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That sounds like a good name for a modelling agency.
21/06/2022 - 17:02
I've got a 2009 Mazda 6 diesel manual with about 265k km on the clock. Do my own servicing at 75% of the manufacturer km intervals (I don't...
16/06/2022 - 22:25
Couldn't agree more. Mazda 6 wagon owner with two kids here. We've borrowed RAV4 or Outlander sized SUVs from family when on holiday and...
14/05/2022 - 12:22
Why? Find one that's been used by the grandparents. Will have had a lot less use.
25/04/2022 - 14:39
That's pretty tempting, even though I don't need it. How much RAM and storage does that one come with?
15/04/2022 - 11:28
It's possible to oppose all violence, even that which is committed by your own state. I'm not sure how that's hypocritical.
19/03/2022 - 10:46
Sale of gold from prospecting isn't subject to tax.
14/03/2022 - 01:46
Wait until you go to Perth. We only recently got unrestricted Sunday trading.
09/02/2022 - 23:47
Which state government? There are six of them, and two territory governments. How have the state(s) been causing delays and, further, why...
07/02/2022 - 13:37
Quarantine is a Commonwealth responsibility. The states stepped in and hobbled together hotel quarantine in a matter of days when they...
05/02/2022 - 11:39
Assuming the government buys the tests on the wholesale market and that people test only as required based on current testing...
13/01/2022 - 17:24
I take it you don't live in WA then. We've had very few restrictions on our individual freedoms over the last two years. WA hasn't stopped...
11/01/2022 - 10:25
Yep, the I'm right Jack mentality is littered all over this deal.
11/01/2022 - 10:03
The tests should be provided for free because it makes economic sense to do so. What is the opportunity cost of not providing the tests? I...
11/01/2022 - 10:00
England still has to negotiate 6 overs to ensure the final day's play. It's not beyond them to wrap it up in that time.
08/01/2022 - 17:56
This video should be stickied as a reason why not to put kids into older bangers.
07/01/2022 - 20:47
With all the Eneloops that Ozbargainers hoard why do we need these?
26/12/2021 - 11:15
No you weren't naïve. That's what decades of death by a thousand cuts (no pun intended given your treatment) to Medicare by the federal...
25/12/2021 - 14:22
I was originally thinking of upgrading to the 6 Pro but after I saw one in person I thought the same thing. It's a bloody big phone...
27/11/2021 - 08:46
I'm on a Pixel 2 at the moment and in the same boat looking for a smaller phone. I've found the zenphone 8 and Samsung s21 are about the...
26/11/2021 - 23:20
Our 3 year old has just decided he's going to start "helping" with chores so that episode was pretty relatable.
26/11/2021 - 11:34
Pick your time too if you can. I purchased a series X with $50 cards during a quiet morning on a weekday. The checkout staff had no problem...
24/11/2021 - 13:17
I'm not really sure about the down votes, and cognisant that the plural of anecdote isn't fact, but it was the same story at my local inner...
24/11/2021 - 12:47
No great loss if they kill roaming cats. I'd consider that an environmental service.
23/11/2021 - 20:17
And yet, If you read the link in my previous post, those are the sort of numbers being estimated. Why do you assume such low numbers for...
19/11/2021 - 12:58
And in any given year a large percentage of that population would have died, most of them children. Up until around 100 years ago between...
19/11/2021 - 11:38
Cheers for that info. The most popular Sabrent one on Amazon apparently comes with the RTL9210 and is only $40. I think that's worth...
19/11/2021 - 10:50
Why is it not plausible? Assuming humans have inhabited Australia for at least the last 50,000 years (a pretty conservative estimate given...
18/11/2021 - 20:02
I can still remember the smell when my sister and I spewed in the back of our grandma's mid-80s Mirage after eating too many apricots. That...
17/11/2021 - 21:48