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Cheaper Netflix Via VPN for Existing / New Subscribers (E.G Basic $4.07, Standard $7.11, Ultra $10.16 Per Month W/ No Fee Card)


Greetings everyone, I was trying to figure out a cheaper way to get Netflix easily (rather than use iTunes billing and other avenues) and I found this thread over at MyDealz, I thought it was worthwhile to share it.

You can get Netflix for significantly cheaper by signing up / renewing via a quick VPN trick. I only just updated my plan 30 minutes ago, and signed up for the Ultra plan (UHD, 4 Devices) via Argentina and got charged 229 Argentinian Pesos which equated to be $8.99 for the month via my no fee card.

This works out to be approximately 50% of the pricing of Australian Netflix (Basic $9.99, Standard $13.99, Ultra $17.99).

Neil also completed a great write up a few years ago about this, check that out for further reference to assist with getting the deal.

Some examples of the pricing can be found here (I have highlighted the cheapest for each package in bold:)


  • Basic: 15.99 TRY (Equates currently to ~$4.06 AUD Per Month)
  • Standard: 27.99 TRY (Equates currently to ~$7.11 AUD Per Month)
  • Ultra: 39.99 TRY (Equates currently to ~$10.16 AUD Per Month)


  • Basic: 129 ARS (Equates currently to ~$4.97 AUD Per Month) Now 149 ARS
  • Standard: 169 ARS (Equates currently to ~$6.51 AUD Per Month) Now 219 ARS
  • Ultra: 229 ARS (Equates currently to ~$8.82 AUD Per Month) Now 299 ARS

Argentina has now been updated to a new pricing structure. Turkey is now the cheapest.

Hits has kindly made a spreadsheet with the current pricing in AUD from the cheapest countries.

If you have access to a VPN, it is an extremely easy process:

For New Subscribers:

  1. Connect to a VPN that has the cheapest pricing for the package you require per the spreadsheet above.
  2. Go to Netflix and enter your details to sign up to a new account.
  3. Go through and select the package that you would like, make sure the prices are in the desired currency per the VPN.
  4. Continue through and sign-up, your billing will now be in the currency per the VPN.
  5. Turn off the VPN and your account will be Australian, but will bill in the cheaper currency.

For Existing Subscribers:

  1. Go to Your Account and Cancel your subscription. It will expire at the end of the billing period.
  2. When the billing expires, Connect to a VPN of your choice, login and click reactivate your subscription.
  3. Go through and select the package that you would like, make sure the prices are in the desired currency per the VPN.
  4. Continue through and complete the reactivation, your billing will now be in the currency per the VPN.
  5. Turn off the VPN and your account will be Australian, but will bill in the cheaper currency.

Your account will only have titles from a different country if you are connected via VPN. With this method, It will charge in the foreign currency, but your account will have Australia titles :)

It is worthwhile to continue to check which country is the cheapest each month to get the best price :)

There's heaps of VPN deals around if you don't have access to a VPN yet, I used Windscribe for reference and connected to Argentina with ease.

I really hope this helps people out, it's definitely helped me out :)

All credit must go to Luca Lutz @ MyDealz for the help.

As always, enjoy!

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  • +6

    I have a load of credit on my Netflix account from vouchers. Does anyone know if it stays on my account if I cancel my subscription and then can I use it if I do this trick?

    • +12

      I had a gift card loaded in my netflix. When i cancelled. It said it would cancel after the gift card value goes to 0.

      Contacted support, they said as a good will will restore the gift card value when you reconnect. But after validating that you have not used your account during the period you wanted it to be syspended and it was running on gift card balance.

      After a few months tried to reconnect, very lengthy and annoying process. Had to pay for one month and activate the account only then they would restore my gift card balance and that too after lot of validations and looking into old chat and all that.

      So not easy.

    • google chrome is a botnet

  • Sounds good. Do I only sign-in on vpn? And that's it? Don't I need to change ip to different country?

    • U need to use the Vpn to connect to the country you want the price from.

      • Thanks. Now I will wait for my Netflix subscription to expire. Hope they don't fix this loophole in the meantime

      • +1

        So you just need to sign up with a vpn and use the netflix account anywere without the vpn?

      • +2

        are any free VPN recommendations?

