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Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II (Ex-Demo) $629.10 Plus Shipping ($594.15 + Shipping for eBay Plus Members) - CameraElectronic via eBay


Bit late with this, as the eBay code only has tonight to run, but I've been monitoring the prices of some Olympus cameras recently and noticed this particular deal on the OM-D E-M5 MkII. If taken via eBay you can get the 10/15% off using PLINK. Most recent decent new deal I've seen was the Harvey Norman deal back in April (just under $700). This is the same - though essentially a refurb. If you have eBay Plus though, it comes down to a reasonable price. In fact, I have seen used examples sell on eBay for up around the $500 mark. When I queried the store about these, they told me that they are official Olympus certified ex-demo stock, and they've never seen one that doesn't look as new. YMMV….bit it still comes with the standard Olympus Australian warranty anyway!

Note that the E-M5 II is slated for replacement by…dunno…guess the E-M5 III?! Not announced yet though and no word on when exactly this will be, and it's likely to be over $1k when it comes.

Edit: Ok…confused about the whole 'Camera Electronic' deals can't be posted…top rated seller they are not…etc….but another line telling me to put in the store domain. Mods…please delete if I've done this incorrectly…otherwise, the item is here -> https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Olympus-OM-D-E-M5-Mark-II-Mirror...

…and here is the actual store's listing -> https://www.cameraelectronic.com.au/olympus-omd-em5-mark-ii-...

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    FWIW, both silver and black versions are listed on eBay…as well as the limited Titanium one if you have an extra $50 and like that sort of thing.


    These are a great camera.
    Keep in mind though that the body is small and the shape is not easy to hold. Most users would recommend the external grip accessory which makes it easier to hold and hang on to.
    The Battery life is also very short - around 300 or less shots. A spare battery is essential - you can buy OEM batteries on Ebay for a fraction of the Olympus price.


      I actually like that it's quite small- goes well when using 17/25/45mm primes.

      I do use the official Olympus grip when using the 12-40, though admittedly it's not as comfortable for my hands as the regular EM1 grip.


        I found it a little difficult getting used to my Mk I initially, but came to find it very comfortable and I love using it now. Yes…it does go nicely with the small primes…but the 12-40 doesn't feel too bad on it really.


        I think the small size of the body when paired with the 'pancake' primes of 17/25/45mm makes it really appealing for some people. I personally sold it because I wanted to use a zoom and when paired with the 12-40mm, it was too lens heavy and it totally lost the 'small' and 'compact' factor.


    Nice solid but relatively compact camera, and weatherproof too (with the appropriate lens)


    What's wrong with CameraElectronic? I go to their Murray street store every now and again and have not had any issues, even when I return/exchange items.

    I'd personally hold out for the E-M5 Mark3 though. It's slated for release soon and prices of the Mark2 are bound to drop further.


      Dunno..when I started filling out the deal submission, a message was displayed saying that the store wasn't a top seller or some such thing, and I needed to add the store's URL to some field…blah blah blah. Not sure what that's about…maybe a mod would know I guess. I went through and submitted anyway :o)

      But yeah…bricks and mortar store that's been around for many years, just not a big eBay seller I'm guessing. The only two neg eBay feedbacks I see are one bordering on vexatious, and another complaining about their refund taking 7 days (not the best, but sounds like a reasonable response to me) - my takeaway was that this is a store I was unlikely to have trouble with, and I shall be dropping in when next I visit WA.

      Silver body on the way to me! Now I'll start saving my pennies for a Mark III if it's good (I don't need to own one immediately)! Yes…expect the Mk II to be dropping in price…though the regular price is still quite high I think. What do you reckon it will sell for when the new one comes out?


      I've been fortunate enough to win some lenses from these guys in WA's Click 2 Bid auctions. I got em at great price that made me happy and staff weren't grumpy to part with them or deal with. Definitely lot's of drool worthy 'toys' in their Stirling St shop


    Keep in mind that the mark 3 version is to come out supposedly end 2019 and this is a 4 year old camera. That being said, I had this camera and I loved every bit of it. If it was $500, I'd probably bite.


    Awesome camera. The fact that it’s 4 years old is a testament to how well this was designed and built. I can’t see myself upgrading, I just don’t need more MP or anything.

    Probably the only room for improvement for me is faster autofocus in certain situations, which was not a dealbreaker for me anyway.

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    Though expired, I thought I'd add this info for the record in case anybody should be looking at info on this camera in future. I specifically asked about warranty before purchase, and Camera Electronic originally advised me that these ex-demo cameras have full warranty. I went ahead and purchased one based on this advice. Contrary to this information provided to me, the warranty is limited to six months (warranty information slip in the box says this).

    Standard Olympus warranty on this camera is two years. When I contacted Camera Electronic about this they said, "Unfortunately Olympus does limit the warranty to 6 months" (hmmm…).

    For me, the warranty was the tipping point - it made the camera 'as good as new' more or less. With a new model on the way, and likely discounts on store stock coming up, it was important to me. I was a tad disappointed when the store's initial advice turned out to be incorrect.

    As such, I cannot recommend this (though now the 15% discount is gone anyway, so it is much less of a good deal). That said, the camera is close to new - it had around 200 shots recorded, and the only mark I could find was a small scratch at the left strap lug. Factory plastic protector was still on the screen. I think the E-M5II is still a very a good camera now in 2019, and is a joy to use - definitely worth keeping an eye out for deals on fully warrantied brand new stock later this year - as I'm sure there will be some!

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