    I would like to join a group. Pm me if any spots available

  • -1

    Please PM me if you need an extra family member.
    I'm looking to join a family group

  • I've just started up a family group. It's just my wife and I so far, so 4 more slots to fill. PM me if you're keen.

    • PM sent, cheers

    • Keen, PMed!

  • I've got one available spot left in my family group, if anyone's still searching.

    • I'm interested, just sent you a PM :)

    • All spots taken now.

  • Hey guys,

    Has anyone encountered any problems with Spotify cracking down on family accounts trying to confirm their GPS location?

  • Hi All

    We have an existing family plan and one person confirmed to drop out on 3/03/19. any one interested?

    • Interested! Will send you a PM shortly

  • -1

    Orphan looking for a family. Anyone have a free spot?

  • Hi guys,
    Looking to buy a spot in a family membership. Does anyone have a spot open?

  • Organising a Spotify family group - 4 of 6 spots available. :)

    Send me a message if keen.

    • I'm keen, I tried sending you a PM

      • Nice! Will reach out to you shortly to organise the details

  • I'm keen to jump in again since Spotify ended my previous OzBargain family deal a month and a half early >_<

  • I have 2 spots left on my family plan. Prepayment of 12 months ($36) is required via PayPal or Direct Deposit. PM me with your email address for details.

    If the subscription fees for the Spotify Family Plan change, I will notify everyone via email or private message with the updated subscription end date (assuming the price increases, the plan end date will be brought forward from the original 12 months).

    The 12 month prepayment is non refundable. Option for renewal after the first 12 months may be offered.

    • Only 1 spot available, will update when taken.
      Plan has been running for 2-3 weeks so happy to reduce the price a little to match remaining 49 weeks.
      Pm me for more details

      • All spots taken

  • Hi All

    I have a single spot available for anyone looking to join
    Will start on the 14th of March
    Will be an upfront payment of $36 for the year


    • I'll jump in on that if nobody else has

  • We have one more spot available - comment or send me a PM. Looking start the family plan some time 12 to 19 March.

  • -1

    Looking for 2 spots please :) Thank you.

  • Hi fellows, looking to buy a spot in a family membership. Please PM me if any available, thanks.

  • Looking to buy a spot in family membership as well. Please PM me if any available. Thanks

  • Looking for 2 spots as well please

  • Hi guys,

    Long time lurker, first time commenter.. Considering upgrading to a family plan.. Will have 4 slots..
    Would like to keep it simple, but just like one of the aforementioned comments the plan would be you'd prepay for 12m with the option to re-sub in a year if you'd like.

    Anyone interested?


    • I would like to join. PM me?

    • Yes I will be in, PM me, thanks.

    • I would like to join too. Please PM me

  • I would like to join a group. Someone please PM me

    • I have 3 slots - pre-pay for a year for $36.00. Let me know if you're interested.

  • Looking for a group.

    • I have a Spotify family account with 3 more places.

      PM me for more info :)

  • Creating my own family account. Have 4 spots available.

    Looking to start week commencing 25/03.

    $36 bank transfer/payID for 12 months in advance.

    I will add you as a family member as soon as you tell me that you have paid.

  • Please PM me if you need an extra family member.
    I'm looking to join a family group

  • Hi - also looking for 1 spot. Please PM if you have a spot available.


  • My premium free trial finishes at the end of March, and now I'm hooked, so also looking to join a group.

    Alternatively, if there are 4 other members that want to join, then I'm happy to start a new group.

    • Hi - I'm happy to join your group - 1 spot please.

      • +1

        Okay great. I'm looking to start the family plan on April 1. I'll see if we can get 3 more people by then.

    • We now have 2 people who are interested, so just need 2 more.

    • We have 4 interested people now. If anyone drops out or changes their mind, will update this, but otherwise all spots are now taken. Will PM those interested with further details.

    • Still have 2 spots available as have received no response from two people (Shannonandanne, PipsJM). Have received confirmation and payment from ern123 and xnonymous. Please PM or comment here if interested in joining our Spotify family group. Payment of $36 via Paypal for one year.

    • Family plan is going ahead now (will start April 1 2019 to April 1 2020) as received confirmation and payment from Shannonandanne.

      Though still have 1 spot available for anyone interested.

      • All spots taken. PipsJM has secured the final spot. Thank you!

  • I’m keen

  • looking to join a family , PM If you have any space. Thanks!

  • Looking to join one, my previous ozb family just expired! 1 year goes fast but I can't live without premium now

  • Looking to join a family, please PM me if you have a spot. TIA

  • Looking for a family out there, PM me pls. TIA

  • Looking to join a family, please PM

  • Hi
    I'll be setting up a new family account and will take 3 slots. So I'll have 3 free. PM if interested and first 3 will get slots. Once payment received I'll then create family account so we get full 12 months


    • I've dropped you a PM, are you still looking for extras?

      • Sorry taken

  • Looking for two spots, pm if you have any availability please =)

  • Looking for 2 spots for my kids pm if you need some orphens

  • I’m looking for one spot but also happy to organise a family account if anyone is interested so I’ll have 5 spots available. I’m keen to join or start one by next month.

    • Pm-ed to join thanks!

    • PM me when you have enough to create the family account, I am looking for 1 spot.

    • Also looking to join, one spot required

      • Hi lawcheung, I’m unable to PM you. Message me for details

    • Also keen to join. Thanks

  • Any one have any spots needing 1 or 2

  • im looking for a spot pm me thanks

  • Got five spots available :) PM me

    • Update: 3 Spots reserved, 2 more to go.

      • 1 more to go.

        • All spots are now taken. I will contact you shortly with the payment details etc.

  • +1

    Pm you with 2 orphans needing a home

  • I'm looking for an annual family spot, please PM if you have a spot! TIA

  • Please PM me if anybody has a spot available.

  • I’ve got a spot became available. Please PM me.

  • I'm looking for an annual family spot also. Would consider setting up an account if you're in the same spot. Just let me know via comment or direct message. Happy to provide references.

    • Hi there, are you still looking to set up an account? I'm looking to join if you are setting it up. Cheers.

      • Hey, thanks for the message. I've since organised it via the Classifieds section - only took a couple of days from start to full.

        • I'm guessing all the spots have been filled?

  • Is there a Netflix equivalent of this thread? I was unable to find it so if someone could please point me in the right direction I’d greatly appreciate it.

    • I just popped a Wanted ad into the Classifieds section and got it sorted pretty quick. But, I'm sure if you started a thread that would be easier for everyone else moving forward.

  • Hi All,

    Can you please contact me if you would like to keep going with the membership as this is due to expire shortly.


    • All spots have now been exhausted - thanks for your interest :)

  • still looking for a spot. pm me thanks

  • Currently have 2 free spots. PM me if interested.

    • Have replied to your PM. Keen!

    • I like to know. Also you don’t allow PM

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