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Top Brand Cosmetics up to 75% off RRP. Maybelline, Revlon, L'Oreal, Rimmel


Hi All!

Been a while since I ventured into the OZB jungle :)… Thought it might be worth posting about our cosmetics clearance items we've listed today. Sometimes I think the "girls" get forgotten a little bit online with so many I.T. sellers and technology type sales.

Most are at least 50% off RRP, the eyeliner is 75%. There's a limited amount of stock available at this time. NOTE: Some of the items are in packs of 3 and 4 pieces!

Its possible an item might be a buck cheaper at one place and another item at another, but they're all together on the site and for each additional cosmetic purchased after the first, the additional freight is only 99 cents. So the more you buy the cheaper it is. The pricing is very competitive.

As always, I await your feedback, and we are already looking at bringing in other cremes and brands! Regards.

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    Sometimes I think the "girls" get forgotten a little bit online with so many I.T. sellers and technology type sales.

    what a small minded sexist and demeaning comment.

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      No, just an observation. Sorry you've taken offense at such a kindly worded and non offensive observation. Wow… ? Also, please check the T&Cs here, you've negged the deal for no reason other than some kind of strangely misguided political correctness gone completely wild. Did I wrong you in another life? …

      • I completely agree with altomic but personally wouldn't have negged this deal on that basis. However, you, as the representative of this company, have replied to altomic's legitimate concern in a completely unprofessional, unsympathetic and condescending way, and subsequently I wouldn't trust the company you represent with my money or anyone else's.

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        neg removed as pointed out Ozbargain T&C.

        some kind of strangely misguided political correctness gone completely wild

        hardly. your condescending attitude is not appreciated.

      • Lots of "girls" like IT and technology. And lots of "girls" don't give a crap about makeup and makeup sales

        I can appreciate your sentiment handelbert, but it is small-minded and demeaning

      • -> altomic

        I think it's a focused sales pitch, which has been delivered to the masses.

        If a female uses cosmetics and feels she has been left out by technology deals, maybe she would be interested in a deal from eSold.

        That said, the girls I know of who use technology and cosmetics/fragrances tend to go to au.Strawberrynet.com among others. Bigger range, good prices, etc. Though some extra patience may be required.

  • I can't find how much shipping is, and I refuse to register to find out the shipping price. Saying "$0.99" for each additional item and no information for shipping cost for the first item makes me think that it's going to cost a bomb.

    In addition, there's only 12 items under your cosmetics section. That's pretty poor if this post is solely for cosmetics.

    • G'day Abbz0id. Its a clearance we received for now just those different items - they are all very popular and selling today. The freight is $6.95 VIC and $7.95 elsewhere and +$0.99 for each additional. Thanks for your question :) Regarding only 12 items also, people post $5 Big W chairs, this is more than that right?

  • Hmm most of these seem to be average prices that can be obtained if you watch for sales in Kmart/Target/BigW.
    Like the Revlon colourstay makeup, its about $26 from the Chemist Warehouse, to get it from here, it would be at least $29/$30 (inc. shipping).

    • Hi JLove! Ours is $21.95 and theres is $26.95 - certainly including the shipping its not as cheap as grabbing it in store if you were there anyway and didn't have to pay for your petrol (and time!). However if for instance you bought 2 units our total inc shipping to your door is $51.84 whereas in store pickup is $53.90, add more units and save even more :-) Thanks for the feedback, with some things its just not possible to make it cheaper than already well priced sellers with freight included, but the 99 cent additionals helps a lot, and you get the additional "service" of delivery to your door without the need to go out. Best regards!

  • prices arent that great, you can get most items same price/cheaper on sale at kmart, target, chemist.

  • For the love of God…if you are a professional retailer PLEASE learn how to spell correctly…so sick and tired of companies like these who want to portray a professional retail website yet can not use the English language correctly……

    For example: "Ours is $21.95 and theres is $26.95"…should be "theirs"…"theres is either "there is - there's" or "over there"…..again "its" needs to be "it's for it is, "its" is possessive and makes no sense when read in context.

    From a sick and tired of reading incorrect grammar and spelling from "professional companies" teacher.