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Free 6 Months Netflix for Telstra TV + Other Targeted Telstra Customers (eg. Go Mobile Plans) [New & Existing Netflix Customers]


(Other Targeted) Telstra Customers: check https://hub.telstra.com.au/offers

From time to time Telstra change the bonus deals available with the Telstra TV (a rebadged Roku). Right now they have 6 months of Netflix available to all customers regardless of Netflix deals taken in the past, that's right, new and existing customers/owners of Telstra TV's, all you need to do is log in to your Telstra TV account and claim your free 6 months!!

Once applied your Netflix account will be $72AUD greater off. You can upgrade to the UHD plan for 4 months or stay on the HD plan for 6 months or lower your plan to the SD version and get 8 months paid for in advance. Once the credit runs out your credit card is charged again.


Netflix 6 month offer: Valid for 6 months of Netflix Service when you redeem before 14 February 2017 on the AU$11.99/mth “Two Screens at a Time Streaming Plan” (total value $71.94). Not redeemable or refundable for cash, subject to applicable law, and cannot be exchanged for Netflix Gift Subscriptions. You may apply the value of the offer to a different plan, or other services offered by Netflix. Exchanges in this manner may alter the duration of the offer. Netflix Service price plans subject to change. See netflix.com/termsofuse


Netflix gift cards cannot be redeemed on an account that is billed through certain third party partners, such as iTunes. To redeem a Netflix gift card if your account is billed through such partners, you must first cancel your Netflix billing through the partner and then redeem your card at www.netflix.com/redeem once the billing period ends.

Mod note: According to this comment, the netflix offer can be redeemed up to 31 March 2017.

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  • +4

    Awesome post!

    Saw it mentioned on Whirlpool, but thought it was for new activations only - thanks OP :)

    • That's where I saw it too but it's Christmas so time to share with everyone :)

      • Same.

  • +1

    Great find! Thanks! Also when logged in you can activate 1 month free Foxtel Play (as posted on OZB earlier)

  • +5

    My Netflix is paid through Google Play using Telstra prepaid credit.

    So either way, thanks Telstra.

    • +2

      I am intrigued can explain how it works

      • +4

        @777 Follow these instructions http://whrl.pl/ReMlVh

        • What is the advantage in doing this?

        • +5

          @Little Miss: There's a not so old prepaid plan from Telstra called Freedom Plus. A $40 recharge on it will give you unlimited calls, texts, 3GB of data and $40 recharge credit. This recharge credit is able to be used on Google Play. So basically you give Telstra $40 and get $40 you can spend on Google Play. So because of this you can basically pay for Netflix with your telstra credit.

        • @realfancyman: Is there a $30 dollar plan that provides this option?

        • @poormansfriedchicken: yes but Telstra no longer offer this plan to new customers

        • @realfancyman: Only works if you still have Freedom Plus and have not changed it alas. No good for new signups

        • Followed the isntructions but still get one check box. :(

        • @newington07: Are you sure you turned smart lock off? If not, follow these instructions to do so: http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/103232/how-do-i-t...

          I can assure you it work as I have used this method to sign up for 2 netflix account both using google play.

    • +1

      How does that work?

    • +4

      Same, but this means for 6 months I won't need to use my recharge credit. I got the Telstra TV for free from a relative that has no interest in it so it's at no cost to me.

  • +2

    Wonder if there is anyway for telstra customers to hack a roku to get this deal

  • +1

    Wow! $71.94 for free! Thanks reslo!

  • Thanks OP.

  • Great find, Thanks a lot OP!

  • Neat. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP

  • Using Netflix via PS4 and have Telstra account. How to avail?

    • +3

      Telstra TV is a specific device. You need one to get this.

      • +1

        Can confirm that credit got applied!!! Just have to sign in the testra tv account and avail the offer!!

        • @nickskewl - was there something required to trick the system? My account only shows the Foxtel redemption… Perhaps it is Telstra Mobile targeted offer, not Telstra/Bigpond?

        • +1

          @pensionday: Can by as I have both. Having said that the username is via bigpond for me!!!

  • Awesome find OP. Not with Telstra anymore but was still able to redeem the offer. That's the rest of the summer break sorted.

  • +2

    Still had 3 months from another Telstra promo, don't have to pay for Netflix for 9 more months now. Thanks

    • The first hit is free, then they've got you for life

    • Do the offers stack?

      • Yes, mine did. I just got another 3 months worth the other day on my mobile plan, and then this this morning. I now have $107.91 credit in my Netflix account.

  • Amazing find, thanks Reslo!

