Bosch front loader using vinegar as softener in i-dos compartment


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Just finished unpacking and setting up the Bosch front loader washing machine (WAW28620AU).

We've previously used vinegar as the fabric softener. Has anyone with the Bosch i-dos washer used vinegar into the i-dos softener compartment?

This link says that vinegar is not recommended for cleaning as it causes too much damage to the rubber parts of the machine.

However, it seems to be contradicted by this post which states, "To remove discolouration and keep your whites gleaming, add one cup of lemon juice or distilled vinegar to the wash cycle."

The instruction manual is also a bit contradictory for "before washing for the first time". In Run the programme without laundry it has a step 6 "Pour standard washing powder into compartment". I thought idos was designed for liquid detergents.




    Why not contact bosch before the vinegar breaks some hose or something and void some sort of warranty ?

    The posts you link to both are generic and make sense - cleaning a machine with pure vinegar can damage it , while adding some to a full wash cycle where it will be mixed with water , detergent and softener and absorbed by the clothes wont .

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    Common sense here. I think you'd be absolutely fine putting 1/4 or 1/2 a cup into a full load which will have a decent amount of water going through it. I think you'd have to be using pretty damn concentrated vinegar and a lot of it over a verrrrry long time to cause a rubber hose to get damaged.

    Happy for some machine expert to prove me wrong though :)


    Well one link is talking about doing a clean of the machine with nothing inside, and the other has a full load of washing in it. That changes the dynamics a bit.


    Well.. the reason I ask is because with the i-dos system you actually fill a separate detergent and fabric softener reservoir (0.5 litre or 500 mls for the fabric softener reservoir). The machine then automatically dispenses the amount of detergent and fabric softener based on the load and type of wash. Therefore if vinegar is used as fabric softener, it will always be sitting inside the machine.

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    Wife has been doing it for 18 months in the exact same BOSCH. No issues.


    Did you take out the transport bolts!? I didn't…
    until the machine was dancing around the room…

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