28 Degrees Mastercard shopper protection

Hey there,

First time poster long time OZB. Just had a question about the 28 degrees MasterCard which I’ve recently obtained. In their document they send you in regards to shopper protection, it states if the item is out of stock they won’t match the price. Question.

I buy Apple AirPods for $260, on an Australian Ebay store I see them on sale for $219 and screenshot the price and all the information I need while they’re in stock. Five minutes later, they’re now out of stock.

Can I still make a claim?

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28 Degrees Card
28 Degrees Card


  • There is one sure way to find out - make make a claim and see what happens

  • Make the claim, if they reject you, send in the proof via their crappy document uploading service.

  • I've made claims where the item was out of stock, and also claimed on prices before tax was added. I don't think they check too thoroughly.

  • ANZ Visa has a condition that the deal must be in a printed magazine, double check your first?

    • That requirement doesn't apply here as 28 degrees has a much stronger price protection policy.

      Most of the majors have the printed catalogue requirement which makes it almost worthless!