    • +3

      Thats what the VPN does…

  • +26

    Interesting that they figured out how to block VPN usage for their content, but haven't done the same for their account fees.

    • I’m still using a VPN to stream US content?

      • +10

        How long has the VPN lasted?
        Last time I tried a VPN it was a game of whack-a-mole.

        • Best to use a good VPN provider.

          • @serpserpserp: Good VPN provider does not guarantee you can bypass Netflix geolocking forever.
            I am currently with vpn.ac and I can watch US Netflix on my PC and Macbook Pro, how long will this last? I don't know.
            Previously I was with Private Internet Access and I cannot watch Netflix from any country except Australia.

            • +1

              @edfoo: Not a guarantee, but your choice of a good VPN provider certainly tips the odds in your favour of it lasting awhile or them starting up new servers if old ones get blacklisted.

              • +3

                @serpserpserp: i think paying extra to your vpn to get your own dedicated IP will help a lot, but someone else might have better info about this :)

                • +1

                  @191919: Just note that they still know about some IP ranges. I have a VPN hosted on a (free) amazon ec2 VM and I can't use it to unlock US netflix content as they know that the IP belongs to Amazon's data centre.

                  • @macrocephalic: how do you set this up?

                    • @furythree: AWS is only free for a year. You'll need a new CC number every year to game it.

                      Spin up a t2.micro, install openvpn (http://www.pivpn.io/ is easy), create security group allowing udp 1194 (from everywhere, or just your public IP). Et voila.

                      Keep in mind AWS also does not provide unlimited bandwidth.

                      It is easier to just pay for a cheap VPN really.

                  • @macrocephalic: IMO I think they are blocking the IPs based on BGP.

          • @serpserpserp: Agreed, the good ones have lots of sites and constantly work around Netflix blocks.

        • have thes kids tablets/chromecasts and living room TV selectively routed over a 24/7 vpn established on the router.. works all weekend every weekend (and a little use during the week) for the last 6 months or so without ever touching it. have it doing self-checks every 5mins and re-stablishing vpn connection so its hands free but haven't had any blocking issues. expressvpn.

          router keeps a vpn connection up and then any of the local IPs in the address group get routed over the vpn and another dnat transparent 53 rule to ensure they use the vpn's DNS servers too.

        • How long has the VPN lasted?
          Last time I tried a VPN it was a game of whack-a-mole.

          Netflix kind of gave up on the cat and mouse game which they can never win (with paid vpn) because the VPN provider just changes and changes and changes, as soon as it gets blocked.

          At this time, there is no free vpn which consistantly allows for US netflix access. (As far as I know, correct me if I am wrong) . I have seen some others post that some of the free ones sometimes work.

          ExpressVPN is what I use, but that os only because it has android tv app, so I run VPN solely through TV, no router hack no computer

          That said, Australian netflix is fine and I honestly haven't used the US netflix for several months despite watching netflix many hours every day. I have the option there, to use US netflix for free (I bought a share cheap in my friends ExpressVPN account) but I haven't bothered lately, as I find plenty of content on Australian Netflix.
          ExpressVPN have a free trial, if you want to see what your missing (or not missing) , and have a comparison of US netflix vs Aus Netflix. I mostly just noticed that Stan content is available on US netflix, and not on Aus netflix (for obvious reasons). Also, sometimes the US netflix is a season ahead, even with netflix original content. I had to go US netflix to watch final season of 'Shameless' after I watched first 7 or so seasons on Aus Netflix.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser271064: yeah Eff that

            sonar nzbget plex


            the more hurdles they create with region locking, exclusives bullshit like consoles do and all that. the more i will continue to pirate

            i only pay for netflix so the kids can fire up some obscure tv show that i cant be bothered downloading

      • would be interested in more info on this if you have the time, please :)


        i found this link which looks promising!

    • Yeah it would be easy to know the country of origin for the credit card number.

      • But you could validly be living in the other country and still have an Australian bank account.

        The only 'fair' way to do this would be to make users have a different account for each region, but that would ruin their model.

