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[Android, iOS] Free: CityMaps2Go Pro @ Google Play & iTunes


Update : Please try to add code manually and sometime it may take multiple attempts to accept the code.
Read comments section for more details from other users.

Spotted at mydealz. Apply code at redeem section. Haven't tested the code but it should work.
Refer previous posted deal for more info - thanks to dealbot


Enjoy :)

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  • Code doesn't work, same issue as previous post

    • It works - eventually.

      • +1 vote

        They have had this issue for years now. They well deserve a few negs.
        Guess they use their reception PC as their server and they only turn it on once a week.

    • Worked first time now - installed & typed in code on another Android👍

      Checked on original Android by reinstalling App - typed in code - success first try👍👍

      As in the previous Deal - there were same initial problems with code acceptance, but reportedly worked later. Possibly their system could not handle multiple code requests.

  • Doesn't work on Android. Tried multiple times as per last post but keeps saying can't verify, check Internet connection.

  • Not workimg You may have put in the wrong code, or the code may be invalid

  • cant sign up

  • Worked for me after about twenty or thirty tries. Thanks op

  • Works!
    4 attempts of entering code on Android - got error message.

    Then turned data off & on as suggested in a comment & tried again - worked. (Who knows if that was reason it worked, or just a longer wait before trying again)

  • I've used this app for quite a while and it's handy when my 'amazing' Optus coverage fails me…

  • Tried it about 20 times (turned data on/off a few times) and it didn't work.
    Then I just put in random text and then tried the code again and it worked.

  • Tried all the tricks above…and after 30 times still not work.

  • Tried about 15 times and finally got it to work. However tried signing up via email and facebook and both didnt work.

    Thought id uninstall and reinstall app to see if the pro version still stays, but looks like it doesnt once you uninstall.

    • Yeah, need to take a backup of the app+data to be able to (re)install later.

      • Tried "App Backup & Restore" that came with phone - didn't back up data, so re-entered code. Luckily worked first time.

        Searched for App data backup - haven't needed to do that before. Suggestions?


      • Thanks for the tip!

    • I had the same issue last night, but was able to confirm my email this morning.

  • Successfully Installed on another Android.
    Typed FREEAPP instead of copy & paste.
    Worked first time!

    Checked on original Android by reinstalling App - typed in code - success first try👍👍

    But maybe worked because no one else is entering the code at this time of night🌙

  • Worked first time


    Silly Q, what’s the point of this app?

    • Offline maps - when you have no access to data. (Need to download the maps.)

      I've travelled in countries where Google Maps downloaded maps for offline use were not available, & I had no local data. So navigated with (a different) offline map app.

      When I first travelled overseas (in pre smart phone days) with no access to digital maps or data, I would photograph maps (eg directions to my hotel) off internet kiosk screens! Or ask locals. How things have improved.

      It's always good to have access to backup maps when travelling. There are other apps available.

      • I have also used this app while in Europe and preloaded maps on the hotel's free WiFi.
        However in the last couple of years I prefer to carry a second mobile (also set as an access point) with a local cheap short term deal SIM , as I use other functions apart from navigation.

        • On many holidays to Japan since 2007, techniques & technology of navigation have changed enormously for me.

          At the start I relied on physical maps from tourist information centres. I'd grab copies in English & Japanese. These were handy for exploring - planning where I wanted to travel, & transferring onto map in local language. That worked great for hitchhiking in more remote areas! Locals were used to physical maps.
          For local directions, I photographed web pages on a basic digital camera.

          With introduction of Smart Phones (but no free WiFi outside accommodation & places like Maccas. SIMs weren't yet available to tourists), would download maps, webpages, etc at hotel for offline use, & used offline map apps. It was great programming my hotel into map before heading out - knowing it was so easy to find my way home!

          Now data only SIMs are available to tourists in Japan - but I'm a cheap traveller staying up to 10 weeks per trip, still keeping to my old ways…
          Now update information at convenience stores, railway stations, etc. An app tells me when I am nearby.

          Offline maps have been great for a frugal frequent traveller.

          2 phones - always good to have a backup when travelling! Both phones failed within days on last trip to Japan. I was staying in a remote village for 12 days, with no other access to the internet. I didn't even have a watch to make sure I caught the 1 school bus out!

          I use 2 phones everyday - handy to look at different information & have 2 calls at same time. Plus the free food offers etc benefit from different SIMs & devices. Free (targetted) $30 UberEats on 2 numbers this weekend😀

  • Also, works first time.

  • Downloaded, installed, entered code manually in Capitals and instantly gave Pro upgrade notice. Checked settings and confirmed that it shows me as a Pro user

  • Worked first time for me. (Was just using my Telstra mobile data if that makes a difference)

  • redeem the code from within the APP, not from the GOOGLE payment screen

  • How is this compared to HERE maps which also provide Offline maps?

  • Worked first time, thanks!

  • Thanks OP.

    Once inside app, Tap the 3 lines aka menu in top left then 'redeem code'.

    Worked first time by typing it in manually

  • now we need code for PREMIUM.

    • Yes - received the message to pay $50 to upgrade to Premium… (to customise your maps & future Premium features)
      Wonder if there more paying levels past that?
      Think Pro only removed ads.

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