  • awesome! will get the 4 months of UHD. hope that telstra will eventually make Netflix quota free.

    • Hi Nubzy,

      how did you get 4 months of UHD free? My dad tells me we are on it but when I tried to redeem this offer it just showed 6 months HD which is great but I am not sure how you change it to the UHD for 4 months.


      • +1

        It should just credit $72 to your account
        If you've set your netflix to the HD plan, it will take $12 from the 72 for 6 months
        If you change your settings to the UHD plan, it will take $15 for 4 months (and you'll have 12 left over for a fifth month if you want to switch it then)

  • -2

    Sorry, we are unable to complete the sign-up process now. Please try again later.

    Anyone contacted Netflix support before? Wondering how much of a pain this will be.

  • Your A$59.95 credit will be applied to your next bill.

    I think it's because it has already deducted the amount for this months bill. Can anyone confirm they have the same amount of credit?

    • I got this too. Anyone know how to get it increased to $72?

      • +1

        Are you guys on the UHD plan? Maybe worth changing to the FHD one, claiming, then changing back.

        • It is Full HD with 2 screens. So you have the $72 credit?

        • @TheOneWhoKnocks: I'm currently on the UHD/ 4 screens plan which is $15 a month. But holding off claiming until someone works out how to get $72 rather than $60 credit.

          So you are on 2 screen plan but got $60. Which is 5 months rather than 6.

        • +4

          @kulprit: It is $72 credit though. It just pays for the current month and gives you the rest as credit on your account.

          That's how it worked for me anyway, I had my Netflix account deactivated for about 6 months and it has paid for my current month and still shows as $59.95 left in credit (so 6 months in total).

          If you already have an existing account it may be doing something weird like paying for the current month twice when you've already paid for it?

    • +3

      It's $59.95 US if you signed up to Netflix in the US.

      • Yep. Got the same so it's still equivalent to 6 months in USD.

  • Can I enjoy the credits and stop the credit card auto recharging? Basically I am happy to enjoy the free credit, but if there is no free credit, I will just stop using it, do not want to pay…

  • +3

    Thanks! Got like 18 months free to my account by stacking up :)

    • +2

      How do you do that?

      • +1

        Parents are on a phone plan, download the telstra tv app on the devices and recieve another 6 months :)

  • Your A$59.95 credit will be applied to your next bill. 2 screens + HD

    That's what I got

    • +1

      That's US$ not AUD$

      • It is AUD.

        • Strange, the website clearly states the value is 6x$11.99. When I applied mine it stated it was $59.95US (as my account was set up there).

          Was your Netflix account active? Read Porthos's comment above.

        • @reslo: Yeah so it's the same for each country.

  • Is it possible to postpone the bonus 6-months?

    I currently have the free 3-months with Telstra TV and I'd like to unsubscribe for a few months, then re-activate later.

    • "Must redeem 6 months offer by 31/03/17. After 6 Months standard charges for Netflix HD charges apply unless you cancel your subscription earlier."

      Not sure if that answers your question.

      • I realised my 3-month subscription ends a few days before the 31/03/17 and that the subscriptions stack - so it doesn't matter when you take up the 6-month offer.

        Thanks though

  • Great job OP.
    Thanks !!

  • +2

    I logged into telstra-tv using my telstra ID and got:

    You have 0 active Telstra TVs. Did you log in here by accident?

    I do see the foxtel play offer, but not the netflix.

    Could I borrow a telstra-tv, associate it with my account to get the offer, then reset and return the device?

    • same here … able to logon using my previous account but not active Telstra TV…. No Free Netflix for me???

      • +1

        You need to activate a Telstra TV on your account.

    • Can you download the Telstra TV app to a phone?

      One of the comments above says that worked, I think…

  • +2

    Sorry, we are unable to complete the sign-up process now. Please try again later.

    I wonder if its cause my account I'm paying via iTunes.

    • +1

      I'm getting the same message and I'm also paying via iTunes (thanks discounted iTunes gift cards!). I've just cancelled my Netflix subscription through iTunes and will try this again as soon as Netflix reflects that the billing no longer is being handled through iTunes.

      • I've done the same thinking it could be because of iTunes subscription. Now I have to wait 29 days to apply the promotion :/

        • +2

          Yeah it was my iTunes billing causing the problem. Mine expired today and I was able to then successfully apply the Telstra offer!

        • @misterchan: Mine expired today as well and managed to apply the offer. Have you been able to link it back to iTunes or do you have to wait with that until your credit runs out?

        • @bozbargain: Not tried it but given there's 6 months of free Netflix to go, I don't see any rush to do it just yet :-)

    • +1

      I'm getting the same message. I pay for Netflix via Google Play stored using Telstra carrier billing.