      • +1

        Yes std VISA or MASTERCARD then country of origin is known. If you use AMEX then the country is unknown, I do this for Hulu & US Netflix

    • Can easily use a VPN to watch US netflix still

      This is a different situation though, if you moved to America or are in America on holiday you should be able to use your current Netflix account. If they blocked this then they would essentially be blocking your account if you ever move/go on holiday.

    • +1

      I'm still getting US Netflix via Smart DNS Proxy - cost me USD35 for 2 years last year

      BBC iplayer too

      • Same - good service but was even better when they had 7 or 8 countries to choose from

      • Hi, with BBC iPlayer, how do you get past the TV licence requirement?

        • +1

          Currently, you don't actually need a TV licence, you just have to click a button confirming that you have one. I think in future this will change but right now it works without the need for a licence

          You need to set up an account for which you will need a UK postcode - a quick Google search will get you one

          In my experience, you also need a really good internet connection. iplayer is not as technically capable as Netflix and without decent NBN, buffering will be an issue

          Once you've sorted all this out, you'll find the BBC is fantastic. The quality of the content is just so good

          • +1

            @R4: Thanks dude (and sorry for the late acknowledgement)

          • @R4: I use a cheap VPS running SoftEther VPN and then use get_iplayer from a RasPi to download the programs overnight.

            No need for a BBC iPlayer account.

            • @4wd: Cool. There's many ways to get it.

              Personally not a fan of VPNs and prefer DNS redirect.

              • @R4: I've got SmartDNS Proxy (have had it for 4 years) but whether it works for BBC iPlayer is in the hands of the fairies - sometimes it works, 10 minutes later it doesn't. Seems to depend on which of their CDN servers is being used.

                By comparison a dedicated VPN (on VPS) with less than 4 users has worked 100% of the time.

                • @4wd: Fair enough. Been using them for 2 years and I've never had a problem.

                  The biggest issue I find with the BBC is that it's a bandwidth hog and not as good technically as, say, Netflix. I have an excellent 100/40 FTTN link with ABB and I can just barely stream iplayer. I guess this is a geolocation problem. I often now just download BBC content within iplayer.

  • +2

    Any deals on VPN? lol

    • +2

      The lifetime subscription to Windscribe on stacksocial was a good deal before but now it's gone up to 70 bucks I think, I haven't checked.
      Edit: It's $59 usd, it was $49 when I got it last year.

      • Still worth it imo! I have Windscribe and it's great!

    • +6

      NordVPN is good. Can generally get two or three years for $100

  • Ok but now I need a VPN….

    Can you cancel and update billing if you are mid-cycle instead of waiting?

    • Nope, not unless you just create a new account and start from scratch.

    • Most VPNs have free trials for a few days if you ask them.

  • Awesome, thanks for sharing this

  • Hooray my 4 x 6 months Telstra TV credit runs out soon.

  • someone with the google-fu should copy that spreadsheet and change the currency to AUD

    • +23

      That someone is you.

  • any way to pay 12 months upfront?

    • Buy their gift cards

  • +15

    I wrote about this in 2015 and one of the commenters (gui) provided this spreadsheet for all countries including Australia.

    • Unfortunately doesn't include the countries that are important to Ozbargain, and not in AUD.

      • It is in AUD. Check the dropdown on the top left.

        It's missing Turkey though and looks like Argentina is no longer correct?

        • Interesting. It was JPY when I loaded the sheet. Now it's in AUD.

          • @talismansa: Sure you weren't "turning Japanese"?

            • +4

              @Steptoe: Clearly you don't know what that actually means… Urban Dictionary - Turning Japanese

              • +1

                @sk3iron: Whoa, that really gives the song a different vibe

              • @sk3iron: Thanks for ruining a great song… Certainly worth another listen in a different light.

              • @sk3iron: That I did not know. I am going to have to check the lyrics on the song. All those times we sung the "i think i'm turning japanese" in public places in our youth. hmmm, think the joke was on us ha ha ha. greatest practical joke!

              • @sk3iron: Jokes shouldn’t need explaining, but the quote marks should give it away…

    • I completely missed that because I thought it might have been posted as a deal, great write up Neil!

    • Nice to see people stealing my spreadsheet. Anyhow, whatever works. I’ll add Turkey to my spreadsheet when I get a chance. Credit to Neil for making me think of creating this spreadsheet in the first place.

