Kathmandu Winter Sale: Men's Heli Jacket $129.98 (Free Delivery over $100 Spend)


Other deal has expired.

Winter sale on heaps of items

Mens heli hooded jacket $129.98

Less 8% using kathmandu suncorp giftcard = $119.50 (instant rather than waiting for cashback)

Also got a $20 voucher a few days after ordering so bought one for the partner for an extra $20 off.

Eg based off above. $129.98 -20 = 108.98 - 8% = $101.10

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    I saw all these places jackets look the same!

    I think the ozb outfit is these Michelin man style jackets with TM Lewin shirt, Uniqlo pants and RM Williams shoes.

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    Over Rated. Over Priced.

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      Their business model like some other retailers "Harris scarf" is to have a highly inflated rrp and then every now and then reduce it by 50% giving the impression of great discount. Most people fall for this.


      I used to think Kathmandu was expensive and overrated too.
      Kathmandu actually is cheaper on sale compared to say Anaconda with their on sales. Plus their clothes have more features. So when compared you get more for your money at Kathmandu. If you want normal clothes shop anywhere that's cheap. But if you want something more warmer, lighter, dries quicker and stays clean longer than Kathmandu or similar stores.


    Thanks OP..never bought one previously..lets see whether it is overrated ..Price sure seems steep for what it is ..barring the claimed recycled plastic stuff


    My partner had one previously and loved it but was due for a new one. They scrunch up to nothing for packing and quite warm. Im happy with mine.

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    Price has now dropped to $99.98 until Tuesday.


    How is the sizing on Kathmandu? Like Macpac you need one size down..

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