      I have cancelled the Google Play subscription and still can't redeem the offer. I'm paid through until January 9th so I'll try again then when the current Netflix subscription has ended

      • Same error, same payment method, and will also do the same and cancel the subscription and see if works in January.

        • +1

          My Google Play subscription expired and 1 day later I was able to apply the Telstra TV credit and sign back up to Netflix. Great offer. Kids will be happy they have extra Google Play credit to spend on TV Shows. Not sure I can bear another season of Paw Patrol!

  • Great find!

  • I'm not seeing any 6 month offer OP even After signing up for Netflix. Is it amongst the account settings or something that applies during the signup process ?.

  • Is it a coupon code to add to netflix? ie, so not used on the email address logged into the telstra tv?

  • Excellent find !

  • So do I need to buy a telstra tv or what?

    • Yes.

      • +2

        I don't have a Telstra TV and never have, I logged into the TV+ iOS app and the 6 month Netflix was there and it worked. Excellent timing too as the three months free Netflix from Telstra (same app) was about to expire this month! :-)

        • I tried this and only got the standard 1 month free for new sign ups

        • @uggugg: Same here. I think it depends on your mobile plan though? $70 and up BYO plans and $95 and up Mobile Go plans?

        • @rye:

          That would explain it. I'm on prepaid

        • Logged into Netflix on tv?
          & are you referring to Telstra app on iPad?

          I don't understand. Thanks

  • can't seem to apply the gift
    (i'm on pay through Itunes normally for my netflix)

  • Netflix 6 month offer: Valid for 6 months of Netflix Service when you redeem before 14 February 2017 on the AU$11.99/mth “Two Screens at a Time Streaming Plan” (total value $71.94). Not redeemable or refundable for cash, subject to applicable law, and cannot be exchanged for Netflix Gift Subscriptions. You may apply the value of the offer to a different plan, or other services offered by Netflix. Exchanges in this manner may alter the duration of the offer. Netflix Service price plans subject to change. See netflix.com/termsofuse

  • +1

    You can usually buy the Telstra Tv boxs on gumtree for about $40- $50 if anyone needs one

  • +5

    The offer was available to me and my girlfriend through the Telstra TV app on our iPhones. Successfully applied the credit to both our Netflix accounts.

    Neither of us have a Telstra tv box…

    • I'm assuming your mobile service is with Telstra?

    • +3

      I've just checked the Telstra TV app on the iPhone…the only Netflix offer is 1 month free which is the standard Netflix new customer offer..Do you need to be logged in to a Telstra TV account?

      • I didn't log in, just using mobile data and opened the app

    • +3

      Looks like only if you have:
      - $95/mth Go Mobile Plus Plan and above
      - $70/mth Go Mobile Plus BYO Plan and above

      • +1

        I am on the $95 plan and could only see the 1 month offer

      • Worked for me on a $50 Go mobile byon

      • I'm on the $70/mth BYO offer.

    • I recharge $40 per month on Freedom Plus and the offer was not available to me. Maybe it's just selected postpaid plans

  • +5

    Haha activated this the other day when I activated my NBL.tv subscription as well (it kept throwing up an error) and saw the Netflix one as well, figured it was already known about so didn't bother even searching to see if it was on here.

    Good post OP.

    Although I don't have a Telstra TV at all, only have a Telstra postpaid mobile. It did only say 3 months free but activated as 6 months.

    Edit - ok did a bit more of a search, go to hub.telstra.com.au/offers and either turn off wifi on your phone, or log in using your Telstra account and the offer will show. No need for Telstra TV.

  • -1

    Any ideas if I can use a Chinese WiFi dongle (like a poor mans chromecast) and phone or tablet to watch Netflix?

    • Which one?

      No offense, but Chromecast is already a poor man's smart TV. But in any case, get a trial Netflix account and test it out. When I originally signed up, there were 15 day free trials for Netflix.

      • Sorry, I know nothing about this stuff.

        It's an "iCast6". DNLA / Airplay. Streams movies via Bubbleuppnp awesome. miracast function is pretty ordinary tho. So streaming Netflix from browser is probably out.

        So I just download the Netflix app to phone and hope it is supported? And that is the only way? Ie. no other apps like Bubbleuppnp support Netflix? Cheers

  • Damn it I already had a netflix 3 months offer with telstra TV which I haven't redeemed yet! Was supposed to expire in Feb. Now I lost that and replaced with this… If I redeemed it before, I would have 9 months!

    Either way. Good work op

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