      My spreadsheet includes different source currencies, so useful for anyone, not just AUD.

  • +1

    We do keep getting ripped off in every of these subscriptions here in Australia. Wonder why

    • +8

      We are subsidising the service for poorer countries. They need to let a foothold in emerging markets, and when some of them become wealthy later, they can raise prices.

    • +1

      Because they're American.

    • +5

      Not limited to subscriptions. We get ripped off in absolutely everything.

    • Actually, we pay less than the US does, I know because my account is billed in USD (I set it up using a VPN before it came to Australia) and I'm currently getting billed more than the cost here - I've been meaning to fix it up.

      • Me too actually, my billing period ends on the 3rd December though haha

    • +6

      Personally I prefer paying a few dollars a month extra for Netflix and Spotify if it means living in country with 5x better average wage and much better political/social stability.

      • +7

        Gues you don't live in Australia we don't have any of that

  • -1

    I've been using Argentina for many months now. No vpn required just search for online vpn browsers that access via Argentina.

    Like: http://teleportyou.com/Argentina/

    • +19

      Be wary of putting in credit card details through those kind of sites.

      • +8

        I think the more correct response is "Do not under any circumstances use your credit card on one of these sites"

    • +1

      Yeah I aint using my credit card through an online VPN…

      • +2

        Payment sites will all be over ssl, so no risk of using a VPN…i mean no more risk than usual.

        • +1

          Incorrect, sites like the example (teleportyou.com) are essentially a constant man in the middle attack. Any information you enter can be compromised.

          • +4

            @bombaman: He said VPN, I said VPN. That website is a proxy. Not the same thing (why I replied to stub, not serp)

            However I DO understand the confusion, so good pick up. Don't put sensitive data though a Web proxy!

          • +1

            @bombaman: If the browser is running SSL then the VPN can't do anything more than any of the dozens of servers that your traffic flows through already.

            Banks already absorb the cost of fraudulent credit card transactions - you just have to notify them. You should be much more diligent with your email password than you are with your credit card number.

            • @macrocephalic: Exactly right. If credit card get compromised banks will sort it out.

    • What is your payment method, everyone seems to have problems paying by AU CC

      • I used AU CC no probs but that was months ago so maybe they changed something recently?

  • I took the advantage of Netflix Free Trial some times ago, and found that it doesn't have much content. When everyone is saying using VPN to connect to US Netflix, how much more content does Netflix US provides? Any example?

    • +1

      Quite a bit more tbh

      basically combines the Netflix and Stan libraries so you get Parks and Rec, The Office, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Friends (just off the top of my head some popular shows) as well as all the stuff on Aus netflix

      It used to be even better but slowly Netflix originals are taking over the platform.

    • Yeah aus Netflix is a disappointment for me. Maybe I expected more popular movies. Be interested to trial the US version but not sure how or if possible.

      • I was also dissapointed by the lack of movies.

    • I am working my way around the free trials - netflix, stan, prime. I found this is little between them, so I am going to see if I can keep doing the rounds on different email/credit card combos. Then probably go for prime as its the cheapest. I don't need much tv anyway. Rather do other evening activities.

  • I just go halves with a mate and use discounted iTunes to get to about the same price.. with less chance of account issues.

  • I just put a $50 gift card last night,fml.

  • Impressive work doweyy!

  • +1

    Could you get a VPN for a month (or if they do a free trial of a few days).
    Execute your method of Netflix, then cancel the VPN but continue getting the cheap prices?

    • +2


    • Yep, I think that's the point of this. Only signup with VPN and after that you'll just get restricted to AU content.

  • Is there a free VPN that will allow us to sign up to this? I know I had a free windscribe account but have never really used it

    • I used my Windscribe account for the first time last night even though I signed up last year. It worked fine.

      • Windscribe wants me to go pro in order to access argentina. How did you work around this please?

        • Sorry, I didn't use it for Argentina. I'd probably try NordVPN free trial for that.

        • Just ask Garry (the bot on the Windscribe website) and he will give you a week of Pro for free, to try it out. You can use it to connect to Argentina, then stop using it.

  • del

  • I just tried this the other night. Was finding netflix turkey not accepting my Australian 28degrees or Macquarie cards. Anyone else experience this?

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